Six Geese a Slaying (A Short Story) (12 Days of Christmas series Book 6)

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I will happily return to this book again and add it to my pile of comfort reading. I give this book five stars! This starts with a holiday parade, including religions from around the world. Santa is murdered! It is a cluck of a mystery when telltale goose feathers are found at the scene. Did I mention there were humans dressed as geese ready for the parade? Add snowstorms, power outages and the real Santa on the roof. Great fun was had by all. Since her husband Michael is still on the path to tenure, Meg volunteered, grudgingly, for the job.

Twelve drummers drumming, eleven bagpipers piping, and so on are all represented. A reporter from the Tribune is snapping photos of the preparations until he loses his camera, calling on everyone to find it. All thirty-seven save-the-birds members are ready to go in their goose costumes.

Animals keep arriving to play their roles. The wise men are practicing their camel riding. The choir is singing Christmas carols and complaining about the bagpipers playing Jingle Bells for the umpteenth time, The Boy Scouts have volunteered for clean up, including after the numerous animals. And the weather report calls for snow.

Thankfully Chief Burke is already at the parade site and rushes to the crime scene. Acting medical examiner Dr. Smoot has his usual difficulty entering the shed because of his claustrophobia. What else could go wrong? The hilarity is not confined to the beginning of this laugh-out-loud mystery. The parade may make it to town, but then what, with the snow flying, and animals looking for shelter, and all the humans trying to make their ways home for Christmas? This book is number 10 in the Meg Langslow series, and it is a terrific parody of Christmas parades, oops, holiday parades trying to do it all.

I thoroughly enjoyed this entry and highly recommend it. I would love to see how they would bring these books to life. Great humor and characters that you will fall in love with like family. The mysteries are always intriguing. Donna Andrews has written another hilarious adventure in the Meg Langslow series. There were plenty of laugh out loud moments, never a dull moment with this lovable cast of characters.

Your audiobook is waiting…. Six Geese a-Slaying. By: Donna Andrews. Narrated by: Bernadette Dunne. Series: Meg Langslow , Book Length: 7 hrs and 22 mins. People who bought this also bought Cooney Length: 7 hrs and 30 mins Unabridged Overall. Who Moved My Goat Cheese? Publisher's Summary Meg Langslow and Michael's house is serving as the marshalling point for the annual Caerphilly holiday parade. What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. Amazon Reviews. Sort by:. Most Helpful Most Recent. Joseph Knabenbauer brings it down to fifteen or twenty Evang.

The Christmas Carol Reader. Haworth Press. Archived from the original on Retrieved Catholic Culture.

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Retrieved 27 December Michael Jones, Memoirs , pp. OnePeterFive Interview. Interviewed by Julian Kwasniewksi. Our current society is also becoming ever more cruel and filled with hatred. So we have to lift up the true love, charity. In Herbermann, Charles ed. Catholic Encyclopedia. New York: Robert Appleton. Mindel, Nissan. Kehot Publication Society. Brown, R. Liturgical Press. Clarke, Howard Indiana University Press. Ferguson, Everett Backgrounds of Early Christianity. Eerdmans Publishing. France, R. The Gospel of Matthew. Harrington, Daniel Lincoln, Andrew Born of a Virgin?

Six Princess Books for Parents Who Really, Really Hate Princess Books

Maier, Paul L. In Summers, Ray; Vardaman, Jerry eds. Mercer University Press. Vermes, Geza The Nativity: History and Legend. Penguin UK. Massacre of the Innocents. Stephen's Day Sol Invictus Yule. In folklore. Nicholas " Television specials Yule Log. Category Portal. Saints of the Catholic Church. Gabriel Michael Raphael. Matthew Mark Luke John.

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Military saints Athleta Christi Virtuous pagan. But even if she won, he stood little chance of being named her master. That honor was likely to go to one of his older brothers. Luckily his father had seen his love for the mare and both of his dreams came true. Rattlesnake Rain. Based on true reports of Pueblo Snake Clans around the turn of the 19th century, this is a wonderful story about young Amulon who has been called by his father to join in his first Snake Run.

Snakes were gathered yearly for a grand celebration then released to take the message of rain back to the underworld of the Rain Gods. The Mummy Tent. Young Imarus, son of Nebhotep the Chief Embalmer, works long, hot days in the mummy tent carrying linens and learning the art of embalming. But when a young girl is injured by a horse, Imarus uses his knowledge of the human body to cleanse and bandage her wound. His young patient turns out to be the daughter of Fahlwa, priest of the inner court of the temple.

