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I appreciate very much your taking the invitation seriously. Bill Moyers. Please note that due to your overwhelming response our "complete list" keeps growing and growing. We invite you to view our books feature , complete with slideshow of popular suggestions and video of authors, as well as, peruse all the suggestions on the blog.

View Bill Moyers' suggestion. Tag s : campaign, culture, election '08Tag s : campaign, culture, election '08Tag s : campaign, culture, election '08 Posted by Bill Moyers Journal on February 1, PM Permalink. Excellent topics. I really like this topics, I found this from online that, each recipe has been tested and each one has come out perfect If not, they are not added to the site. All you need to know is how to make the perfect dishes. Posted by: quick dinner recipe May 20, AM.

When I require the character essay, I will ask buy essay service to help me. But you would compose the superb release close to this good post by you own efforts. You have good skillfulness, I do tell you. There is not a book that I have read and could suggest that upon learning factually that the President of the United States has not read that would not stir in me a profound and nervous trembling.

With that, my desire is that the next Title Holder takes into office with themselves the ability to read the will of the people authored by the people of course. Posted by: oasis March 24, PM. Day of empire: how hyerpowers rise to global dominance -- and why they fall by Amy Chua Yale law prof Doubleday, A very readable history of those who achieved being a single super power and how they failed.

Great read! Humanity has tried war for thousands of years and can we truly say that it has worked? Hasn't there been enough suffering? Has there ever been a war that was the end of all wars? This book is the roadmap out of the state of consciousness that leads to the war into the consciousness of peace. My hope is that the next president raises his or her consciousness and reads this book and puts it into action.

Chinua Achebe's novel Things Fall Apart - so that America can be led back to some basics: honesty, humility, the dangers inherent in patriarchy and how to recognize human dignity in places not our own. At the same time, the message is applicable to today's challenges. I highly recommend the book for any leader who wants to influence the global society toward peaceful living.

Most of the books recommended have supported specific issues e. Integrity is the core intention that guides wisdom in moving society forward and changing the world to a more peaceful place for us all. We need our president to be the long awaited leader, with integrity, to better serve our citizens, our communities, our country and our world. But I'd like our next president to enter the White House with a copy of the Complete Works of William Shakespeare The Riverside Shakespeare is my favorite all-in-one edition, by the way.

No, I'm not an English teacher or, I hope, pretentious. But I think our next president will find in Shakespeare the reflections on power that would serve any leader well to heed. Canst thou, O partial sleep, give thy repose To the wet sea-boy in an hour so rude, And in the calmest and most stillest night, With all appliances and means to boot, Deny it to a king?

Then happy low, lie down! Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.

  1. Immanuel Kant: Zum ewigen Frieden - Der erste Zusatz (German Edition)?
  2. The Two Hells: A scriptural exploration of the two very real places called hell in the Bible;
  3. See a Problem??
  4. Educated: A Memoir, by Tara Westover.

Reading The Great Unraveling, a collection of his op-ed columns for the New York Times, one cannot fail to be impressed at how accurately Mr. Krugman has predicted the results of current policies. The Conscience of a Liberal provides a compelling argument that our current challenge is to regain the "New Deal" policies that both created and supported the American middle class, and therefore the society of opportunity, decency, and prosperity that is currently in a state of decline.

Krugmans premise that capitalism does not support the middle class and the general welfare without the political will and institutions that mitigate the power of the wealthy is powerfully supported in this work. Finally, "Our Endangered Values" by former President Jimmy Carter speaks powerfully to those who see America's moral crisis as far more that the divisive issues forwarded by "the religious right". I am really dismayed that of all books recommended here - we are wanting change - one must have dialogs - everyone out there even for their own lives should read Speaking Peace: Connecting With Others Through Non-Violent Communication by Marshall B.

Rosenberg or any of his other books get the DVD even showing live how to do it. This will change your life and that is where change begins for the whole world. And whomever is elected Get Rosenberg on your Cabinet to teach everyone this method. Enjoy and thanks for reading peace be with you always. Posted by: Trey parker February 20, PM. Robert Reich is doing important work on how capitalism has changed and changed America since the digital revolution, how "supercapitalism" is affecting public policy and the judicial system squeezing out the public and the lives of workers, and what to do about it.

