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Of course, This Blog is reasonably sure that it will not one day buy an apple from this guy out on Fifth Avenue, and it's sure that, should the lockout occur, and should the owners get everything they want out of it, which is pretty much what always happens in the NFL, Goodell would not be in anyway made whole by his bosses for his stewardship of their long-standing game plan for jacking up the hired help. Yes, and This Blog is the Tsar of all the Russias.

This Blog admits that it has been largely remiss in not commenting about the Bruins so far this season. The NHL season starts and gets rolling so far under the radar that the first couple of months go by before anybody except the most hardened devotees watch the team enough to draw any serious conclusions whatsoever. Radio contrarians, however, in that their jobs require that they know just enough to gin up the rubes, are not subject to these limitations and are free to fire the coach of a first-place team three or four times before Boxing Day.

This is why This Blog would never be a hockey coach. Two years ago, Thomas won the Vezina Trophy, the weirdly puck-and-beaver-crowned NHL andiron handed out to the league's best goalie. This time last year, his salary was a drag on the franchise and Tuukka Rask was going to, you should pardon the expression, win the future for the Bruins.

Comes this season, and Thomas is back with seven shutouts and playing like by-god Glenn Hall again. Trying to figure out goalies could drive you completely mad. Except, of course, for the Gumper. The Gumper always made sense. He appears permanently stuck on that concussion treadmill that never slows down or gets any better. This Blog was a Savard fan from the time he came here -- You don't get hands like his that often -- and there were long stretches in which he looked like the only playmaker on the roster.

It is unclear how Matt Cooke gets up in the morning and looks in the mirror. See No. If you look around at their ultimate competition for the Cup -- as opposed to simply making the playoffs and winning a round or two -- you don't see many teams that the Bruins should be able to beat four times in two weeks, not without the Bruins' playing at absolutely their peak performance for the entire series. That's not entirely fair, either to the players or the coaches.

They still look one or two players short. Carlesimo, is saying something indeed. This Blog is lucky in that its cable package has a whole bunch of very weird sports channels buried down there amid the other channels that feature wildly pullulating Baptist families from Arkansas, as well as trailer-park harridans dragooning their toddlers into beauty pageants -- thereby guaranteeing America yet another generation of problematic governors of Alaska.

And Jimmer Fredette is the real sha-zizzle, as the kidz say. They can't guard anybody on the perimeter and they don't rebound nearly as well as they should. The producers must have lost Kevin Gamble's number. The kid has a variety of shots from a variety of angles that's almost Maravichian. He's also a fundamentalist's nightmare -- he shoots off the wrong foot, he falls away when he's 27 feet from the basket. He's fearless on the drive, and he's bigger and stronger than you might think he is.

Most of his biggest games have been on the road -- which really should tell you something about him. The only brown spot on the apple that This Blog spied was that, apparently, in his own mind, he gets fouled on every shot and doesn't commit any himself. To be entirely fair, he lost a layup last night on the worst goaltending no-call in the history of basketball. What is it about star players from BYU anyway? Puzzled by that himself.

Pierce January 25, PM. The phenomenon of Whining Rich People is a new one, at least to the best of This Blog's recollection. Now, though, they seem to want the right to do the pillaging, and to be constantly reassured that they are loved and cherished. Wounded fee-fees seem to be the latest trend among the Fortune Anyway, here's another one. Hey, foof. You donated the money. That means it's not yours any more. Most children find this out the first time they drop a dime in the charity can at the It's never too late to learn new things.

Cutler, J-Mac says, is "a riddle wrapped in a mystery hidden inside a jackass. MacGregor, not Cutler. Dang fine line, ya bastid. Pierce January 24, AM. This Blog would like to point out that the team currently favored to win the Super Bowl is community-owned. Oh, noes.

That the team represents this guy's home state is just a bonus. Steeler fan heckles opposition. There are two great sucker plays in this business. One is the "trend" story, which is almost never about a real trend -- and, on those rare occasions that it is, usually concerns a "trend" that peaked about six months before any newspaper discovered it. This is the current one, BTW. Please hereafter ignore any story you see about this "phenomenon. Pro Tip -- just because Ben Roethlisberger has decided not to be such a pig in backwoods college bars that his activities draw the attention of local prosecutors, this does not make him an inspiration to youth, nor his story all that much a triumph of the human spirit.

