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After finishing writing A Quiver Full, I printed it out, then I put it up on a shelf for a bit of aging before I reread it and started rewriting. It was six weeks on the shelf when I received the above feedback, which hit me enough of the wrong way that the first draft has stayed on the shelf and I started writing a whole new novel in December of It is meant to be a humorous mildly unreliable narrator story wherein by the end the reader should be questioning if the main character really was all that and more or if we want our hero to be heroic rather than a mere man.

Now more than seventy percent of the way through writing the story, I find myself longing for more strands of story — not in the novel I am writing now but in general. Then it hit me about a week ago, as I was knee deep in my Pern reread that I prefer multiple characters with third person limited POVs in the plural to one or two main characters.


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I want more story, I want more points of view, and I want to be stretched. There are cookbooks everywhere, the walls and ceilings are festooned with antique and vintage silver and brass culinary and serving implements. Hafez is a delight to not only eat really good food but also a delight for the eyes. This was directly above our seats this evening. Photo taken by Ms. Jen with her Lumia camera phone. This cathedral is truly beautiful, next to Salisbury and Chartes it is the most beautiful high medieval gothic cathedral I have ever seen in person.

Rather than go to Spain, my Mom and I decided to travel to Oxfordshire and to Yorkshire via train this week and I am very glad we did. RSS Feedburner Email. Mastodon :: msjen toot. Photo :: Instagram Flickr. Posts By: Ms.

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Jen Sun. Walks are extra more anticipated now… Photo by Ms. Embrace the blur. York is a lovely city. Support Ms. Jen on Patreon! Search for:. This system is not without pitfalls as I soon found out. One example of a vast number of small errors that were to follow was that I put the manifolds on the engine, complete with jointing pastes and nice new gaskets, the fan pulley and assorted gear, then went to fit the generator only to find that the rear bolt on the front mount is only accessible when the inlet manifold is off!

Nothing else to do but take it all off again, fit the mount, and then replace the manifold. At this stage I think it is an idea not to even mention fitting the oil bypass filter or the starter motor. Using the trailer as a handy mobile workbench, offering firstly a good work height and secondly mobility for when I had to do something else and the engine was in the way, the engine slowly took shape and began to look like the real thing.

The engine was then re-introduced to the rejuvenated chassis. Not too far off but it will upset the rivet counters I am sure. CHASSIS and PAINTING Most of the control linkages, regulators and odds and sods that were normally hanging off the firewall had been removed leaving the basic front half of the chassis and the firewall itself free to be subjected to the high pressure water blaster treatment in an attempt to clear away 62 years of accumulated grime, grease and muck.

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I was consistently amazed at the condition of these parts as they were eventually exposed after the lifetime of work this little vehicle would have had. The more we cleaned and the more we exposed, the more this little car impressed me as being a wonderful example of the marque and in exceptional condition considering its age. The new to this vehicle replacement seat box was also cleaned up at this time in preparation for painting and refitting.

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About the time the old seatbox was removed, so was the firewall. The front section of the chassis and firewall, once separated, were sanded back, primed and painted, as were a lot of other parts. Front section of chassis, stripped and primed. Front section after receiving top coat.

Some things such as the gear box being in situ in the chassis at this stage may seem a little strange considering what was happening around it but the fact is that space is at a premium in my shed and often the easiest place to store parts was back on the vehicle. The chassis was stripped in sections, back to the tub and then painted, mainly because of room restrictions. Later on in the operation the tub was removed, straightened and strengthened in a few spots using aluminium angle and rivets, stripped back, primed and then painted.

Whilst the tub was off, the rear section of the chassis was given a quick renovation. The spare wheel well required a little attention as it had worn well through in a few spots so a replacement part was folded up and riveted in place. Some of the original repairs that had been done to the vehicle to cover tears and dents were left in place and all in all the tub was in pretty good nick considering its age. But rewarding at the end of the day!! By this stage of the operation the engine had come back from the reconditioner and most of the extras such as generator, inlet and exhaust manifolds, fan pulleys, starter and the likes of such had been fitted to the block.

The whole caboodle was then reunited with the painted chassis, along with the firewall and painted tub in preparation for its return journey by trailer back to our home, ready for the fiddly finishing off bits. Once the majority of the prettying up had taken place and Sweet-pea had returned to the confines of our garage, the finer fiddly bits and pieces took place.

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Brakes were rejuvenated, new brake lines, cylinders and shoes were fitted. Everything was all ready to go together, and guess what. All fixed! This problem, once recognised, was simple enough to fix in that a second hand bicycle bearing race offered numerous slightly oversize ball bearings which were large enough to seal the bleeder valve but not so small that they would get stuck in the valve again.

Total cost for the parts…. A brand new radiator core was sourced and fitted to the existing header tanks, as the old core was too far gone and repair costs would have outstripped the replacement cost by a reasonable amount. Radiator hoses are a mix of whatever I could find on the shelf with the correct diameter and similar bends, and then cut to fit. The radiator mount itself took a bit of adjsuting, as after I had fitted new engine mounts, the fan was running extremely close to the inner edge of the shroud.

I understand the basics of electricity; that is, if you turn a switch on at this end something should work at the other end of the wire! That and the fact that electricity is supposed to travel like water, just about sums up my knowledge of the subject, so you can well imagine that I was looking forward to this next stage.

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Lights are pretty simple if one follows a line from the battery to the switch to the dip switch where the current is diverted to one or the other, then to the lights themselves. Remember that the tail lights are hooked to the parkers and all should be well. That was simple enough. Brake light and fuel guage are also simple enough, BUT what is this regulator thing and all those different letters that mean nothing to me and all those wires behind the dash that run willy nilly to amp guages and things. Although I had a wiring diagram that was reasonably easy to follow, the wires themselves are now all the same faded dusty crumbly beigey colour with all traces of a previous colour coded sheath having long since faded out of them, making the colour code on the diagram absolutely useless.

