O solteiro de ouro (Bianca) (Portuguese Edition)

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Meanwhile, European social partners have launched negotiations to improve other forms of family leave, such as parental leave. Only In addition, women will have more flexibility over when to take the non-compulsory por- tion of their leave before or af- ter childbirth and would thus no longer be obliged to take a specific portion of the leave before childbirth, as is presently the case in some Member States.

There will also be stronger protection against dismissal and a right to return to the same j ob or an equivalent one after mater- nity leave. Finally, aright to ask the employer for flexible work- ing patterns after the end of ma- ternity leave will be introduced although the employer will have the right to refuse this request. The report forms part of a broader package of measures by the Com- mission to improve the work-life balance for Europeans.

The current pro- vision remains inadequate. Na- tional governments need to ad- dress the challenge and the EU will support their efforts with half a billion euros of EU funding up until to help develop childcare facilities. Across the EU, more than 6 mil- lion women aged 25 say they are forced into not working, or can only work part-time, because of their family responsibilities. For more than a quarter of them, lack of childcare facilities - or their cost - is the main problem.

Finally, against the back- ground of the current demo- graphic slowdown in Europe, provision of adequate childcare is an incentive to plan a family. Those Member States with the highest birth rates are also those which have done most to facili- tate the work-life balance for par- ents and which have a high rate of female employment. With English keyboard and operating system. Superior service, from local offices in Boliqueime and Tavira.

Policy documentation or policy summary written in English. Fully trained, experienced staff. RAPEX is the EU rapid alert system for all dangerous consumer products, with the exception of food, pharmaceutical and medical devices. It allows for the rapid exchange of information between Member States and the Commission for measures to be taken to prevent or restrict the marketing or use of products posing a serious risk to the health and safety of consumers. Both measures ordered by national authorities and measures taken voluntarily by producers and distributors are covered by RAPEX.

The EU-Brazil meeting on Dec. The summit is a follow-up to the landmark encounter between the two sides staged in Lisbon in July The figures show that even though e-commerce is taking off at national level, cross-border e-com- merce is failing to keep pace. The share of EU consumers that have shopped across border has re- mained stable since at around a quarter of the population.

Even though consumers are increasingly confident about cross-border shopping, fewer retailers seem to be offering them this opportunity. Currently, 75 percent of retailers sell only to consumers domestically, but re- ports show that if rules were har- monised almost half of these 34 percent more would be inter- ested in cross-border selling. Cross-border shoppers gener- ally consist of younger, well-edu- cated people in higher profes- sional positions with Internet access at home.

The case seems to be the same for companies, where larger com- panies are warming to the idea, but there is still a middle group that has not fully taken on board the business potential that cross- border sales offer. Many businesses state that the harmonisation of rules in this area would result in enhanced interest in cross-border trade. Portuguesebusiness mission visits Cape Verde A delegation from six Portu- guese metallurgy and electro- mechanical companies will visit Cape V erde next week in search of business deals and local part- nerships, an organiser said.

He said the delegation was looking both for business in Cape Verde and at the possibil- ity of using the islands as a launching pad for ventures on the West African mainland. Portugal at your fingertips! Portugal-info has been active since and is a unique network where browsers can find everything they need to know about Portugal.


The answers to discount hotel rates, property for sale, and cheap cars for rent. Comprehensive sites provide essential information in English on subjects such as the Algarve, Golf and Property. Portugal-info is all about business. If you need new clients, you need to be included in the network. The figures speak for themselves: Total Unique Visitors per site for - January to September: www. The archipelago will have to meet stiff criteria in areas like foreign debts and balancing the of state budget.

Based on accounting data, it provides a consolidated view of the previous financial year and contains approximately entries on Commission-run pro- grammes in policy areas like re- search, education and culture, en- ergy and transport and certain aspects of aid to third countries. This new search engine will allow users to analyse and com- pare information of beneficiaries and policy areas more easily. We will be providing complete, reliable, comparable and user-friendly access to the financial records on grants, contracts and other forms of EU support. According to the F inance Min- istry, over eight thousand new names of people owing 25, euros or more have been added to this list since the beginning of the year.

The list was created in July when tax debts peaked at 1 7 billion euros and has been de- creasing steadily since. In a little over two years, million euros has beenpaid by tax- payers after being named on the list, the Treasury says. More than million euros alone has been collected this year so far by the Treasury following the publication of debtors names who previously refused to pay outstanding debts. Taxpayers in Oporto top the list, followed by those individu- als resident in Lisbon, Braga and Setubal.

He said the first visit to Bo- gota by a Portuguese foreign minister in 15 years was aimed primarily at set ting the diplo- matic stage for new business opportunities in a country with strong economic growth despite mounting global un- certainty. Clarity: Providing qualified Fiscal Representation Services; Linking you to specialised lawyers to prepare protective contracts.

Seventeen-year-old Liam and father Andrew will be competing in the cycling event - 1 st Xisto Geo Raid - which involves km of full-on pedalling and 6,m of ver- tical climb over 48 hours. Founded in Associa? Ages range from babies right up to teenagers. The charity only receives a small amount of money from the Govern- ment to pay for drug treat- ment but not other living ex- penses, staff or drugs to re- lieve the unpleasant side ef- fects of the HIV treatment.

So, they depend on dona- tions in order to continue their work. The home is run as a family home and feels like one rather than an institution. Alternatively, call 2 1 9 1 22 1 24, or mobile: Re- ceipts can be provided. Cascais honour Stanley Ho Cascais has awarded casino magnate Stanley Ho, a major shareholder of Estoril Sol, a Business Merit Medal and also named an avenue, surrounding Casino Estoril, after him in recognition of his entrepreneurial success. Francis Haley B. This new initiative by the European Committee intends to distinguish the front- running cities that promote an environmentally-friendly urban life.