Knock that stuff off, OK? Pierce January 23, PM. In black-and-white. Lots of mud. Glorious mud. The Blue Angels do the flyover. And, at halftime, The Kilgore Rangerettes! This is old-school National. No Up With People under any circumstances, however. There's sweet nostalgia and then there's strychinine. Pierce January 21, PM. In its misspent youth, an eventful five years of which were spent in the great state of Wisconsin, This Blog once went ice-fishing.

It was snowing. It was cold. There was alcohol involved. There were, ultimately, no fish involved, but that didn't seem to matter. See previous sentence for details. Al McGuire, he of blessed memory, said that ice-fishing was one of the definitive symptoms of insanity. It seems that things have not improved appreciably with the passage of time. First of all, these two guys either were completely sockless, or they are the biggest suckers who ever lived.

Second, the woman's alibi is not believable. The basic casus belli was that these guy put their shanty too close to hers, and she threw a fish at them and still missed? The Prosecution would like an offer of proof here, and if it were 80 or 90 proof, that would be acceptable, Your Honor.

Anyway, any excuse to consult the Pythons is a good one. And the radio is in the hands of such a lot of fools, tryin' to anesthetize the way that you feel. They were out in the backyard playing with the word all week, even though it doesn't precisely mean "things that seem alike in three unrelated events. But, no, my friends. We had reckoned without the Ye Olde Standbye down the other end of the dial, and the hooley over who knew what first about Tom Brady's foot.

That appears to have been John Dennis. We should all be glad, I guess, that ol' Dino didn't play the usual trump card of "Who's smarter? You or my bank balance? That, pricelessly, would be the fee-fee of Dale Arnold, who boldly stepped up and took every professional demon in his head out for a walk on the air. Seriously, now, Dale Arnold calling someone else insecure? And, yeah, This Blog does work elsewhere on your radio dial but, as the ratings gap narrows, these guys are becoming a lot of fun.

This Blog would be happy with the match-up in the NFC if it only gave the networks an excuse to run old game films of Gale Sayers running with the ball. Watch closely, kidz. That's the way you do that thing. As it is, it looks like the temperature is going to be eight-degrees-below-Cheney's-body-temp, so, if there is serious scoring to be done, the Packers will do it, and this game could get very ugly before the third quarter is half-over. That said, This Blog is fascinated by the revival of Jay Cutler and, given the weather and the home field and all, it thinks he might just have one great example of game-management in him.

Chicago 16, Green Bay Elsewhere, Rex Ryan has assured us that the game with the Steelers is not personal. That will last approximately as long as it takes James Harrison to blow up Mark Sanchez. The Sanchez revivalism in the wake of his masterpiece of not-screwing-up against the Patriots has gotten to This Blog a little bit. Of the first five passes he threw last week, at least two of them haven't landed yet.

Pittsburgh gets this done, and more easily than you might think. Pittsburgh 34, New York First of all, sports in general has needed the Onion for an awfully long time. That said, now that we're in the ballpark again, the news out of New York gets better and better. Hey, Rafael Soriano! You know how you're coming to town to pitch out of position for the Yankees? Well, your general manager already has washed his hands of you.

Pro Tip -- read the tabloids front to back and, hey, enjoy your stay! Luckily, the Grand Design has room in it for just a touch of Of course, this story wasn't about what This Blog thought it was going to be about. Dave Roberts could run around between innings. Sometimes, you wonder if most sports owners have a mirror anywhere in any of their homes. Pierce January 20, PM. As an occasional pedestrian, and as someone who is trying to get more fit -- therefore, sports! Of course, there are those otherwise unemployable paramecii at the lower end of the national dialogue who are using this perfectly innocent statement from a highway safety guy to blame the First Lady for a slight uptick in pedestrian deaths last year.

This Blog doesn't know what says less about this country -- that there are people allegedly in its business that spread this garbage, or that there's an audience for it. Anyway, This Blog thinks the poor highway guy is right to mention a cellphones, b texting, c nitwits on foot, and d alcohol No! Anyway, you're likely to hear a lot about this nonsense on your radio over the next couple of days, so beware.

