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The book of Ruth contains a wonderful story of loyalty and love that takes place in Bethlehem. Its heroine, an ancestor of Jesus of Nazareth, gave up her homeland, religion, and life to unite with her mother-in-law in Israel see Ruth — In the story God provides Ruth with a kinsman-redeemer named Boaz. The lives and ministries of these two mighty prophets foreshadowed the life of Christ in many impressive ways. Elisha fed men with only 20 loaves and some grain, with food left over, much like Christ see 2 Kgs. Like Christ, Elisha healed the sick see 2 Kgs.

Elijah and Elisha raised young boys from the dead see 1 Kgs. There are many other prophets and priests in the Old Testament who are types of the Messiah, such as Noah, Joshua, Samuel, and Jeremiah. The prophets and priests of the Old Testament represent a small fraction of the similitudes of Christ waiting to be discovered and pondered. To search for and find them is to open a wellspring of new thoughts and feelings relative to the Atonement. May all of us so live that we may be among them. The life of the patriarch Joseph was in many ways symbolic of the Messiah.

Joseph was the beloved son of his father see Gen. Joseph was rejected by his brothers see Gen.

Prophets and Priests

Jesus was rejected by the leaders of His people, the Jews see Isa. Joseph was sold at the urging of his brother Judah into the hands of Gentiles see Gen. Jesus was sold by Judas, a form of the name Judah, and delivered over to Gentiles, the Romans see Matt. In fact, some parts of it not only confuse us, but trouble us.

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Some parts even embarrass us. Better to stick with the New Testament.

Jesus in the Old Testament

We read, first of all, not only the promises that the Messiah will come, but also abundant details about who he will be and what he will do for us. Not so with Jesus.

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The whole Old Testament is a sort of pre-biography of the Messiah. It tells us in profound detail about the Savior of the world. The Old Testament sketches out, in black and white, what the Messiah will show in full color. They cannot be separated from one another. As in a marriage, the man and woman become one flesh, so the Old and New Testaments are married. Their unity cannot be put asunder or put in opposition to one another.


Jesus’ References to Old Testament Scriptures

Each page, each story, from Genesis 1 to Malachi 4, is like a jewel or precious stone. All together they form the mosaic of the Messiah. Who he is. And our hope and salvation and life in him.

What Was Jesus’ View of the Old Testament? by Don Stewart

Chad Bird writes at ChadBird. Today, I want to offer a look into the life of Hagar. She was the female Egyptian servant to Abraham and Sarah. And her story may speak into your life today. As we'll see, Hagar was emotionally abandoned, and spiritually wounded, but she was also deeply loved. Happy Fourth of July! Here are 5 Key Connections from recent Christian articles around the web, including one on true liberty and one on freedom from evil.

What Is True Liberty? Gene Edward Veith, Ligonier Ministries Jesus, through the power of His sacrificial death and resurrection, frees sinners from the Joseph was loved and favored by the Almighty God.

Old Testament Jesus Old Testament Jesus
Old Testament Jesus Old Testament Jesus
Old Testament Jesus Old Testament Jesus
Old Testament Jesus Old Testament Jesus
Old Testament Jesus Old Testament Jesus
Old Testament Jesus Old Testament Jesus
Old Testament Jesus Old Testament Jesus
Old Testament Jesus Old Testament Jesus

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