That's all there is to it. There's no maths involved. The grid has numbers, but nothing has to add up to anything else. You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic. It's fun. It's challenging. It's addictive! Solving time is typically from 1 0 to 30 minutes, depending on your skill and experience. Channel Five is coming! With her unique brand of straight-talking and practical advice, award-winning hotelier Alex Polizzi will once again be touring the country and beyond on amission to bring the hotels and guesthouses of Europe up to her own exacting standards.

From staffing to menus, decor to hygiene, Alex will leave no stone unturned in her quest to transform struggling busi- nesses into successful and prof- itable ventures. Channel Five is looking for British expats with a hotel or guesthouse aimed at the UK market, who are trying to im- prove the standards or other is- sues such as nightmare staff, leadership problems, or lack of intake despite having the per- fect product.

If the dream has all gone ter- ribly wrong and the towel is on the brink of being thrown in, then this is an opportunity not to be missed! The Hotel Inspector would love to hear from hotels and guesthouses owned and run by British people interested in this unique opportunity to gain in- valuable advice that could boost profit margins, provide profes- sional help with re-design and new marketing, as well as the chance of promoting their hotel to an audience of millions.

The fourth series of The Ho- tel Inspector has recently been broadcast on Channel Five, at- tractingnearly two million view- ers in its weekly prime-time slot. The chance to feature in the se- ries is coming to an end so call as soon as possible. Its aid is designed to relieve suffering and sow the seeds of longer-term solutions; its advocacy is designed to raise awareness of problems— and solutions— at home and abroad. She is a powerful and inspiring speaker and we are very privileged to have an opportunity to hear her speak about her work with HART.

At each of the events there will be an opportunity to donate to HART. Do please come along. In the early hours of Saturday morning several establishments and terraces in Alvor were set on fire, wreaking havoc in the village. A 1 9 year old has been arrested by Judiciary Police after confessing to the crimes, which he says he committed because they were areas related to drug trafficking. Alvor was transformed into a war zone on Saturday as ten sepa- rate fires left a trail of destruction. A report stated that the owner of a coffee bar that was completely burnt down, causing considerable damage to apartments above, was uninsured.

A scooter on the street was completely destroyed, as was the awning of a restaurant whose complete facade suffered flame damage, as did several ter- races. The aftermath could have been much worse though as the fire burnt the protective cover of a main gas pipe, but luckily it did not explode. The young man caused de- struction from the riverside all the way into the centre of the vil- lage, setting light to paper stands, sunshades, awnings, terrace chairs and tables, and restaurant signs of several establishments. Further damage was limited only because several homeown- ers ran to their cars and drove them away from the burning flames.

The alleged arsonist was re- leased on bail and must make pe- riodic appearances at the Judici- ary Police Station until the case goes to Court. New access to beach criticised by ex Faro Mayor The construction of a wooden path to Faro beach to be used exclusively by pedestrians and cyclists has been heavily slated by Jose Vitorino who says the construction of a parallel boardwalk is a waste of money. Intended to complement the only bridge that accesses the beach, the boardwalk is one of the main priorities for the Polis project this year, as well as the creation of a car park near the airport and the renovation of the current bridge.

When she returns to Portugal she hopes to bring the region to- gether to create a support and fund-raising network along the lines of the afore-mentioned char- ity to help children with cancer and their fa mi lies in the Algarve. Ex-police officer Mandy, 43, was seriously injured in the line of duty and suffers back and head problems.

Despite this, on Sunday, Oc- tober 1 2 th , she will be abseiling off the Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge to aid a worthy cause. She is now hoping to bring local organisations, groups and asso- ciations together to create a sup- port network. Due to the extent of her inju- ries, taking on the task of estab- lishing a fully-fledged charity is not possible, though she is avail- able and willing to help anyone who would assume responsibil- ity to do so. Itis something she wants to continue here in Portugal. Anyone interested helping Mandy in her mission can contact her at e-mail: mandy white horn yahoo.

Alternatively, see website: www. As usual a number of well-known sports person- alities and dignitaries will be partaking in or support- ing the event, including record-setting, gold- medal-winning, athlete Elly Van Hulst, Algarvean Olympic athlete Ana Dias, Civil Governor Isilda Gomes, and Portimao Mayor Manuel da Luz. Participants have the op- tion of an eight-kilometre run or a five kilometre march, and all proceeds will be given to the Regional On- cology Association, to be put towards temporary housing for those undergoing cancer treatments, like radio- therapy.

For more information or to sign up, call: , , or see website: www. What a lovely war If you were a theatregoer in the early 's you may well have seen this quite extraordinary musical written by Charles Chilton and staged by Joan Littlewood at the Wyndhams Theatre in Charing Cross Road, London. To take the First World War with its tragic loss of a generation of young men and turn it into a modem day music hall seemed to many to take theatre to its low- est ebb and be in the most unbe- lievably bad taste and yet. The clever use of songs sung by the ordinary soldiers of the time, blended with the inevitable cockney humour the British are so loved for, brings forth an even more poignant story of patriot- ism, resolve and exceptional courage of the every -day soldier whilst the ambition and inepti- tude of the generals that led them, is explained in a laughingly tragic way.

This is musical theatre at its best. You cannot help but be amused by the satirical humour or sing along with the well-loved songs, and yet you will be moved by the appalling waste of lives on the battlefields and the women who had encouraged them to go. The Algarveans Experimen- tal Theatre Group have invested heavily in this production.

Un- der the experienced director- ship of David Butler - Cole with Graham Cooper as his talented musical director, they have every available member in- volved either in the cast or on the production team and proceeds from the three days will be shared with The Royal British Legion. What a Lovely W ar will be staged at the Lagoa Audito- rium on Tuesday 4th, Wednes- day 5 th and Thursday 6th of November at 8pm, the week of Remembrance Sunday, in which all soldiers of all wars are remem- bered and honoured for their bravery.