Luckily for me Just about to the stage of tearing hair out by the handful around this time Alex Massey called over to have alook at how things were going and volunteered to sort out the mess I was fast getting into. Once all that was sorted out I got back to fitting some of the more basic electrickery, namely lights. The rear D lamps fitted to Sweet-pea had the top brake light fitted horizontally whereas the tail light bulb holder was fitted through the dividing reflector in a perpendicular fashion.

Seems to be different from a lot of other D lights I have seen where both bulbs are held horizontally! This was okay for the older profile smaller glass bulbs but caused a problem in closing the body of the D light casing when a modern profile bulb was fitted. Rather than run all over Brisbane trying to source an old fashioned bulb I decided to cut an old LED strip into short three bulb lengths and solder them together so that I now have the authentic D lights visible from the outside but they are actually LED powered.

It seems to work adequately. It sticks like some baby by-products do to a blanket though. Another part that gave me grief was the fuel pump. It flatly refused to pump so rather than play around with it I ordered a brand new one from SU in England the only part I have had to source from overseas so far and that very day I found I could get the original one serviced locally.

At least I now have a spare and people tell me that they are handy spares to have. Next problem was the thermostat housing. This comprises of two parts, the squarish boxlike housing itself which has an internal shoulder upon which the thermostat itself sits and a hose outlet that fits on top of this housing. The hose outlet has a circular extruded section that fits down on the thermostat itself and seals it on the internal shoulder mentioned above rather than sealing between the two external faces of the housing and hose outlet.

The parts book is a bit misleading here, possibly a workshop manual would have been a bit clearer, but the sealing faces initially had me foole. I would assume it was excessive tightening down of the three fastening bolts that originally stressed the housing and caused the crack! I fitted the thermostat within the housing, seating it carefully on a newly cut gasket that was lightly smeared with gasket goo then fitted the top hose section after also fitting that piece with a gasket and gasket goo. Water poured out, so, back to the drawing board.

The original part. Circled A small hairline stress fracture above the stud moulding. Should never break or stress out of shape! Note the extended studs on the thermostat housing on which the original governor since removed would have been mounted. And still it leaked! It was then, after a much closer inspection that I noticed that the ledge within the thermostat housing itself had corroded away in parts, so I rebuilt the ledge with some epoxy 2 pack metal filler, ground it smooth? Success at last!

No more leaks. Gearbox, transfer case, diffs and most other transmission pieces were really an unknown quantity so the only real attention paid to these pieces was that any obvious seal failures were rectified and most external parts and oil contents checked. There were no real signs of anything obviously being askew apart from a bit of fair wear and tear, so oils were replaced and the risk of something being really wrong showing up once the vehicle ran again was decided as being the more sensible course of action.

All went fairly well except that someone who should really remain nameless somehow completely forgot to replace the transfer case oil but replaced the drain plug to finger tightness. My mate Paul Clements came round with his trusty timing light, fiddled with the timing a bit, tightened up the distributor and we pushed the starter button for the first time officially.

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  6. On the afternoon of 16 September , approximately 2 years and 4 months or so after we picked her up, she ran once again under her own power on a short test run up and down our Cul de Sac. She was registered the next day. Even though the major milestone of Running and registration had been achieved, there is still a way to go before Sweet-pea is the finished article.

    First outing! Once home the old rubber and glass was stripped out where possible, paint rubbed back and almost bare aluminium exposed all over, then back down to Harry to etch and apply some left over paint from another job.

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    So the paint is not actually the correct cream of the day but, so what, it looks better than it did. Hard top canopy painted, fitted and glass refitted Still a bit undecided whether the corner points on the hard top should be painted or brought back to Galvanised. Will have to wait and see.

    I have acquired a capstan winch that will be fitted at a later date, possibly after a new bumper bar is manufactured and fitted. Thanks Without the assistance of a number of people Sweet-pea would never have got off the ground. Harry DeBuck has done more than his fair share of work on this project, what with lending me wheels initially, much diligence in straightening parts where permitted , folding pieces, welding joins and a wonderful effort in painting and preparation.

    Transport to and from variuos sites would have been a nightmare without Harry and his trailer. Alex Massey offered a lot of support especially with the electrics and historic information. Patsy, my loving spouse, battled magnificently with the upholstery, windo flaps and many other fiddly bits on her domestic sewing machine, as well as showing outstanding patience and understanding throughout the whole process.

    A Bit Of A Do (Charlie Sweetpea stories Book 1) A Bit Of A Do (Charlie Sweetpea stories Book 1)
    A Bit Of A Do (Charlie Sweetpea stories Book 1) A Bit Of A Do (Charlie Sweetpea stories Book 1)
    A Bit Of A Do (Charlie Sweetpea stories Book 1) A Bit Of A Do (Charlie Sweetpea stories Book 1)
    A Bit Of A Do (Charlie Sweetpea stories Book 1) A Bit Of A Do (Charlie Sweetpea stories Book 1)
    A Bit Of A Do (Charlie Sweetpea stories Book 1) A Bit Of A Do (Charlie Sweetpea stories Book 1)
    A Bit Of A Do (Charlie Sweetpea stories Book 1) A Bit Of A Do (Charlie Sweetpea stories Book 1)
    A Bit Of A Do (Charlie Sweetpea stories Book 1) A Bit Of A Do (Charlie Sweetpea stories Book 1)

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