His book, offers clear discription and analysis of what has happened, and a recommendation for fundamental change in how corporations are legally viewed and treated as bundles of contracts, not as people in order to make government more democratic and responsive to the public. I may not agree with all of his conclusions, but I agree with his main points that we need to restore our democracy and that policy changes are necessary to make a better world. Changes in personal behavior alone are not enough.

Mark E. Everhart gives a history of energy and imagination in human society and offers a way to tackle global warming and energy policy. We have to imagine the outcome we want and take planning steps to get there With the same kind of imagination, planning, and commitment by the government as we had during the Cold War with our weapons program, and with public commitment and a sense of national purpose, we can achieve our global warming and energy goals.

The Goverment should be like us and not spend more that it makes. That results would make us a very powerful nation! Quite astonished to find two hustlers "Where does the Money Go? Very cleverly, they did not actually SAY it but only implied it. Hey everyone, remember the President's "Personal retirement accounts" proposal a few years back? But it turned out SS had a huge surplus in fact and would still have 40 years out, even indefinitely if we allow modest adjustments along the way. However, the money has been borrowed for current accounts and repaying the SS trust fund proves awkward.

But SS is the lender, not the villain! One more scary statement regarding deficit spending "31 out of 35 years" needs to be tempered. Deficit spending for capital improvement or other expectation of growth is a good purpose. It is not deficit spending itself but bad deficit spending over the last 7 years that is bad and is the true ill. So let's be accurate as to the problem first. After that, if you still want SS or Medicare to take the hit for it, be honest and say this why the benefits will not be there. Bill, Please don't tell me that you are a left-gatekeeper just like Amy Goodman and all the other goose-stepping corporate media sheeple-goons.

Throught the Storm, Beverly Jenkins Good love story. Posted by: charlotte hill February 18, AM. Posted by: george. So, how I ask, is this any different from people organizing busloads of peaceful protestors for a march on Washington DC? The only difference occurs when broadcasters such as Bill Moyers uses the fact of the organized campaign to exclude discourse on the issue being highlighted by said campaign. If one hasn't the money, the time, the health and stamina to endure rough, even brutal, arrests and harsh detainment, as has happened since Bush took office, this is the only non-violent way to get the attention of our elected officials, who rely to a surprising extent on main stream media, to the exclusion of all else, for their take on public opinion.

Bill Moyers isn't the first to use stonewalling to keep politically incorrect discourse out of the public eye by denigrating those of use who see internet campaigns as a letitimate means for peaceful protest. The Star Tribune editorials manager wrote recently that he won't print letters sent en masse via internet campaigns, as it isn't like an individual letter. No it isn't. It is the only thing the public can really do when the individual letters on these controversial and vital subjects are completely ignored and even ridiculed by main stream media for an unconscionably long time.

Posted by: claire benson February 17, AM. Alfons vt. The next president needs to have read this already and needs to understand how many social problems are caused by overpopulation. Posted by: Brenda February 15, PM. I think the next president needs to have read many books on overpopulation and how it affects so many different social problems.

A late comment, but it just occurred because someone suggested "Grapes of Wrath". Steinbeck's "America and Americans" is an amazing critique, written over 40 years ago with lots great insight. Gets more valid everyday. Brave New World and make a great trilogy. Posted by: davidg February 14, PM. The book Thirteen Days or another on the interaction of JFK's advisors during the Cuban Missile Crisis, in which sharply different views were discussed. The next President must surround himself with smart people who will differ with him and each other and discuss frankly differing ways to resolve issues.

Chalmers Johnson, by all means, should be read by our next president, especially The Sorrows of Empire : Militarism, Secrecy, and the End of the Republic. All US Americans, and especially our leaders, need to be keenly aware of what an imperialistic nation we have become and of the unintended consequences. Empires are unlikely to endure when their military presence is so intensely resented by the nations they occupy, especially if those nations have been invaded or are being dominated by a plutocratic or oligarchic elite.

Posted by: Ben F. Nelms February 14, PM. Chalmers Johnson, by all means, should be read by our next president, especially The sorrows of Empire : Militarism, Secrecy, and the End of the Republic. The next president faces some absolutely impossible problems. Most created by our current administration. If our next President doesn't get it right, we'll end up with another GW Bush, and that would spell the end of the American experiment, if it hasn't already.