Imarus is rewarded with an invitation from the Pharaoh himself to enter the palace temple and study with the court physicians as a healer. The Sounding of the Call. The only thing that keeps Buck from heeding the call and joining a wolf pack in the frozen north, is his love for one man, John Thornton. Grades: 4, 5 3 Stars. Clara's "Foolish Pursuit".

A nicely written short biography of Clara Foltz, the women who in brought the Woman Lawyer's Bill before the California legislature and went on to become the first woman attorney on the west coast. Don't Sell the Farm. Felix Delage is saddened to see all the farms around his being sold for development and is about to give in to the inevitable when his grandchildren ask to have it saved for them. Appears in: Kingston, E. The Clever Thief.

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With the help of an imp who offers his services, she will appear to be a master cook for one year, but at the end of the year she must offer up at least one riddle that the imp can't answer, lest she become his slave forever. The Magic Carpet. In the spirit of the Arabian Nights, a young boy, Hamid, is bound as a servent to a couple he believes to be his Aunt and Uncle, until one day a beautiful but ghostly figure hands him an old carpet.

Both the woman and the carpet seem remotely familiar and indeed they lead to being reunited with his father, the king while the abusive couple get their comeuppance. Sky-Blue Boots. Young Caitlin loves to dance but has danced her shoes down to nothing. Though she and her mother are poor, her mother sends her to town with enough money for a modest pair of new shoes. Then the fairy tale begins, when upon the road she is generous to a man who gives her magic shoes which take her to an elegant shoe shop where she is befriended by a young princess, Caitlin gets the sky-blue boots of her desire and the mean proprietor gets his comeuppance.

As always this author's love of traditional tales comes shining through. The Neptune Clock. A lovely modernization of the classic selkie myth. Jessie always thought the face of Neptune on her grandfather's clock looked just like her grandfather, with kindly spiderweb creases. But when her grandfather disappeared and the same kindly creases showed up on one of two dolphins playing in the waves, Jessie knew that her grandfather had returned to the sea to be with her departed grandmother. Grades: 4, 5, 6 5 Stars. Appears in: Collins, Paul. The Doll's First Christmas. Two dolls, a snow queen and a sun queen, sit idle and unsold as other dolls leave the shop on the day before Christmas.

But at the last minute And now they must put aside their jealousies to thaw the heart of a spoiled little girl. With the help of a bearded stranger in a red suit, and a bit of Christmas magic, all's well that ends well. Appears in: Knight, Linsay. Barney Brown and the Christmas Cake. A bear is awoken early from his winter repose by an irresistible smell which he discovers is coming from Christmas cakes made by the Christmas Elf.

One for free, but then only the magic recipe which leads to an unlikely coalition of forest creatures and a Christmas filled with warmth and new friends. Appears in: Alvarez, Beattie. The Story of Ida B. A moving short biography of Ida B. Wells, a woman born into a slave family who became a journalist and devoted her life to raising the conscience of the nation about crimes against black people, especially lynchings. It wasn't for decades after her death in that lynchings finally stopped. When John Muir sets out one morning in to explore the glacier above Taylor Bay, Alaska, he is followed by the small but intrepid camp dog, Stickeen.

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It took the Fairy Queen to show Liam that his choices were the best because they came from his heart. The Sign in Mendel's Window. Mendel rents out half his shop to Mr. Tinker, a kindly man who turns out to be a thief and accuses Mendel of stealing his money. But Mr. Tinker should have chosen his victim more carefully because everyone in Kosnov knows that Mendel is the most honest man in town. A beautiful recounting of the marriage of King Arthur and Lady Guinevere.

Grades: 4, 5, 6 4 Stars. The Water of Life. The only way that the fairest Princess will marry the King is if he brings her a cup of the water of life to revive her beloved raven. But the King sends off his servant in his stead and in the end gets his comeuppance. Appears in: Pyle, Howard. One Good Turn Deserves Another. A young fisherman frees a stork from netting and in return the stork has him cast his net, whereupon he catches a fish whose scales are of gold and silver. The young lad takes the fish to the King asking for his daughter's hand in exchange.