As to the national dialogue, This Blog remains pessimistic. Anyway, consider this an Open Thread. What's on your tiny little minds today? Pierce January 19, PM. Geez, it seems like only yesterday that ESPN graced us with the presence of John Calipari as part of its "Content Of Character" townhall meeting at the Ebenezer Baptist Church, because when This Blog wants a nuanced exegesis on one of the great human-rights figures in the history of the world, its go-to guy is always an ethically-dubious college basketball coach.

Therefore, those of us who were watching Kentucky-Alabama on The Family Of Networks last night were shocked to see this important thinker dropping emphatic F-bombs on his center. Glorioski, what would Dr. King have made of that? Doesn't appear that Coach Cal quite has the hang of that "beloved community" stuff yet. Of course, the inevitable apology came today. The apology, of course, came because he got caught doing this on national television.

Pierce January 19, AM. At this point, you would be permitted to believe that, in his off-hours, when he's not preening for the cameras and developing strategies to break players' unions, Roger Goodell spends his time walking down the beach and kicking over sand castles. The latest Pronouncement From The Haircut concerns steps that The Haircut will take in the offseason to make sure that the glorious fun we all had during the run-up to the Jets-Patriots game never happens again.

Yes, if Player A says that Player B should perform an impossible feat of biology upon himself, and then subsequently goes upside Player B's melon during the ensuing game, then the pre-game chatter should be included in the evidence for the prosecution and even be used as a reason to make the resulting punishment more severe. But that is not what happened here. There was some profanity.

Won't somebody think of the children? There was Wes Welker's sudden turn to stand-up comedy. Then there was a really good football game that more people watched because of what had gone before. How can this possibly have been anything but good for Goodell's league? Ah, you forget Rule No. Goodelll wants a dependable, predictable and homogenized product that he can sell to the various masters of the universe -- the kind of thing with which the MOTU are familiar, since they've homogenized almost everything else about the country that made it worthwhile. So, no, we can't have Wes Welker up there, reminding people of the happily kinky sex life allegedly enjoyed by the opposing coach.

This Blog awaits anxiously the rollout of what is Officially Sanctioned NFL Trash Talk sponsored, no doubt, by Glad and what is declared "over the line" by a man more committed to the generation of public boredom than any sports executive of This Blog's lifetime. The man makes Paul Tagliabue look like Jerry Rubin. It's time for someone to put his foot down, and that foot is me. Pierce January 18, PM. See, this is what can happen to a Blog when it starts concentrating on the actual sports out there. You miss great stories like this one. Now, brother Ryan is a noted opponent of what has become known in the trade as "game presentation," which is roughly defined as "firing T-shirts into the upper deck like RPG'S.

Pierce January 17, AM. You know what Patriot deserves a shout-out this morning? Shayne Graham, that's who. All season, Graham was a lot more than a stop-gap. He was solid and steady and productive. That kick he made yesterday late in the game was a money play. It was at the end of the stadium in which Nick Folk already had missed one.

Because of a bizarre third-down play in which a pass to Wes Welker managed to: a gain one yard; b fail to get Welker out of bounds and stop the clock, and c leave Graham a tough kick from the right hashmark, and despite the fact that he actually missed the kick once, but got another chance because the two-minute warning had been whistled in the middle of his backswing, Graham nailed the kick when it mattered. And he laid down two consecutive, very-recoverable onside kicks.

He probably won't be here next season. Kickers live strange professional lives, and Graham probably made himself a lot of money from Houston or Tennessee or somewhere. But he deserves some recognition. Time was, a long time ago, that This Blog used to cover a lot of tennis. The high point was probably at the old tournament at Mount Washington, when it got dragooned into umpiring third base for the annual players' softball game.

At a crucial juncture, it called a ball "Foul! Memories of those days are dim. Anyway, this prompted mass confusion among those foreign-born players who didn't know how to run the bases anyway. The two managers - Eddie Dibbs and Jimmy Connors -- got into it. Anyway, this all comes up because the Australian Open started when This Blog wasn't looking and the top seed in the woman's draw is someone named Caroline Wozniacki about whom This Blog knows absolutely nothing, other than the fact that, despite having a name like a Polish archbishop, she's actually Danish, and her good, close personal Google friends call her "Caro.

Where did I leave Bud Collins' phone number? Goodnight everybody and drive home safe. Pierce January 16, PM. Prior to its drifting off to sleep, This Blog realized that Santonio Holmes knows how to position his feet better than anyone on his team except the coach. Hey, there's a computer Except for Jim Nantz's being a prissy nuisance about end-zone celebrations. Go back to Augusta, where the sclerotic Confederates keep the lesser orders in line for you. First thing that made the Jets sympathetic all week.