We guarantee that it will change you for life. British Produci in the Algarve the m Open 7 da; English news Greeting cards To help us celebrate our 6th birthday and the official opening of the extended shop, doubling its size Diana invites you to a cheese tasting on SATURDAY 18th October 11am - 2pm Come along and try 20 flavoured Cheddars and many other new products. For institutions to be awarded this certificate they must meet ten measures of professionalism, which in- clude promoting breast-feed- ing and giving professional training to hospital staff.

Although the Child Safety Association has been trying, unsuccessfully, to get laws implemented since , a new proposal has been put forward by the Algarve Councils Association which could force builders to comply with new safety measures, if approved. Currently there are no specific regulations when it comes to private pool safety, allowing many hazardous pools to be built. The Algarve Coun- cils Association AMAL has recently approved a proposal, with 18 new safety measures, which will make it obligatory to place fences around pools, impeding children under five from reaching the pool without the help of an adult.

Putting locks on International students double at Algarve University The number of international students at Universidade do Algarve, in Faro, has doubled in comparison to last year.


Casa Prox Camara Municipal (Holiday home), Campinas (Brazil) deals

The most sought after courses are the ones focusing on scientific subjects. Of the international stu- dents coming to Universidade do Algarve this year, over half are from countries that are not part of the European Union. In fact, of the 54 nationalities studying at the University, only 16 are from Europe. A good share of them are still waiting for visas to allow them to remain in the coun- try legally, most being students from countries such as Somalia, Kazakhstan, India and China.

To help the international stu- dents find accommodation and learn the Portuguese language, UAlg has brought in services which will facilitate the process with intensive Portuguese courses which take place throughout the year. All at competitive prices. Open Monday to Friday 10am to 7pm Saturdays 10am to 5pm Telephone; E-mail; lagos thomasgreen. Easyto make -high standard curries. Visit our new website www. We are on the right opposite the Tourist Office. These meas- ures will only be compul- sory if they are included in the Building and Urban Municipal Regulations, to which builders must adhere.

So far, France is the only coun- try to pass specific laws for private pool safety. Henrique No. The editor reserves the right to edit letters or refuse publication. Send your letters, which must include your name and full postal address even if you wish to remain anonymous on the page , and be no more than words to: The Portugal News, Apartado 13, Lagoa. E-mail address: letters the-news. Earlier this year I discovered that an ex-employee had forged my signature on over 30 company cheques and presented these for the payment of goods and serv- ices.

The cheques had been re- movedfromthebackofmy cheque book, so I only discovered the fraud as I reached the first miss- ing page. Finibanco had honoured each cheque and the funds had left my account. They quite obviously were not signed by me. I approached Finibanco where Ihavebeenaclientforover7 years expecting that the funds would be reimbursed without argument, as clearly the Bank had failed to verify my signature, and pro- tect my account. I entered a com- plaint in the official book, which led to an investigation by the Bank and also by The Bank of Portugal, the regulatory body.

Is this little bit of fraud acknowledgment similar to being a little bit pregnant? I have also heard from The B ank of Portugal that the complaint is now closed. At a time when the EU is supposed to be integrating and looking after the rights of its citizens, this behaviour and prac- tice by a Portuguese bank, with the blessing of its official regula- tor, is nothing short of disgusting and I expect that they think I will give up and go away. Be assuredl shall do no such thing until Finibanco meet their obligations, acknowledge that their systems failed and credit my account.

Indeed what value does a genuine client signature hold? But as there may be others like your correspondent, who are not aware of it, may I re- ply please? ThePJ officer your writerrefers to was removed, allegedly, because of remarks made about UKpolice. Since he was removed, the leaks declined. Murat obeyed this law; others involved seem to have ignored the law. The stories your writer refers to were from these leaks or guesses, The Portuguese tab- loids were much worse than the UK ones. While Mr. Murat did win damages in the English courts, no attempt was made here because legal action is not prac- tical.

As to accounts. The Madeleine fund is a charity, it would be quiet easy to obtain ac- counts, he could try the charity directly or The Charity Com- missioners. As to Aberfan, is that an excuse for doing nothing, adopted by many in our uncar- ing society? Why should the parents not get the money after the tragic, avoidable losses.

Many parents would never have mentally recovered from that disaster. Senhor Amoral has indeed written a book; for profit? None of his claims are backed by the Portuguese prosecutors report. There was no evidence, errors were made. A mistake they have frequently admitted and the family continues to suffer from. Which of us has not made mis- takes, perhaps while driving and which can lead to tragic results?

What they have done is: raised the issue of missing children a great deal, leading to the Euro- pean Parliament backing a child alert EC scheme. Indeed, Portu- gal is likely to start such a scheme soon. As to his staff question, individuals in the McCann camp are funded by sup- porters. As to staff costs in the campaigns, these are paid either by supporters or the charity set up to find Maddie and help raise aware- ness generally, and here, strictly ac- cording to CC rules.

Your writer asks about the UK s ni ffer dogs. They were widely re- ported, but they are only an indica- tion; like a lot of new techniques, including the DNA techniques used in this case, they are disputed. Finally, it is most uncertain that any evidence collected from the apartment could ever have been used in a court of law, as the site was severely contaminated. First by the GNR, who in fact are military, not trained police, and then by Inspec- tor Amoral teams own decisions. While UK readers will be used to, mostly, one police force, there are many, many agencies here; to many to list here and severe doubts about liai- son, direction etc.

There is a lot to be learnt from the McCann case, sadly neither the Government nor agencies involved are willing to listen, to learn. I wonder if there is a demand for my services in among the ageing popu- lation of expats in the Algarve? SIR, In reply to the unidenti- fied writer of the 27 th September, lean appreciate his or her frustra- tion in matriculating a motor car.

