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Far from a cacophony of fruit, this pairing of fruit and filling blends together seamlessly. In fact, this is a no-cook filling. It makes an ideal dreamy base for this icebox pie piled with freshly cut fruit. The fruit mixture topping is customizable, so choose your favorite summer stone fruits and make the pie your very own.

This dessert feels fresh any time, but none more so than in summer, when nectarines, cherries, mangoes, apricots, plums, and peaches fill Southern orchards, weighing tree limbs with their gorgeous, seasonal bounty. Get picking. This classic is so fresh and substantial that it can stand on its own. Thinly sliced fresh apples the recipe calls for two and a half pounds of Granny Smith apples create rich, moist, irresistible layers of fruit within the cake.

This cake can truly do it all. This recipe is doubly—maybe even triply—American, and we think it has a lovely Southern infusion, too. The sweetness of apple pie mingles with the crisp lightness of this well-formed cornmeal crust. Thick layers of sliced apples give some textural complexity to the dish. This is, after all, double apple pie with cornmeal crust. It deserves a little adornment.

This is one of those desserts. It will be hard to have just one bite of this decadent dessert. The rich melted chocolate center and moist chocolate is beyond perfection for chocolate lovers. Since this dessert is formed into individual cakes, this mocha java concoction is perfect for dinner parties. With a thick dusting of powdered sugar, it mixes substantial chocolate with a delightful, dainty presentation on the plate.

This cake upends expectations by adding blackberry and apple to a traditional upside-down cake. Moist, delicious, and surprisingly easy, this upside-down cake may become your go-to recipe for entertaining. Sweet and tart, it calls for two large apples. Either way, it is a delicious creation. If you do decide to use frozen berries, be sure add them directly from the freezer—no thawing allowed—so that they hold their shape in the cake mixture.

A favorite of Southern showers everywhere, lemon bars are a dainty and delectable treat. They combine the best of both worlds: a creamy citrus inside and a crisp pastry-esque exterior. The flaky crust and gooey lemon center are the perfect pair in this best-ever traditional lemon bar recipe. The acidity of the lemon—a bright citrus focus—is beautifully balanced in this recipe, which brings the lemon flavor to a delicious height, somewhere between a sweet lemonade and a pure lemon zest.

It s best served cooled and sprinkled with delicate powdered sugar for a light touch of added subtle sweetness. With one bite, it will transport you to the breezy tropics, or at least a sunny nearby lemon or lime grove. This recipe is based on a classic Southern favorite called 7UP Pound Cake, which was created in the s when the soda company suggested using its soft drink instead of other liquid in pound cake recipes.

The result: one of the best, and simplest, cakes you'll ever make. Also try our lemon-lime glaze and, for added effect, candied lemons—they taste great scattered atop the cake. This bread tastes as good as it looks. Heed our words, though: Don't skip the quick step of whipping the cream before stirring in the brown sugar—that's the secret to the smooth texture of the caramel-flavored sauce. And what a sauce it is.

Thick, viscous, and delicious, this sauce elevates the pull-apart bread to dessert level. No dessert guilt here. Recipe: Strawberry-Buttermilk Sherbet. Building on the current ubiquitous state of buttermilk—truly, it seems like buttermilk is everywhere these days, combined with everything from chicken to chocolate—we paired it with strawberry for a special sherbet blend. To recreate this dessert, blend buttermilk with your choice of fresh or frozen strawberries to create this creamy springtime treat.

This simple recipe only takes 15 minutes to prep before going into the ice cream maker. Get your glass bowls ready and call everyone to the table. They are called So-Good Brownies for a reason. That reason is: They are so good. No surprise there. This basic brownie recipe is great on its own, or we encourage you to try it with some of our quick stir-ins and stellar toppings for out-of-this-world chocolate brownies!

They are fudgy—with an accessible, comfortable depth of flavor—and the variations on this recipe are truly endless. You know those mornings when you have to play hostess? Your guests come padding into the kitchen in their pajamas, rubbing eyes still hazy with sleep, and a stomach growls. Instead, be prepared for this morning moment with a crowd-pleasing Buttermilk Breakfast Cake. The best part? There will be leftovers for many mornings to come, and your houseguests will sing your praises. We have to admit: This is one of our favorite ice cream recipes.

It combines two quintessential Southern ingredients—pecans and peaches—into a creamy, icy blend. Did you know: Georgia and South Carolina produce more peaches than any other states in the South? We do love our Southern produce. We also love to celebrate it.