Before things get really ugly around here, this was an awfully good football game that turned on a whole lot of very odd plays. Two of the most important plays for the Patriots were recovering their own fumbles. Three very strange drops -- Alge Crumpler and Wes Welker dropped touchdown passes, and Deion Branch dropped a killer first down. That said, the Jet offense played just well enough to win. Mark Sanchez didn't exactly seal the deal. Santonio Holmes sure knows how to get his feet down in the end zone.


This Blog still misses Randy Moss. And that fake-punt, alas, is going to be a legendary brain bubble for a long time.. Hey, there's a computer etc. So, what'd This Blog miss? It was listening to the Patriots radio broadcast for the end of the second quarter and the beginning of the third.

Boston is uniquely devoted to its broadcast teams but, good Lord, is it time. Even in sentence fragments, that fake punt seems to have reeked of Epic Fail.

Los Angeles highways

If things don't improve, it's going to be very interesting to see how fervent the Tom Brady Revisionism is going to be over the next couple of weeks. A few contrarian children already have seeded the ground by pointing out that Brady has been less than great in the postseason over the last six years. Of course, several of those calculations depend on not counting the one playoff game over that stretch in which he was nearly perfect. That drive at the end of the third quarter leads This Blog to believe we might be spared the worst of it.

The throw to Gronkowski down the middle was the most confident throw Brady had made all day. And Alge Crumpler deservedthe redemption. Now's the time for some adjustments. Is it possible that LaDainian Tomlinson really is still peeved at what he thinks the Patriots did when he was playing for another team five years ago? Dude, you're a Hall-of-Fame running back. I mean, have a freaking cookie, OK? I hate to say it, but I wouldn't have minded having Randy Moss on those last two possessions. The short passing stuff is pretty much gummed up.

This Blog would like to thank the officiating crew for that fine example of authentic football gibberish. Sure worked taking that penalty, though. This Blog is all over the Intertoobz and can't find the answer. What is it called when the other team catches a pass that your quarterback throws? Vince Wilfork is your first quarter MVP. Pierce January 16, AM. You know, the Packers may have made the right decision, dumping Hall Of Fame quarterback Brett Favre in favor of that untested kid, but only time will tell. Is This Blog alone in thinking that, given the game that the Patriots and the Packers gave us in the regular season, having the two teams tee it up again in Dallas would be the best matchup we could get, given the teams remaining in the playoffs this morning?

Sorry, Matt Ryan. Maybe next year. More to the point, it is clear that the Packers respond to his leadership the way that a team is supposed to respond to an elite quarterback. That burrowing-for-a-TD run yesterday didn't hurt his cred, either. Anyway, Packers-Pats is the way This Blog is going. Sure sounded like Bart Scott was putting an implicit bounty on Wes Welker. First hit above the shoulders, 15 yards and an ejection.

Five more hours. Give us strength, Lord. Pierce January 15, PM. OK, if you all insist. Baltimore 23, Pittsburgh 7. Green Bay 38, Atlanta Seattle 17, Chicago 9. And the aforementioned Pats pick. Take 'em to the bank. See if This Blog cares. Sorry, but This Blog is a little grumpy with its alma mammy today. Pierce January 14, PM.

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There is nothing more to say about the NFL playoff game in Foxboro this week. This Blog believes that we'd all be better off if the assembled sporting punditocracy had admitted what it knew to be the truth back on Wednesday and spared us all. Special thanks to Channel 4 for sending David Robichaud "behind enemy lines" -- nice metaphor, gang, especially this week -- to stand in Times Square and say absolutely nothing of any interest to any person, living or dead. They should have let the guy put his hat on the ground and sing for spare change.

This Blog is serious. There is absolutely nothing to see here prior to the game. This is the third time these teams have played. Rex Ryan is still a yapping public-relations catastrophe. Bill Belichick still is not. If there are grand strategic innovations coming on Sunday, nobody's going to know what they are until kickoff.

This, of course, is one of the great open secrets of all sports coverage, one that gets worse as the games themselves get increasingly enclosed in an edgeless corporate bubble and as the games increasingly become one and two-week pageants of excess, flummery, and rancid marketing hogwash. Past a certain point, there is almost always nothing else to say. If anyone out there has anything resembling an original insight into this game, feel free to leave it in comments. This Blog's got nothing. Oh, and it's , Pats.