I do not have any practical ad- vice except to say be patient, 6 to 9 months is the norm in my expe- rience. I ap- plied and received temporary documentation on the 20th Feb, for a 3 month period. I have been chasing it up since then and mi- raculously it turned up by regis- tered post last week. But guess what, it expires next March so will have to start the process all over again. On a posi- tive note my Wife, who also re- ceived alicence for 1 yearfirsttime round, re-applied in January and got her new licence in March - for 2 years; so we are getting there.

Small frustrations we feel com- pensated by the privilege of liv- ing in such a great environment. In this instance, Biden is that rare commodity, a practis- ing Catholic with a sense of com- passion; J. And as for saying that he trusts them, boy, what a fall-guy Ross would be to a double-glazing salesman! JR seems to have accepted, as have I, the scientific view that the universe resulted from a titanic ex- plosion about 1 5 billion years ago and was not produced fully formed, like a rabbit out of a hat, by his God about 6. When will JR grasp the fact that I do not claim, or seek to persuade others , that there is no God?

It is just that in my lifetime I have never seen, read or experienced anything that has persuaded me that there might be. Maybe it all goes back to The hus- band and his new wife were stand- ing to collect a pretty sum if T erri was dead. Zita now backs B arack Obama and really dislikes my favorite, SarahPalin. Could it be be- cause Obama, on Feb.

This is the same guy who cracked down on dog-fighting in Illinois but voted against the ban on partial-birth abortion and the B om Alive Infant Protection Act, a law that would give medical as- sistance to babies that survive abortion. Ate a proxima ligao, Emilia Rosendo.

Antigamente, quando a minha famflia morar naquela rua, haver uma pastelaria que Hear mesmo ao lado da nossa casa e onde nos comprar pao e tambem bolos. At, depois da escola, nos brincar mesmo a valer: as meninas preferir brincar com as suas bonecas e os meninos jogar a bola. Estas ser as brincadeiras mais comuns. No entanto, algumas criangas correr , andar de baloigo, de escorrega ou de bicicleta e outras passear com os seus animais de estimagao.

Ha cerca de quinze anos, o dono da pastelaria falecer e os seus herdeiros. O parque transformar-se num sitio pouco seguro e sujo, por isso as pessoas deixar de la ir. Ontem, quando eu passar por la, ver , com profunda tristeza, um parque abandonado e condenado ao silencio. Na sua juventude, quando a Maria ainda ser solteira e nao ter filhos, ela pertencer a uma associagao que dedicar-se a causas humanitarias. Nessa altura, ela e os outros membros da associagao visitar e apoiar famflias carenciadas e tambem recolher roupas e alimentos que.

Quando, em , a Maria casar-se e, mais tarde, os seus filhos nascer , ela passar a colaborar parcialmente com a associagao. The Portugal News - Apartado 13, Lagoa. Tel: 34 11 It is the only refining company. It controls the stocking of crude and other refined products. It controls the transport network. It consequently controls impor- tation. According to recently released public data, the price of petrol per barrel reached a maximum of dollars in June this year, then fell to 8 8 dollars per barrel in Sep- tember, a decrease of 40 per cent, though this was only represented as a reduction of six per cent on the price of petrol, and 10 per cent on diesel.

The opposition believes a specific regulation is needed, in- cluding more transparency in the forming of prices and separation of activities within the sector. Opening Gala t7. Working days from 2pm till 8pm. It is an agency that promotes independent living, providing care and support to people in the comfort of their own homes.

House facilities:

They can also offer domestic help with the provision of cleaning, laun- dry, cooking and shopping, and childminding services as part of the care package. Who cares for you? Their commit- ment is to enhance and promote independent living. For more information, tel- ephone Mel Dunn R. Filled to the brim with natural and organic foods, body care ranges, supplements, juices, incenses, sweets and candles, amongst much more, the shop, located in Praia da Luz, has a range of over 2, products, making it one of the most complete health stores around. Gardeur Direct - first-class fitting and fashion [ Established in Praia da Luz just over 5 years ago, the Gardeur Direct store continues to go from strength to strength.

In the face of a difficult year for the retail trade, compounded for British customers by the weaker pound, Gardeur Direct have managed to remain com- petitively priced. The covered toe Boston style is prov- ing to be a customer favourite this autumn. The store also has a mail or- der facility with Birkenstock to quickly source any particular style, whether it is for ladies, men or youngsters. Included in the accessories are genuine Panama hats for men as well as ladies, jewellery and handbags.

  1. Belting Love (Elise Dugar Episodes Book 3).
  2. Annabel Jones.
  3. Margaret Way.
  4. Savages Recruit (Military Discipline Book 1).
  5. The Australian Citizens’ Parliament and the Future of Deliberative Democracy (Rhetoric and Democratic Deliberation)?

The Gardeur store is open Monday to Friday from 1 0am to 6pm, and on Saturdays now has extended opening from 10am to 4pm. Located on Rua Direita, which is the main road out of Praia da Luz towards Lagos, call or go to www. Aquasom, an underwater sound solution for swimming pools m The Aquasom solution is a perfect way to listen to your favorite music while you dive, swim or relax in your pool. With Aquasom you can enjoy moments of pleasure at the sound of underwater melodies or dive into an underwater festival of music.

Having extended her vacation several times, she fi- nally packed her bags for good to start a new chapter of her life abroad. With no prior knowledge of the European market for health stores, Meri has been gradually expanding her product range over the years, filling the shelves with what customers want, according to demand and interest. She sources most of her products from Portugal and, if they are not available here, she will import them from the UK.