The Princess agrees to marry the fisherman but only if he can bring her the key to the Wish-house. She thinks it an impossible task not realizing the fisher lad still has the stork to aid him. How Boots Befooled the King. The wisest King promised his daughter and half the kingdom to anyone who could befool him.

12 Days of Giving

Three brothers tried, Peter failed, Paul failed but Boots the simpleton befooled the King and won his daughter. Master Jacob. When the priest, the provost and the master mayor hear that Master Jacob is bringing his fat pig to market, they decide to fool him and gain a fat pig for free. The Theater Party.

A heart warming scene from Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch in which Billy Wiggs comes up with a scheme to grant his mother her wish of going to the old "Opery" house just once in her life. Appears in: Fenner, Phyllis. A Miracle for Marci. Young Marci needs the help of their neighbor, Mrs. Gold to plan a surprise Hanukkah party for her recently emigrated family.

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The Griffin and the Minor Canon. When a Griffin hears of his likeness carved by a sculptor over a church door, he comes to town to view the sculpture. The frightened towns people send the Minor Canon to talk with him, a young man for whom the Griffin takes quite a liking but doesn't like the way he is treated by the cowardly and selfish inhabitants of the town. In England, though Matilda is rightful heir to the throne, it has been usurped by her cousin Stephen who now lays siege to Oxford Castle.

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Appears in: Twain, Mark. The Pinch Bug and His Prey. Board with the Sunday sermon, Tom Sawyer takes out his pinch bug but when it bites him he flings it in the isle where a wandering Poodle sits on it and takes off yelping for parts unknown with the pinch bug stuck to his rear. Appears in: Fadiman, Clifton. Jim Smiley had about the most uncommonest luck of anyone who ever placed a bet, that is until he placed Daniel, his jumping frog up against another man's frog and Daniel could barely lift himself off the ground due to the quail shot the other man secretly dumped down his gullet.

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But this particular day turned into nearly two filled with storytelling, napping, swimming and sleeping until Christopher carves a frog out of some pork rind and finally lures a fish to the hook. Little Mary and the Big Bear. When Mary's Papa announces he can't go to the mill because Buttercup is about to have her calf, nine-year-old Mary begs to go alone. Her mother calls her dauntless, her father gives in and Mary sets off on Old Major. But neither Mary nor Old Major are prepared to meet the biggest bear even seen in the Maine woods. Bluster and Trouble Up North. After George Erskine's Pa dies, he lies about his age to get a job cutting trees up north in the Maine woods.

When challenged by the lumber company agent, he admits he is only fifteen but is given a chance anyway. Although the work is brutal, George's most difficult task is apologizing to his boss after being tricked into challenging him over wages.

Grades: 5, 6, 7 5 Stars. Appears in: Cicada Magazine, Vol 2, Num 3. Two-Thirty Crossing. Young John Maxwell and his dad live in a Nebraska soddy, two and one-half miles from the railroad tracks. But with a freezing rain storm and only a half hour to intercept the afternoon train, that two and one-half mile ride seems like an eternity to John who has to get help for his dying father.

A Fireside Book of Yuletide Tales. Read This Story Now. Download PDF. Alleyne, Leonora. Bacheller, Irving. Nicholas Anthology: The Early Years. Bailly, Sharon. Listen To This Story Now. Download Audio. Bangs, John Kendrick. Nicholas Anthology. Beard, Daniel C.. Beistle, Shirley.

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Stories to be Read Aloud to Children and by Children. Hale, Lucretia P.. The Peterkin Papers. Hall, Esther Greenacre.

Six Geese a Slaying (A Short Story) (12 Days of Christmas series Book 6) Six Geese a Slaying (A Short Story) (12 Days of Christmas series Book 6)
Six Geese a Slaying (A Short Story) (12 Days of Christmas series Book 6) Six Geese a Slaying (A Short Story) (12 Days of Christmas series Book 6)
Six Geese a Slaying (A Short Story) (12 Days of Christmas series Book 6) Six Geese a Slaying (A Short Story) (12 Days of Christmas series Book 6)
Six Geese a Slaying (A Short Story) (12 Days of Christmas series Book 6) Six Geese a Slaying (A Short Story) (12 Days of Christmas series Book 6)
Six Geese a Slaying (A Short Story) (12 Days of Christmas series Book 6) Six Geese a Slaying (A Short Story) (12 Days of Christmas series Book 6)

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