No one in Washington seems to remember that we were and are the beneficiaries of a longer struggle, knowledge of which would help determine answers to many current problems. The chapter Home Robbery reveals monopolistic price fixing by four Title companies. One could conclude they along with the banks and Wall Street have headed the US towards a recession. Johnston reveals fraud at all levels of government and the free enterprise part of our system. Superb reporting. A must read. Posted by: suzy February 14, AM. Hey Bill, I believe in Hillary.

My concern is she is being abused by the media. This is a VERY important concern This is in no way the same. Does the media believe Barack has no plan? I am not certain. How might you facilitate this equality? I am hopeful you will find a way as I believe you to be an incredibly honest reporter. Barack's media questions catch momentum they are general and almost always about strategy , while the ones asked of Hillary are focused on the details of her plan implementations and not at all about strategy. The questions are not only VERY dissimilar, they are misleading.

They also give credence ambiguity. My question to you is I hope you choose to be mindful of this and I'd appreciate a response. Posted by: Rev. Linda M. Maloney February 12, PM. I had the chance to communicate with a journalist friend of mine who used to work for the New York Times. He has been writing books and making public appearances all over the country. I sent him a copy of the note I wrote in your blog, and as friends, I asked him to help me ease my concern about this country. Secondly, you are right.

The country is dying. I said it was bleeding, and yes, bleeding can cause dead, but not if you do something about it. Why am I the only one, who is so sure that this country can make it? Could it be maybe because I have witnessed change? I have the feeling that most people link change to communism. This is, in my opinion, the biggest fear people have when it comes to change. Actually, when positive change occurs, everybody benefit from it.

Those who govern us should have the highest level of education, and in addition, to be endowed with integrity and poise 2. Positive change has nothing to do with communism, and it is possible 4. The average human brain is structured for fascism as Mr. Dortorow states in his interview with Mr.

Moyers back in 5. A president should never have carte blanche 6. We have our brain to preserve not to destroy 7. You shall not kill in the name of GOD 8. In regimes like the current one, crime escalates in geometrical proportion 9. The time has come to be conscious United States of America will rock as a true leader. I write with my heart, and I can only see the good in this country.

Of course, I also see the huge elephant in the room, how could I not? Moyer, I hope you know I have an enormous admiration and respect for you. Posted by: Angela M. Gomez February 12, PM. Since I could not have a said it better myself, I will just ditto this comment: "The next President should not only read and bring to the White House "Citizen Power" by Mike Gravel, but should encourage the American people to sign into law the "National Initiative" which when enacted into law will make "We the People" lawmakers.

Hi, In accordance with all the Moyersly fairness, I expected a list of books with actual number of recommendations for each, top down, instead of an editoialized rundown on the actual TV report and on this site. This sour note is not entirely because the book I recommended, The Israel Lobby, is nowhere to be seen. Posted by: B. Jone February 12, PM. White's "Charlotte's Web" To remember the simplistic interconnectedness of our living world.

Posted by: Deb February 12, PM. As a country, we are experiencing the consequences of over a hundred years of misjudgment, ignorance, and arrogance in our dealings with foreign countries, especially those with natural resources coveted by our corporations and our government.

Currently, we are in a time again when corporations and the Administration seem operating more as a unit than as separate parts in our economy. Unless our new President has in-depth understanding of this terrible history, foreign policy decisions will continue to be deeply flawed, jeopardizing our national security. Karen Armstrong identifies linkage of foreign policies with consequences in the evolution of religious perspectives into those with which we are now confronted.

She also traces the evolution of fundamentalism in the U. The focus on Jesus did not arrive on these shores with the Puritans. It evolved here in response to fear. Fear is at the root of fundamentalism everywhere, but how it is expressed depends on the culture being stressed. Religious perspective can strengthen hope and provide energy to do great good in the world. It can also destroy, distort, mislead, and contaminate. The next President must have knowledge of the role U. Posted by: D. Stauber February 12, AM.