In her three years in business, Meri has noticed a growing in- terest in health stores as her cli- ent list has expanded at an im- pressive rate, showing just how much health stores are now be- coming mainstream markets. Unlike many businesses in the Algarve, T erra da Harmonia does not rely on tourism for good sales. With a vast list of loyal and regular customers all over Portugal, calls pour in from people wanting to know what new products are available at the store. Due to her experience of over 20 years, Meri has gained in- credible knowledge of organic and alternative products, which she encourages instead of tradi- tional foods and remedies.

For more infor- mation or directions, call: , or see website: www. In water, in comparison to air, the human being experi- ences sound in a very different way, mainly due to the fact that our body is mostly composed of water. The sensation one has is that the sound comes crystal clear from all directions at once - a natural Hi-Fi. An additional fact is that un- derwater, background noise which surrounds us on land dis- appears.

Portuguese-language telenovelas

These features present us with a totally differ- ent way of listening to and ap- preciating music. The system is composed of an underwater loudspeaker with an amplifier to which Hi- Fi systems, simple CD play- ers or even a microphone can be connected, giving you a wide range of compatibility with your equipment. This technology has been present in many international events, such as the Olympic Games from to for the event of synchronized swimming, in pool and open ocean underwater music festi- vals, and in the production of a variety of films such as Titanic, The Abyss, Harry Potter and many others.

There are various installa- tion solutions, including a ver- sion for swimming pools under maintenance or construction for placement in walls, or a version for immediate installa- tion and use, allowing a port- able and flexible usage. Underwater speakers have a five year guarantee and the am- plifiers a two year guarantee. Dive into a new dimension of underwater sound, contact Aquasom now on: aquasom aquasom. Located in Budens, the West- ern Algarve, right next-door to one of the most popular Golf Resorts in the area the re- nowned Parque da Floresta Golf and Leisure Resort , Floresta Golf Views is a small, enclosed condominium and the ideal location for those wishing to enjoy the privacy, security and the best family atmosphere the Algarve can offer.

Outdoors comprises low- maintenance gardens, a magnifi- cent 15 -metre swimming pool with a hot tub and gazebo area, altogether offering the most re- laxing moments possible. If you should tire of golfing, why not try the warm and clean waters of Salema and Boca do Rio beach, just a few minutes drive away, or indulge in the freshest fish dishes in the res- taurants of Sagres and the West Coast.

Comprising the apartments are quality finishings including electric shutters, double glazed windows, wood-lined ward- robes, air conditioning units and pre-installation for alarm and sound systems. There are fire- places in the living rooms, con- temporary suspended sanitary ceramics in bathrooms, top-of- the-range Hansgrohe mixer taps, satellite TV, and remote control gates into the private car park. Kitchens are fully equipped and all apartments have large private terraces. Other features include two designated car parking places per unit, garden equipment storage, individual metres for services, communal meeting and locker room, low condo- minium charges, a lift from park- ing area to the ground floor level, and individual laundry areas.

Furniture and Air Condition- ing packages are available on request. Altogether, this makes, Floresta Golf Views a perfect investment; be it for a fantastic place to live perma- nently, for holidays, or for rental income. Show house to open soon. End of construction pre- dicted for the first quarter of Or call: www.

Ideal to let. Solar pan- els. Situated in the country- side approx. This house! Within 5 minutes drive of Quinta do Lago and Vale do Lobo beaches and golf courses. Parking space in the basement. I Communal swimming pool and garden area. Construction area - I 70 sq.

Furnished and equipped. Communal swim- ming pool and garden area. Con- struction area: sq. Swimming pool. Construction area - sq. Roof terrace, swimming pool and garden. Plot area - 2. Garage, carport, basement, swimming pool and garden. Com- munal sw. Central heating. Golf- ing rights. Space for sw. I Panoramic Seaview. Top quality construction. I Quick sale to the discerned buyer at a realistic price. AMI - Val. In need of modernization. Communal pool, tennis courts etc. Easy access to beach. Excellent value for money.

Good road access. Sold furnished. Must be seen. Fully fenced plot of approx. Carefully restored in maintaining many traditional Portuguese features. Road access: track. Construction approx. Very private location, but close to town. Lepey enquiries algarve-idyllic. Lovely plot located on a rural region of central Algarve. Very peaceful residen- tial area approx.

Despedida de Solteiro - WikiMili, The Free Encyclopedia

Unique panoramic country views. Fan- tastic investment opportunity!!! Fully fitted kitchen. Solar pannels. Great panoramic sea view. Carport for 2 cars. Possibil- ity to use a tennis court next to the villa. Great investment, good letting potential. The Vila has its own bore hole Recently decorated to a high standard is close to the Shops, schools and all amenities and is 10 minutes to beaches.

Beautiful free formed swimming pools. Alarm, Domitel intelligent home, full home entertainment. View by appointment. Close to all amenities, such as supermarkets, shops, restaurants, bars, Lagoa town centre, night life, beaches and several Golf Courses Distances: Faro 55 km; Lagoa town centre m; Carvoeiro and beaches: 3 km; Portimao: 10 km; Golf: 2 km. This charming 2 bedroom apartment, recently renewed, as a unique location with a gorgeous view from the beach.

Charming 1 bedroom apartment, sold fully furnished and equipped. Great investment opportunity, ideal for holiday or income. Located in old part of towm close to harbour and amenities. We're located in the centre of the Algarve very close to the EN and A22 roads. We're sure our special conditions will be to your liking. At our store you can select all your bed linen towels kitchenware lighting furniture and decorative accessories. We carry out all installations of curtain poles bathroom accessories and lights.

We also supply and fit Air Conditioning. Why not call in for some friendly help and advice with regard making your new house a home. Situated in a pretty, landscaped cul-de- sac, the apartment has a light and spacious lounge overlooking the countryside, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen and two balconies. Being only 5 minutes drive to the beach and various golf courses makes it an ideal holiday home and a great investment. Call or email: mail infiniteinspire.