It's almost the weekend after a terrible week. This Blog thinks it's missing something not being a reporter in Belarus these days -- although, to be honest, it would rather not be covering someone called Europe's Last Dictator. Nevertheless, there were some great stories there in the last few days. For our Outdoors enthusiasts, there was the case of the fox that shot that guy in the leg. Once that fox defects, This Blog thoroughly expects that the fox will come here and get elected to the state legislature in New Hampshire.

And then there was the the Tawdriest Show On Earth. This is the one that happened in the hockey arena. Let's all pause for a moment in awe and wonder at people who paid money to see a circus and expected to see These people then refused to accept the very plausible excuse that the orcs were either hung up in customs, or that the orcs were roaming around Moscow, looking for someone to sign them to a contract to play for the Washington Capitals.

There's just no pleasing some people. I mean, you give them cyclists so sockless that they fall off their bikes every couple of minutes and that's not a good enough show? It's an age of great ingratitude. King's father was pastor and in which Dr. King was raised. The event is part of the network's weeklong event entitled Content Of Character , a phrase from Dr.

King's famous speech at the March On Washington and, far too often, the only phrase anyone ever cites from that speech. Anyway, you go along, reading about the various participants in Content Of Character and you see Marion Jones, and you say, "OK, character's been about a quart low but whatever, you know, redemption is at hand. And before anyone makes the obvious point -- Marion Jones only got caught once. Pierce January 13, PM.

And, while we're at it, everlasting thanks to old friend of This Blog KO for bringing Thurber back to primetime for the first time since this show went off the air. Say you were a member of NFL management, right? And you're trying to knuckle the help for 18 percent more of the revenue because you own an NFL team and, ipso facto, you are a greedy gombeen. Say you wanted to put your case before the public with enough spin that several of the words go sailing off toward Neptune. You could not do better than this little slice of heaven.

First of all, This Blog is going to have to ask for an Offer of Proof greater than "The perception is He's also notable for having gained recognition for the NFLPA, but also for essentially giving away free agency in exchange for a sweetened benefits package, all of which happened in Also, and good for Craggs at Deadspin for catching this , the whole business of neither side's having "the health and welfare of the game" at heart, and the desire to have titans like Dan Rooney and one of the Hunts come in and take things in hand, is all bunk.

Rooney would have to be soft to give up being ambassador to Ireland in order to get involved in this mess, and we'd all have to pray that the Hunts aren't genetically predisposed to cornering markets. Even if they were willing to wade into it, there's no reason to believe that either Rooney or Hunt would be any less likely to see things management's way than Jerry Jones is.

Yes, the league and its players are partners, but one partner wants to gouge the other partner for 18 percent of his dough, and the gougee happens to be the partner who's even money to have plastic knees and incipient dementia by the time he's Sorry, but, here in the year of Our Lord , any appeal from upper management for labor to "think of the good of the company" can be accurately translated as, "Your job's going to China, your pension's going up in smoke, and I'm going to the Caymans. People should remember this.

This Blog hadn't watched Duke play since before freshman flash Kyrie Irving went down, so it hunkered down after moving the climate around the driveway to watch the Blue Devils get beat by Florida State last night. A month or so ago, when Irving was healthy and playing, college basketball consisted of Duke and Other Teams Receiving Votes. The Blue Devils were that much better than everyone else. Now, they're a really good team that can be beaten on the boards and defended.

Just as Irving was lost to Duke for the year, Josh Selby was finally suiting up for Kansas, and turning them into something of a favorite come March. You could call Selby one-and-done, but he isn't even that. He sat out the first nine games because the NCAA threw the pamphlet at him, but he's back in time for conference play, and to be a marketable star that people can make money on come tournament time. At which point, he'll be on the first thing smokin' out of Lawrence.

This is, of course, just as big a joke as O. Mayo's pursuit of his degree at USC was. Selby paid that money back? Did he have it in a mattress somewhere?

William Makepeace Thackeray. Vanity fair

Buried in a coffee can? Did he write them a check out of his savings from his paper route? Sometimes, the NCAA behaves as though it firmly believes every other human being in the world is an idiot. What does This Blog care? Not a whit. Kid's got serious game. And all you cynical mothers out there wonder why he keeps coming back to play football. It's safer than being with the folks , that's why.