There is something so lovely and cozy about a rustic tart. Its warm, just-from-the-kitchen sensation fills plates—and stomachs—with comforting familiarity. The fruit bursts subtly; it is encased in a light, crisp, buttery tart shell, wrapped up as if in a snug, edible blanket—emphasis on edible. In this recipe, flaky, delicious pie crust envelops luscious, fresh-picked plums for a crisp yet juicy dessert. Plus, this recipe sends a wave of smooth vanilla coursing through the delectable dish. Perfect for birthdays, this sheet cake is just asking for decoration—a little sleight of decorative hand.

Homemade icing can be customized in any color, just pipe it onto the top of the frosting, and you are ready for any celebration with a personalized dessert. The marbled effect is also quite special. Follow the recipe and swirl chocolate and yellow cake batter together to create this marbled effect. Pretty and practical, this sheet cake stands up to transportation and decoration.

The kid-favorite dish gets a sophisticated update in our recipe for Caramelized Banana Pudding. This dressed-up banana pudding features bananas caramelized in brown sugar, butter, and cinnamon. Comforting and special, it dresses up for dinner parties in individual ramekins or clear glass dishes, topped with sophisticated browned meringue.

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And for emergencies, it tastes just as good straight out of the refrigerator. This versatile, deep-purple hued berry is a winner. A winning fruit demands a top-notch recipe, which we provide here. This recipe for blackberry cobbler is so simple that it only uses six ingredients. Easy to make on even the most harried of nights, you can make it special by topping it with whipped cream and garnish with sprigs of fragrant mint.

Confession: We planted an herb garden last spring in anticipation of just this sort of recipe. You would be hard pressed to find a cuter or nuttier dessert than these mini pecan pie bites. The adage is true: Great things come in small packages! These pecan pie bites are small but full of flavor and just the right size for pass-along party desserts. You can also tie them up in a cute take-away bag and hand them out as party favors.

Place them on a refreshments table with other tiny desserts and appetizers, and you have a sweet, mini theme. Let us convince you of its merits. A buttery mix of brown sugar and pecans caramelizes as it bakes beneath the bottom crust of Apple Upside-Down Pie, creating layer after layer of apple, pecan, and brown-sugar flavors.

Is there anything more comforting or indulgent than a bread pudding? Oozing caramel and fluffy, light bread pudding offers an autumnal escape in a tiny tureen. Though you are free to make this dessert in summer if you have a craving for caramel, pecan, pumpkin, or bread pudding.

It checks all the boxes. Whip up one large dish for customizable scooping, or serve it in perfectly portioned ramekins for evenings when you have company. Zesty is the perfect word for this refreshing citrus dessert. It is completely invigorating on a hot summer day. And, lo and behold, it is easy to make. Three simple ingredients make the yummy filling in this lemon pie. You probably already have them on hand in your refrigerator or in your pantry.

You can either make your own graham cracker crust or buy a pre-made crust to make this recipe even easier. This pie does need 4 hours of chill time, but after such a zippy prep, you can sit back, relax, and anticipate the zing of chilled citrus in a sweet lemon pie.

Did you think eggnog was just for December holiday parties? Think again. This light and fluffy pound cake makes eggnog accessible all year round—in warm weather and in cool weather—though we have to admit, it is still perfect for family gatherings around the holidays. Just when you thought pound cake couldn't get any better—eggnog and nutmeg raise the bar. Try toasting the slices and spreading them with your favorite jam or preserves for an indulgent brunch option or after-dinner treat. Also check out our festive eggnog pound cake step-by-step video, linked below, for a tutorial on how to concoct this delicious, festive-all-year-round dessert creation.

The lattice on top of this cobbler—with cute, zig-zag edes—is really a showstopper. This scrumptious, melt-in-your-mouth treat combines two things almost everyone loves: red velvet and brownies. If you want to elevate your bake sale game, try this recipe. Our red velvet brownies are a bite-size version of the classic cake. Top them with a decadent cream cheese frosting for the ultimate dessert.

It is just special enough—a few degrees beyond a traditional chocolate brownie—and it can be dressed up so easily with a beautiful topping of frosting, icing, cream cheese, or whipped cream. So succulent are these brownies that you will be returning for seconds. Give them away, keep them, but definitely make them—these red velvet brownies are so pretty and so delicious that they are sure to provide good vibes all around.