European standards. Rise in value. Should I try to scrape it all off? A : The easiest thing to do is thin layers so it dries properly, level off the surface with more Buy a large plastic or metal- tile adhesive, although you tile adhesive spreader to make may have to build this up in the job quicker and easier. T o get around these, use a flexible tool that allows you to accurately transfer the shape of the door frame onto a board ready for cutting.

A neater solution is to cut the bottom of the door frame off just the thickness of one board so you can slide a board under it. Once the boards have been laid, you should fill around the edges with strips of cork and cover with beading that matches the flooring, en- suring a neat finish. The boards will look best laid in the direction that the light falls from the window. When laying the flooring, take off your shoes to prevent the www.

Even if this is the case, some freeholders will allow you to lay wooden flooring if you soundproof properly first. Composed of a living I room, fully fitted kitchen, two I bedrooms, bathroom and garage. I Excellent sea view. Consisting of hall, store room, fully fitted kitchen, pantry, living room, bathroom. Good sea view. Seasonal Task When the weather starts getting colder, locks can start to stiffen.

If this happens to yours, treat them straighta- way with WD oil or graphite powder. View these pages online www. But one place you can make cutbacks successfully is in the garden. Like most people, when I go to a garden centre for a packet of seeds I come out with a trolley full of plants, always spending much more than I intended, but you really can tighten your belt without the garden going to pot. If you are going to spend money in garden centres, spend it on plants rather than anything else, she advises. Many garden centres have a reduced-price plant area, where the plants may have finished flowering or might be struggling a little.

With some new compost, a trim to dispose of the dead mat- ter and a little feeding, they should come back strong. Y ou can get cheap seeds from places like Lidl, Leroy Merlin or Max Mat, while good bargain plants and containers can be bought from car-boot sales and char- ity shops. Autumn is a great time for seed-swapping, so look on Google or Ya- hoo for seed- swapping groups and you will find unofficial groups of in- dividuals who will not only swap seed but will also provide you with plenty of first-hand infor- mation about the plant.

All you should need is a fork, spade, hand fork and trowel, rake, hoe, secateurs and a good pair of scissors. Tools whichlook more like torture instruments, but claim to make a particular job easier, are generally useless and are likely to be left unused in the shed. Now is also an obvious time to grow your own vegetables to re- duce your weekly food bills. Fowler advises novice gardeners to grow veg which are really sim- ple to grow, yet are extremely expensive in the shops, such as rocket and Swiss chard.

The seedlings should be thinned and can grow in pots on the window- sill. They just need watering regu- larly and will be ready for cutting in no time. The coloured stems of Swiss chard look great in a potager or take the place of ornamental plants in decorative pots.

Col- ourful oriental veg such as mus- tard and pak choi will brighten up your containers and are edible too. If you are on a budget, you may not save as much money growing vegetables such as potatoes, on- ions and cabbages, because these are all cheap in the shops - and take up a lot of space in the gar- den. Y ou may not want to use it in your pots but as a mulch for borders it will be fine. Three ways to Professionalism and craftsmanship guaran- teed. Use a home-made weedkiller made up of four cups of vin- egar to half a cup of salt and two teaspoons of washing-up liquid.

Zap weeds in pavement cracks with Coca-Cola, preferably on a sunny day. Place black polythene sheets or old carpet over big areas of weed and leave for a few months. Then lift and remove all the roots of the dead weeds. Remember, though, that quick fixes are not for the true gardener. There is aplace in every garden for a Japanese maple - some will last for years in a pot, while others are better suited growing in the gen- tle shade of larger trees or over water.

They like some shelter but can grow in any well-drained soil with added organic matter. If you want to grow one in a pot, the container needs to be at least 30cm one foot in diameter and filled with equal parts John Innes No. Put crocks in the bottom of the pot for drainage and top-dress the compost with gravel.

Japanese maples are much more slow-growing in pots than in the open garden. They will need moving to a bigger pot every few years but need little pruning. Good varieties include: A. Edisdl Rua Leste 3 Quarteira S 1 Algarve W Construction licence N. Visit www. Protects people and animals by scientifically luring the mosquitos in to it andtrappingthem. No need to worry about maintenance and service We are experienced ex Speed Frame technicians with a wide knowledge of this product.

Regu- lar troops rarely lose battles against guerillas. But there were no lasting successes either — which is also typical of wars where foreign troops are fight- ing local guerillas. Carleton-Smith did not say that the foreign forces in Af- ghanistan will lose the war. Because if victory is not possible, then in the end the Afghan government will have to talk to the Taliban and negoti- ate a peace settlement.

If the war cannot end in a decisive victory for one side or the other, then it must end in a negotiated peace that is accept- able to both sides. The reason neither side can win is that they are too evenly balanced, and each can hold its own territory indefinitely. The United States allied itself with the main northern ethnic groups, Tajik, Uzbek and Hazara, who Gwynne Dyer is a London based independent journalist whose articles are published in 45 countries.

But the Taliban were and still are the major po- litical vehicle for the Pashtuns, who are about 40 percent of the population. The Pashtuns were tradition- ally the dominant ethnic group in Afghanistan, but in 1 they were effectively driven from power by the other ethnic groups and their Western allies. In practice, the foreigners are fighting Pashtun nationalism. That is why they cannot win. On the other hand, and for the same reason, the Taliban can- not win a decisive victory either.

They never established control over northern Afghanistan even when they ruled in Kabul in 1 1 , mainly because the other ethnic minorities saw them as an exclusively Pashtun group. Moreover, most non- Pashtuns who did fall under their rule were alienated by their intolerance and brutality, and would certainly not welcome them back in sole power. But a negotiated peace deal must give the Pashtuns a fair share of power at the centre, and that means giving the Taliban a share of the power. This is still seen as unthink- able in most Western capitals, but it is a thoroughly traditional Afghan way of ending the peri- odic ethnic bust-ups that have always plagued the country, and it will happen sooner or later.