A well-regulated militia being necessary This week , you're doing this? Not to be uncivil, Mr. President, but some of my fellow citizens are morons. Pierce January 11, PM. OK, here's what This Blog fails to understand. It has been listening to a lot of radio commentary as regards this weekend's playoff game with the Jets and, somehow, to these folks, the loss to the Cleveland Browns seems to be a more defining moment in judging the New England Patriots than is the fact that the team hasn't lost a game since that one.

In fact, since the debacle in question, the Patriots have beaten the Steelers, the Jets, the Bears, the Packers and the Colts, four of which teams are still in the playoffs and the fourth only recently, and narrowly, dismissed from them. Since giving up yards on the ground to Payton Hillis, the Patriots have faced two of the top five rushing teams in the NFL -- the Jets and the Packers -- and beaten them both.

They haven't given up a yard game to any rusher since. Fixed a bug that caused Piko spawning trees to stop being Piko spawning trees after a save. New worlds will behave properly. Old worlds have tea trees in the Piko spawn areas set to be Piko spawners, so results may vary a bit. A hammered drying rack won't drop a raw item after it's been harvested. Roc won't pick up a dead player now. Fixed crash to desktop when placing certain kinds of turf in specific configurations Floating shelf now has an icon in the interior crafting tab February 27, Rev.

Cleaned up the art of the pig city item placers. Added Salt Lick to all versions. Bug Fixes Glowfly cocoons still around after the Humid season will expire.

SIDN Labs' joint projects | SIDN Labs

Fixed some causes of Mant overpopulation. Fixed Warrior Mants sometimes disappearing or not properly returning to regular Mant. Added a one-time cleanup for surplus Mants and glowflies as a result of previous bugs Fixed assert when glowflies are killed by spear traps Fixed use of telelocator staff without focus in Hamlet Light from windows does not block mouse clicks anymore DLC compatibility popup can now be navigated with joypad Smelter now shows the correct icon on the minimap The City Lamp placer snaps to the grid like the actual lamps do Fixed potential assert when loading bats Fixed potential assert when loading gnats Dr Seuss calling February 19, Rev.

Their magic is too dark. Bug Fixes It is no longer possible to steal items from locked pedestals Telestaff can be used from inside to outside and vice versa now Fixed the draw order of regrowable vines - they were sometimes drawn behind the door. Fixed a rare assert when entering the world customization screen. February 13, Rev. Compost Wrap heals Wormwood for more now.

Werewilba can now eat food by selecting it and clicking on Wilba with it Thunderbirds shouldn't unfairly target players anymore and ignore lightning rods at times. Uncatchable Glowflies fixed. Walking sticks and stalks can burn now. Hammered dry racks will drop their item. It should not be possible anymore to generate a world without seasons. Wormwoods planted seeds will continue to grow after a load. Falling things should not stay on top of a ruins fountain now.

Cleaned up some decoration conflicts with pig ruins generation. February 11, Rev. And the bucket gets more than one use. No more unintended Ash-strats. Fixed crash when trying to drop equipped item in zoomed interface with controller. Fix for potential crash when harvesting drying rack Wormwoods planted seeds won't crash the game when hit by a ground pound Fix a rare assert when Wilba sometimes transformed back from wereform Fixed potential assert with rainbow jelly migration. Fixed the non random seed placer No more seeds will spawn at 0,0,0 when Wormwoods plants them Fixed a tuber tree crash Fixed tumbleweed disappearing at the world edge.

February 8, Rev. Remapped controls should save properly again. Werewilba can't equip a backpack now. February 7, - Character Update Rev. Fixed graphical positioning of items when taken off shelves Rev. Thank you for playing, and we look forward to hearing your feedback! New features Added options for disabling the decorative vines and the canopy shadow in Hamlet for lower-end hardware. Blooming Rainforest trees will drop burrs when chopped Bug Fixes Webber's disguise will show up if put on the ground now.

Fixed random startup crash with blueprints in Hamlet compatible worlds. Fixed assert when trying to launch the game with The Screecher mod enabled. Affected saves should be fixed Bundling wrap now works with controller. Zoomed inventory management with controller should now behave properly with shelves. Fixed "Text not found" in recipe popups when not near needed prototyping machine.