This cheesecake is a stunner. We think our favorite Floridians, the Golden Girls, would approve. For autumn holidays in Miami—or anywhere, really—this cheesecake provides sweet caramel and crunchy apples, which are sliced and layered on top for a gorgeous, grand topper. Caramelized apples are artfully arranged on top of this rich and delicious cheesecake for a perfect dessert. We created a rosette pattern with the apple slices, but feel free to get creative and create the apple topper decoration of your dreams.

It looks great. So spectacular is the effect, you may not want to slice into this beauty. But we encourage you to make the leap. The cheesecake within is not to be missed. Perfect with your afternoon tea—or breakfast, or after dinner, or snack time—the Amaretto-Almond Pound Cake is soaked in a hot amaretto glaze, giving it a delicious flavor. Far from boring, this glaze is perfectly balanced between flavor and texture.

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It coats the succulent cake with a divine, delectable veil of amaretto flavor. With it, amaretto brings a heady sweetness to the cake that is reminiscent of languid afternoons reclining on Italian balconies. The flavor will transport you. Savor it. Three moist layers of chocolate cake are held together with the loveliest filling imaginable. Coffee and chocolate lovers everywhere will find this cake to die for! Double, triple, quadruple chocolate—we lost count, so we put the number in the title of the recipe: IV.

Four parts harmonious, sugary sweet chocolate. This exceptional dessert takes a little extra effort to make, but it's beyond worth it. The combination of textures—tender cake, fluffy frosting, and a pool of creamy sauce—will delight your family and friends. We recommend using a double boiler to make the tres leches frosting, but since we understand that it might not be a staple in your kitchen, you don't have to have a double boiler to make the frosting.

Instead, you can use a metal mixing bowl placed over a saucepan to mimic the effects of a double boiler. In either case, the result is delectable.

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Well worth the effort. A tropical version of a classic, this sheet cake showcases the humble coconut. In fact, this recipe takes the coconut cake and simplifies it. Coconut cake just got a whole lot easier. Make a sheet cake instead of a layer cake for a dessert that's as simple to make as it is delicious to eat. Top with cream cheese icing and a sprinkle of coconut for a cool, delicious dessert that transports you to a tropical forest. Our recipe for coconut-cream cheese frosting is the…well, the icing on the cake.

Treat your family to a delicious and easy dessert tonight. Use ripe bananas in this pudding recipe for the sweetest flavor. We think that this cool, creamy, dreamy dessert is a creative twist on traditional banana pudding. Our recipe for vanilla cream pie filling—which creates the silky interior for this picture-perfect pie—calls on you to add yolks. Get your chocolate fix early in the day with a coffee cake that incorporates our favorite Chocolate Velvet Cake Batter.

It sure beats a bowl of cereal. Pair this with a mug of hot coffee for a very special breakfast treat. Crumbly coffee cake gets a glamorous update with the addition of chocolate and cream cheese. So pour a cup of coffee and sit awhile. This is one to savor. This yummy, cake-like tea bread has a light lemon taste and is drizzled with a sweet citrus glaze. It offers a cheery explosion of citrus flavor and a fragrant dessert for tea time or a luncheon dessert table.

A bold, full-bodied black tea is the perfect companion to this light, citrusy bread. It is elegant and sophisticated, an aromatic addition to any special occasion, but the best part about this bread is its versatility. This bread has a secret ingredient. Can you guess? What is it? Sour cream. Sour cream is the secret to the rich, moist texture of this praline-apple quick bread recipe.

There's no butter or oil in the batter—only in the glaze. The glaze dresses it up a bit, like pinning a glittering brooch on a sensible dress. The dress is perfectly nice on its own, but we like to add a special touch for the occasion—no matter the occasion. These sweet potato cupcakes are made even more delicious with toasted pecans and a caramel sauce drizzled on top. Tiny and sweet, they pack a big punch of sweet potato and caramel flavors. In an autumnal harmony, the sticky caramel-pecan sauce provides a waterfall of sweetness to the moist, well-proportioned sweet-potato cakes. Here, the thickness of a sticky caramel sauce pairs perfectly with the sturdy substantiality of sweet potato.

Now add some marshmallows, and you've got this decadent yet simple-to-bake cake. Mississippi is known for many things, but a Mississippi Mud Cake is one of the tastiest things we can trace back to the great state of Mississippi. Make it quick, or try the cupcake version. Our cola cake is simply one of the best in the world. The magical brew of carbonated cola is the secret to the tender texture of the cake and chocolate frosting. You can use any number of similar colas, but since Coca-Cola is the quintessential Southern beverage—first blended in Atlanta where the ever-popular Coca-Cola factory welcomes visitors to this day in the early 20th century, then disseminated in mid s soda fountains across the country—we created the ultimate Cola Cake.

