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D Rockk. Inside was an antique Symphonion Music Box. She had never seen a Symphonion before but she had read about them in catalogs. If they had any of the 10 inch discs, the price jumped. She locked the front door and turned on the small light she kept on at night and went to the back to her desk.

She went through the sales records for the day. Selling the Tiffany clock had actually made it a good day. Once school is out, traffic will pick up.

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Rossville was a popular spot for antiques prior to the fire in that destroyed most of the business district. It was a popular hunting ground for anyone interested in antiques. Many of the farms in the area had been bought out by conglomerates and had liquidation sales after the buyout. There was a lot of really old furniture, steamer trunks.

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Nearly every farm had either a grandfather or grandmother clock, or at the very least, you could find an old Seth Thomas mantle clock. Clocks were eagerly grabbed up by the tourists. Every farm house and barn in the county had lightning rods, another popular antique. People will collect anything. Rebecca had once met a man that collected fire trucks, another that collected hearses. She had even heard of a man in Texas that collected Cadillacs and then buried them nose down in the ground. She had seen pictures of them in Life magazine before its demise. Tired and bleary eyed from staring at the shipping lists and catalogs, she decided to put the pricing off until the next morning.

She set the alarm, went out the back door and headed for her car. She heard a rustling sound and spun around, seeing some movement out of the corner of her eye. She stood there and saw nothing. Rossville is a safe town; even so you have to be careful. Antique Symphonion. A Symphonion plays music recorded on metal disks.

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The sound is very good from the wooden box. The next morning Rebecca opened the shop and began pricing and putting out her new merchandise. She decided to save the Symphonion sitting on her desk for last. It was rare something came into the shop that she was truly tempted not to sell. The Symphonion was such an item. There was a steady stream of customers through the shop today. Most of them were browsing but she sold an occasional antique.

She had to tend the customers because many of them had questions about various items on the shelves. Just before noon, things slowed down enough to allow her to take a closer look at the Symphonion.

My Heart: I Want Love; My Head: Danger- Do Not Enter

The cabinet top was beautiful and the inlay on the underside of the lid was spectacular. She had difficulty turning the crank and it would not play. This would dramatically reduce the value. She examined the cabinet carefully. There was a metal plate on the bottom containing the serial number, the manufacturer and the date, October, She also noted pry marks where someone had removed the bottom of the box. The marks would also decrease the value.

She was interrupted by the jingle of the bell on the shop door, indicating someone had entered the shop. She went to the front of the store and standing in the doorway looking around was the most stunningly handsome man she had ever seen. There was a continental look about him. He was well dressed. No, make that expensively well dressed. He had a bit of a haughty air of royalty about him. He looked good and he knew it. He removed the pair of expensive sunglasses from his striking face when he spotted her.

Walking toward her, his face tilted upward, he favored Rebecca with a mind blowing smile revealing white teeth that sparkled. His hair was slightly long and an ebony color. The aquiline nose equally divided the handsome face. His alabaster skin was as white as a new snowfall. It had probably never been exposed to the sun. Gerald, from the dining establishment down the street told me to ask for a Rebecca Turner. Is she available? Gerald informed me she might be able to help me a special item. I am trying to purchase. Just the sound raised prickly bumps on her arm. I am Rebecca Turner. How may I be of assistance to you today?

That he was surprised was not unusual since most people do not expect the proprietor of an antique shop to be under thirty, and she was twenty five. She held out her hand for him to shake. Instead of shaking her hand, he took it in his, bowed and kissed it, the touch of his warm lips sent shivers throughout her body. She had only seen this gesture in the movies and she had always thought it to be extremely gallant. Certainly she had never seen an American do this. Perhaps something along the lines of a musical box?

I have a modest collection of them myself. She ruled out Scottish, Irish, and Australian. She led the way to a shelf, one that held about twenty music boxes. She picked up one of the prettiest boxes and handed it to Ricardo Valdacci, who took it, turned it, upended it and looked at the bottom. He rejected the box. She handed him another, which he rejected immediately.

As he talked, Rebecca gave up guessing about the origin of his enchanting accent. Your accent is fascinating. I am from a little bit of everywhere, love.

The Danger of Hating the Sin and Loving the Sinner

One by one, he had turned down everything she had shown him from the shelf. I really have not decided whether to offer it or add it to my collection. It is a Symphonion from Germany. The serial plate has a manufacture date of

In Love and In Danger (Loving) In Love and In Danger (Loving)
In Love and In Danger (Loving) In Love and In Danger (Loving)
In Love and In Danger (Loving) In Love and In Danger (Loving)
In Love and In Danger (Loving) In Love and In Danger (Loving)
In Love and In Danger (Loving) In Love and In Danger (Loving)
In Love and In Danger (Loving) In Love and In Danger (Loving)
In Love and In Danger (Loving) In Love and In Danger (Loving)
In Love and In Danger (Loving) In Love and In Danger (Loving)

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