Fixed an assert on load of some Hamlet compatible ShipWrecked worlds. Burned crops just produce burnt seeds unless fully mature January 28, Rev. Fixed the number of minisigns given for SW compatible worlds. January 24, Rev. Fixed graphics glitch when examining Fixed sneeze graphics glitch Fixed Wilbur run when riding beefalo Fixed the weird Cave Banana Tree in Hamlet compatible worlds.

Fix for assert when burning a minisign in Vanilla worlds Fix assert when placing a gate in Vanilla or ROG worlds Fixed assert when a babybeefalo grew up in Hamlet or Hamlet compatible world Dismount with controller fixed Fences should load properly Fixup for items that went missing from locked display cases Beefalo mounts attack and take damage properly January 11, Rev. Some changes are larger than others, like seasonal tints and the new background color, and others are smaller, like the claw palm leaf color.

Controller support was improved when interacting with interiors and interior decorating. January 9, Rev. Unfortunately ones that were spawned already can not be fixed up. Fixed potentially huge memory spike on load of world December 20, Rev. Lowered the Beard Rug minimap priority Reduced pay for nightmare fuel Pigs have a bank New worlds only.

Old worlds can craft one with the key to the city Queen's gallery has a new exhibit. New worlds only Bug Fixes Fix for disappearing mandrake or rare crash when clicking mandrake in inventory Fixed the crash when bird whistle is consumed Fixed the crash when bird whistle is used in Survival or SW worlds. Fixed rare crash in meatrack Fixed crash with pugalisk switching targets Fixed city farm plots showing "MISSING NAME" Fixed city farm plots auto-replanting on load Key to City doesn't conflict with science machine et al anymore Fixed crash when a beehive was burning while the season changed Fixed invisible snakeskin in Hamlet compatible ShipWrecked world Fixed glowflies being deleted when in containers Fixed glowflies not giving off light when released from container Fixed glowflies not having a mouseover during daytime Can't turn a sprinkler on anymore when it's out of fuel Pig beautician now accepts thunderbird feathers Fixed yellow gem turning invisible when placed on shelf Mant suit now takes and displays proper damage Manure flies should not buzz anymore when there's no poop.

Fixed crash when spawning a sprinkler away from water Fixed torches not losing durability after being hit by sprinkler ROC doesn't get stuck on trying to destroy farm plots with a crop anymore Farm plots can't be placed in interiors anymore November 29, Rev. Fixed a bird whistle crash. Fixed a disappearing glowfly cocoon bug. Fix crash when a boss destroyed a relic. Fix crash when deconstructing sprinkler. Fix crash when world hopping from ROG to Hamlet. Fixed another way the Roc could fail to grab the player. Fixed a bug with city pigs when they get hit.

November 27, Rev. Bug Fixes Bandit camp drops a peagawk feather, not bone shards now. Mole hat works better indoors during the day. Nettle plant should naturally bloom more consistently during the humid season. Fixed a possible avenue that the roc can fail to grab the player, leaving them cowering. Fixed the disappearing shopkeeper desks. Fixed the problem of Ro-bin eggs incubating inside containers and on shelves. Exiting a burning house should not send the player off to the middle of nowhere anymore. Fixed the memory leak with the sprinkler.

Cause we could and it was asked for a long time. You can craft beard hair rug from beard hair and grass. You know, in case you like pixel art and need black lines. November 23, Rev. It had the unintended effect of having everything's inventory visible, so we rolled that fix back. Implemented workaround for when player crashes on entering anthill. Root cause still under investigation. Woodie can use doors in the werebeaver form. Fixed some missing strings when the werebeaver gnaws on them. Fixed the perpetual fly buzzing sound when poop is dropped in interiors.

Fixed a bug with customization presets. Fixed several Wilba anim bugs. Fixed a problem with Glowflies not returning after saving in a humid season. November 22, Rev. November 21, Rev. They also do not like dirt other that Deep Jungle dirt. Bug Fixes Player can't sneeze when making transitions now. Pig mechanics are no longer a source of infinite hammers. The Pig Mayor won't fall asleep while hosting a guest now. Fixed hard crash when hitting the edge of the map in Hamlet compatible Shipwrecked world. Fix potential crash when attacking with an army of followers.