Swirled with strawberry preserves—that much better when they are blended and canned in your own kitchen—and flavored with Irish cream liqueur, this cheesecake will be a hit at any get-together. A pile of juicy strawberries on top seals the deal. We think you can see, this is no ordinary cheesecake.

Southerners have wholeheartedly adopted the praline, and no matter where it first originated, it is a perfect addition to this bundt cake recipe. A crown of sugared pecans adds a deliciously nutty crunch to this five-star cake. It freezes beautifully, feeds a houseful of guests, and travels remarkably well. Who says pound cakes are boring? We love a pound cake: plain, fancy, flavorful, creative, star of the show, or supporting player.

No matter the pound cake, we love them all. But we do have to say, this pound cake has a special place in our hearts—and in our stomachs. This pound cake is delectable: this is a beyond buttery pound cake topped with a Buttered Rum Glaze that is slippery and sweet. It is also topped with an amazing Bananas Foster Sauce. Where has this been all our lives?

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Recipe : Summertime Peach Ice Cream. We guarantee that your family will ask for this chilly treat over and over again. Best of all, the six-ingredient mixture requires no cooking, just stirring. This dessert is as easy as can be. It is just as nice as a perfect pound cake topper as it is as a cold and sweet treat in an ice cream cone.

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  6. When we think of velvet, we think smooth, luxurious, elegant, beautiful, indulgent. The frosting is a scene-stealer, and its perfectly paired with the chocolate cake cupcake. A tender blend of browned butter, cinnamon, and cream cheese adorns each cupcake. It is certainly a trifecta of yum. Forget what you think you know about curd. This curd is a fantastically smooth blend of citrusy lemon blended into an elegant glaze.

    For this concoction, we do have one tip from our test kitchen to yours: Wait to prepare the Lemon Curd Glaze until the cake comes out of the oven so it will still be warm when spread over the cake. This timing ensures that the glaze texture is ideal for pouring.

    Easy Bread Pudding Recipe

    If you want to translate your go-to pecan pie into a dessert that guests will fawn over for years to come, create this rich, gooey caramel pecan pie for your family and friends. It is a perfect special occasion pie. This pie gets a boost from caramel and the perfect subtle garnish: chocolate dipped pecan halves. You may even want to place some extra chocolate dipped pecan halves in decorative bags so that guests can take them home and nibble on them later.

    Surprisingly easy to make, our Caramel-Pecan Tart pairs the cookie-like crispness of shortbread with a buttery-rich brown sugar-and-honey topping. The brown sugar-and-honey topping is just syrupy enough, but certainly not overwhelming. It pairs well with teatime beverages, any dessert coffee, or after-dinner drinks. It will encourage guests to linger and luxuriate, soaking in after-dinner moments munching the Caramel-Pecan Tart and savoring the shortbread creation.

    I really enjoy having a good cup of coffee in the mornings, which is why I always have some great coffee in hand. The Folgers Caramel Drizzle flavored coffee turned out to be perfect for this dessert as it enhanced the flavors of the bread pudding making it a family favorite. Head out to your local ShopRite store to get all of the ingredients for this recipe and your Folgers K-Cup needs.

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    Jump to Recipe Print Recipe. This Caramel Coffee Bread Pudding is decadent and delicious - made with challah bread, Folgers Coffee and drizzled with a yummy caramel sauce. Prep Time 5 mins. Cook Time 40 mins. Total Time 45 mins. Servings: 6 - 8 people. Instructions Preheat oven to degrees.

    In a large bowl, put the bread cubes. Combine heavy cream, milk and coffee, and pour over the bread.

    Family Flavors, Bread & Desserts Family Flavors, Bread & Desserts
    Family Flavors, Bread & Desserts Family Flavors, Bread & Desserts
    Family Flavors, Bread & Desserts Family Flavors, Bread & Desserts
    Family Flavors, Bread & Desserts Family Flavors, Bread & Desserts
    Family Flavors, Bread & Desserts Family Flavors, Bread & Desserts
    Family Flavors, Bread & Desserts Family Flavors, Bread & Desserts
    Family Flavors, Bread & Desserts Family Flavors, Bread & Desserts

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