Does this mean that Afghani- stan will re-emerge as a base for international terrorism? Un- likely, since it would not be to the advantage of any Afghan government, even one that in- cluded Taliban elements, to at- tract that kind of international opprobrium. One is the notion that West- ern countries are willing to take casualties in Afghanistan for another three, five or ten years. The other is that the Afghan gov- ernment is not getting stronger. The usual denials followed, but that is ex- actly what British officials there say in private.

So it would make sense to announce a deadline for pull- ing out the foreign troops and start negotiating for a final peace settlement in Afghani- stan now. Waiting is unlikely to produce a better deal. Which is probably why President Mahmud Karzai said last week that he had asked the king of Saudi Arabia to medi- ate in negotiations with the Taliban. It is available exclusively through The Portugal News in Portugal. For more information, call You will receive friendly advice and a quick quote with absolutely no obligation.

She was the unmarried, only child of an army captain who owned properties in Tavira, including Horta do Carmo where the foundation is situated. The work of the foundation is basically the prevention, reha- bilitation and training of handi- capped people in personal, pro- fessional and social integration, and covers many areas. Their residential home tar- gets the severely handicapped who are 1 5 years old and above and its objective is to provide accommodation for those who are unable to reside either tem- porarily or permanently in the family environment.

An early intervention group is set up for children between the ages from birth to six years of age who are at risk either bio- logically or environmentally. The occupational activities centre is targeted to youngsters over the age of 15 years of age and who have severe handicap and is open from 9am until 5pm. The foundation also runs com- plementary activities for them including summer camping, field trips, hydrotherapy, physical education, commemo- rations, parties and other social activities. The special education school has students with special edu- cation need from the ages of six years upto the age of It en- courages the rehabilitation and inclusion of people who have some or many limitations, by developing their skills, at a cog- nitive, effective and psycho- motor level, so that they can be- come self-sufficient and inde- pendent within the family and outside world.

The Vocational training cen- tre help provide handicapped people aged 16 and above with the skills to hold a job in the fu- ture. This includes evaluation, professional guidance, profes- sional qualification and an ap- prenticeship within a com- pany. There is a happy and calm at- mosphere within the founda- tion, where the young people also have lessons in Tai Chi, dance, swimming and gymnas- tics as well as walks.

Some of the users of the occupational activities centre are also resi- dents in the residential home where they are well cared for and protected. Possible donations that this Instituition would apreciate are as follows:: Computers, wall units, chairs, desks, sofas, wall paint, sensorial stimulation material, speach therapy games, equipment for a snoozeland room, plates and glasses. Every year there is an exposition in December, for the International Day of Disabled Persons, at our Institution where products may also be purchased.

This year the exposition will be December from 10am - 4pm. America really does have a gastronomic culture of its very own. Open from 11am, the menu offers options to satisfy appe- tites at any time of day, whether you are looking for a light lunch, a snack to accompany drinks, or a filling meal. A dish that must be tried is the seafood chowder - a chunky, thick soup that is perfect for lunch and is accompanied by slices of toasted bread.

All sorts of seafood and chunks are in- cluded in the creamy soup, which is very filling.

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  • One of the restaurants most popular dishes is Steak Teriyaki, seldom found else- where and prepared following traditional methods, like mari- nating the real steak with au- thentic ingredients before grill- ing over charcoal. All meats served at Seattle Style are grilled on a real coal barbeque. Lyn, who was born and lived in Seattle and has been a chef for 45 years, is enthusiastic to stress that no frozen, processed or pre- prepared ingredients are used in her menu.

    Some dishes on the menu have even been devised to suit the re- gion, incorporating local produce to create one-off meals that are both visually interesting and de- licious. All desserts are homemade too and include traditional favourites directly imported from the USA, like Lime Mousse which is in- deed exquisite, sweet with a lit- tle zing, and, as it is not made with egg is fine for anyone to in- dulge in , and the quintessential Mississippi Mud Pie.

    To perfectly round off your meals, why not wash it down Cornish Pasties Burgau! Eat in air conditioned comfort or take away. Snack packs and coffee to go. Parties catered for. We also offer a membership schemefor surfers and golfers. Tel Office 00 , Shop 00 Mobile 00 thecornishrange sapo. Seattle Style is an informal, relaxed venue where people can enj oy a riverside lunch, a proper sit-down meal or a laidback evening of drinks and snacks.

    Either way, its idyllic location and good food means it will never disappoint. It is truly a little bit of real America in the Algarve. Seattle Style is open seven days a week. Redundant summer wardrobe on your hands? Brighten those gloomy autumnal days ahead with some new addi- tions to your wardrobe.

    B oho? In winter? Welcome to the reinvented nu-Boho with all the folkish charm seen from pre- vious summers but with a darker edge. Paisley prints are the way for- ward and gilets are back from the fashion beyond, but brand new updates for the look include fringing and faux fur. Pick out fiery autumnal col- ours like red, orange and yellow on a black background. Lashing of lace and sheer chiffon layers make up this soft goth look. For added drama, designers used Victoriana-inspired high necks and maxi long lengths. T op-to-toe black, black, black is key, without even a hint of an ac- cent colour.

    Keep accessories to a minimum and let the decorative detailing do all the talking. Catwalk style tip:: Get the most from your dark romantic look. Black dresses can be worn for day- time too, pared-down with a con- trast colour polo neck or shirt un- derneath, as seen at Prada. Think headscarves, riding hats, clashing tartans and tweed. The fashion world takes its in- spiration from country pursuits with a bonkers twist.