Fixed a crash when two things took things from a shelf at the same time. Added StopHammerTime console commands that attempts to removes all hammers lying on the ground in cities. Improved performance with hanging vine decorations and light rays. November 20, Rev. Pugalisk fountain will reset after the normal delay when the player returns to hamlet if the Magic water was taken outside the world and used. Magic Water and magic Flower won't crash in a world with no Fountain of Youth.

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Fixed the disappearing home decor. Fixed the ottoman art. Reduced collision on home chairs. Reduced the odd items that get collected at 0,0,0. Fixed crash when target was destroyed while shooting it. Boat repair kit returns to the crafting menu. Sprinkler and fan are not common recipes now. Fixed crash with Ancient Robot Laser. November 16, Rev. Bugs Fixed a crash with the gnatbrain. Fixed a Deciduous Monster Tree crash when the wind blows. Fix crash when resuming a world with a burnt shop. Fix crash when resuming a world with a burnt farm plot. Fixed crash related to loading burned shelves.

Shelves were not supposed to be burnable. Fixed an extra way the roc cave exit could fail. Aloe, Radish and Asparagus seed icons fixed. Fix a crash related to items that lost track of their shelf as result of a previous bug. Fix rare crash when pog gets attacked while rummaging. Fixed crash when toggling on boat lantern. Fixed crash from dead bandits on world load.

Fixed rare crash when pigs repair house. Fixed a bug with the Magic Flower. November 15, Rev. The Roc Cave should be exitable now. The Roc should not give house calls now. The Roc should show as frequently as is supposed to now. Fixed a crash with the infestable component. Fixed a crash when things that had previously been on a shelf are removed from game. Mined pillars save properly. Dart Traps save properly. Smashing Pots save properly. Player shouldn't spawn in the clouds now when leaving a building close to the edge of the world.

Fixed the "inventoryimages2" crash. November 13, Rev. Bugs Fixed an error with poison and fire snakes. The thunderbird will no longer attack the player postmortem. Fixed a bug with spiders when they investigated. Gnats will abandon chase if you get far enough away from them. If you can run faster than them Fixed a bug with items that were on shelves that were hammered. The changes set in the customization are now properly applied to the game itself. Wilba can eat monster meat without penalty now. Fixed the background color problem when generating a ROG world.

November 8, Rev. World customization now works properly when world hopping in SW. Fixed a typo. Fixed startup crash for people who had played the screecher previously. Fixed a crash that was looking for a missing DLC button for some people. Roc added. Skyworthy added. Bug Fixes Fixed a string issue with WX "them" to "their". Fixed the "red" dusk in Winter.

Fixed issue where player built shelves were not hammerable after save. Fixed bug with placing items on shelves. Fixed a crash when picking up items on shelves that had rotted. Fixed several issues with Interior home decoration. Temporarily removed the "ornaments" crafting tab from home decor until it can get fixed. Temporarily removed the "fixed" sound filters for Winter and Summer until they are re-tuned.

Closed Beta October 26, Rev. Bug Fixes Fixed a crash on the armor component. Fixed the Radish calories. Flowers remain possessions of the pigs, even when evil. God mode now persistent in ruins. Pig Guard tower regen time proper. Fog duration is shortened. Bat Cowl added to the recipes.

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Slower recovery from Hayfever with Gas Mask. Reduced Sneeze sanity damage a little Changed Radish food attributes. Bug Fixes Rotten trees in gas biome stay rotten after a save. Pig houses and guard towers respawn delay fixed. Fixed a linux script error crash. Can now place the tophat light in your house.

Gnats are not auto targeted unless they are the last choice. October 24, Rev. Bug Fixes Warbucks has no extra sanity gain from eating prepared foods just the normal. Fixed some object parenting bugs with save and reload. Fixed a crash with the newsletter. Guard pigs will fight back even if fixated on oincs. Added Bug reporter to script error screen. October 22, Rev. Pig guards more resilient.

Bug Fixes Fixed scorpions immune to gaze beam. Fixed the crash with Warbucks and the crockpot. Pig poop frequency reduced. Flower Pig no longer trades for poop. Warbucks Sanity reduce, higher penalty for eating unprepared foods and lower sanity gain from holding gold.

Vienna Lager

Warbucks starts with ball pein hammer and halves durability usage of Treasure Hunting items. Mant Queen buffed.



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