    Head for the traditional prim- and-proper heritage look with a muted colour palette or punk it up with vivid plaids like purple and green to give the trend a youthful injection. Catwalk style tip: The thought of donning a silk headscarf might send some running for the country hills. Instead, tie around your neck for a more wearable look, as seen at Daks. Look for lean, mean suiting with shoulder pads, crisp shirts and masculine edges like bow ties and tux lapels. T o continue your sharp silhou- ette, opt for a figure-hugging pen- cil skirt or razor sharp cut trousers in super-baggy or skinny cropped fit.

    Make room on your dressing table for the latest must-haves in hair and make-up. Classic red lips have dark- ened this season to a bordeaux- rich pout. Think forbidden fruits like plums and grapes for a gothic intensity. Book that facial. Perfect skin is a must for this natural nude look. Gold, silver, bronze, pew- ter Massage, Reiki, Reflexology, Waxing, Bodywork practice and personal home use. Many of my clients are start- ing to comment on their skin feel- ing dry, dehydrated, and that it looks dull and lifeless.

    This is es- pecially common at this time of year, especially here in Portugal where the weather can be a little unpredictable to say the least! Post Summer Sun Skin Y our skin goes through a lot in summer. However most of these high street brands contain alcohol. Few of us actually drink enough water through the hot summer months and when this is coincided with the air condition- ing that we crank up, your skin can become more dehydrated than the Sahara! You may also have been flying frequently dur- ing summer, many of my clients go back to the UK during this time, not only does this mean further dehydration on your skin due to the atmosphere on the plane but also a change in temperature when you arrive back in the UK.

    This change in temperature can result in your skin becoming en- vironmentally sensitized, thus redness, breakouts and dilated capillaries may be visible on your skin. Spacious rooms all with bath ensuite, satellite t. Amenities include: swimming pool, putting green, Physiotherapist, hairdresser plus much more. A happy and relaxed environment with caring staff.

    A sensitized reaction occurs almost as soon as you apply a product to your skin. TLCforyourSkin To ensure that you skin is looking and feeling fantastic through autumn and winter you need to follow a few basic rules and maybe treat yourself to a fa- cial or two. There are two products that are fantastic for this: Dermalogica Barrier Repair and Dermalogica Climate con- trol. Zurich Andreas J. Duarte Pacheco 16, Sta. Fantastic Autumnal Offer: Book in for a course of 10 treatments and receive 5 maintenance treatments free! Book in now to be entered into a prize draw to win over Euros worth of products.

    Vitamin C also helps to pro- tect the skin from further de- hydration. These products will instantly improve the way that you skin looks and feels. A hy- drating masque and booster are a good way to do this. Sometimes a bit of profes- sional help is needed, so book yourself in for a facial and be sure that your skin is getting the treat- ment that it needs.

    To really spoil your skin you could book in for a Bio Ultimate Platinum or Micro current Treatment, both of which will inj ect moisture and hydration into your skin, you will notice the difference after only one treat- See what you're missing at: www. Most outbreaks of scabies occur in winter, possibly be- cause during this time of year people spend more time in- doors cuddling up in closer proximity to each other.

    SuzieBell, Senses As for bedbugs, well, keeping your room clean will help you avoid them, says leading bedbug expert Dr Michael Potter. Just remember not to panic too much: the bites they leave usually in threes will fade - but keeping a clean room and clean neighbours will work wonders. Most people go to Antigua to get brown, but now the islanders are keen for visitors to go green. It was 10 years since we had last visited Antigua and after our comfortable V irgin Atlantic flight we were eager to renew our ac- quaintance as we touched down at the small and quiet VC Bird In- ternational airport.

    As so often happens abroad, the taxi driver we had for our j our- ney out to the Verandah was more tour guide than cabbie. He was proud to point out a most beautiful cricket ground that has been created within the airport complex. Complete with flood- lights, the ground was staging an inter-island Twenty 20 competi- tion as we passed.

    Possibly be- cause Antigua is a small island, boasting only around 76, people, everyone seems to know everyone else. Y ou speak to the taxi driver and he knows Sir Viv, you chat to a waiter and find he went to school with another former giant of West Indies cricket in its golden era of the s and 80s - the fast bowler Andy Roberts. Our first impression was that everything had smartened up since we were last here. The party ends in a waterfall, and the young Salete Gabriela Alves is murdered. They were sentenced to 21 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.

    After seven years in prison, the four young men return to hometown, Remanso, on probation. In the midst of this battle, the trio gained a new ally, Mike Jayme Periard , an American full of mysteries who reaches the city, specifically in the workshop of Cirineu, where he has work and housing.

    The young stranger is disputed by the two daughters of Cirineu, Bianca and Nina Helena Ranaldi , father of the right arm in the workshop and who wins the heart of the young American. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved April 7, Rede Globo telenovelas. Categories : telenovelas Brazilian telenovelas Rede Globo telenovelas Brazilian television series debuts Brazilian television series endings Portuguese-language telenovelas.

    Hidden categories: CS1 Portuguese-language sources pt. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.

    O solteiro de ouro (Bianca) (Portuguese Edition) O solteiro de ouro (Bianca) (Portuguese Edition)
    O solteiro de ouro (Bianca) (Portuguese Edition) O solteiro de ouro (Bianca) (Portuguese Edition)
    O solteiro de ouro (Bianca) (Portuguese Edition) O solteiro de ouro (Bianca) (Portuguese Edition)
    O solteiro de ouro (Bianca) (Portuguese Edition) O solteiro de ouro (Bianca) (Portuguese Edition)
    O solteiro de ouro (Bianca) (Portuguese Edition) O solteiro de ouro (Bianca) (Portuguese Edition)
    O solteiro de ouro (Bianca) (Portuguese Edition) O solteiro de ouro (Bianca) (Portuguese Edition)

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