Posted by: clayton February 12, AM. I've skimmed through most of the suggestions here, and seen some excellent suggestions as well as some rather foolish ones. The major underlying cause of most of our world's problems stems from extremely sophisticated systematic economic exploitation. Show me any problem, from environmental pollution, climate change, genocide, poverty, war, and man's brutality to his fellow man, and I can relate it's root causes to economic exploitation that begins with our central banking system and a ruthless cabal of international bankers and financiers whose goal is to monopolize the world's wealth and thereby control the world's people.

Therefore, the single most important book would be one that points to road to workable economic and currency reforms. Nothing will change our steady course to disaster until we correct the fundamental flaw of creating money out of public debt. Until these fundamentally unsound and unsustainable banking and currency creation practices are corrected, all other measures, books, treatises, and ethical tomes will amount to no more than a hill of beans.

And Ron Paul may recognize the problem, but he doesn't understand that his Rx is worse than the disease. People, especially our leaders, simply must learn the truth about how our money is created, and by whom, and how that power must be returned to the people's legitimate governments.

The Solution is in Zarlenga's book on Money. Go to your room and wait there. Proceedings have been instituted against you, and you will be informed of everything in due course. But in trying to discover why he has been arrested, he weaves his way through a justice system filled with secrecy, paranoia and cronyism. In the past I would have laughed at the absurdity of the characters and story. But now, in the shadow of Guantanamo, waterboarding, wiretapping and extraordinary rendition, this book has become frightening.

You owe it to your loyal viewers to disclose the book that has an "organized campaign" behind it. Please name the book and provide us with information on how you detected foul play. For those of your viewers who are uninitiated with Griffin, he is no Johnny-come-lately. His book "The New Pearl Harbor" should be on everyone's bookshelf, and that is why I had chosen that one for the next president's must-read.

Do us all a favor and tell us the truth. We can handle it. We're just waiting for someone in the mainstream media to acknowledge what we already know. I just wanted to add "Antigone" by Sophocles. What better warning for the abuse of power by a ruler could there be other than the character of Creon?

Too late? Oh, well I did enjoy reading the posted list. Author: Edwin Black. Until a nation knows where it has been, it can never know where it's going. The story of the "races" is essential to understanding America. Plan B 3. In fact, any candidate should appoint Brown as part of his cabinet. Posted by: sal February 11, PM. More than anything, the next president needs to reconnect with the formative basics. Two books will help. I gave a copy of each to my three children. It also would not hurt for the next president to spend some time seriously studying both Washington's and Eisenhower's Farewell Addresses.

When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. To let your emotions and gut feelings, disguised as science, be arguments for a conspiracy is very dangerous and ill-advised. Not only does it erode your credibility and integrity, it also inhibits your ability to make quality decisions.

As your own eyes witness — WTC Building 7 a 47 story high-rise not hit by an airplane exhibits all the characteristics of a classic controlled demolition with explosives:. Sounds of explosions at ground floor - a full second prior to collapse heard by hundreds of firemen and media reporters. Tons of molten Metal found by CDI Demolition Contractor in basement no other possible source than an incendiary cutting charge such as Thermate.

Chemical signature of Thermate high tech incendiary found in slag, solidified molten metal, and dust samples by Physics professor Steven Jones, PhD. Asymmetrical collapse which follows the path of least resistance laws of conservation of momentum would cause a falling, to the side most damaged by the fires. Posted by: jeremy February 10, PM. I wish I could just not say anything, but my conscious won't let me. But I want to address the unnerving and confusing comments left by Frank.

Being a young student majoring in Physics I am dismayed that someone ignorant of physics tries to use it as a tool to call into question the integrity of our government and fellow citizens. So far, the concept of Peak Oil is still below the national radar, at least as far as the mainstream media is concerned. It was certainly not mentioned by any of the presidential candidates. Yet the peaking of world oil production which, if it has not already happened, is imminent in the next five to 8 years, is a watershed event that will require a sea change in our collective thinking and action.

There are many good books out there on this subject, but Heinberg's is one of the most lucid and comprehensive. Absent an understanding of the ramifications of the end of cheap petroleum, all of the fine rhetoric of the candidates is meaningless. The presidential honeymoon with the American public is going to be very short lived, as the implications and consequences of the disappearance of cheap, available energy begin to manifest.

Whoever occupies the Oval Office needs to be aware of what is coming down the pike to make some informed and tough decisions in order to prepare us for and navigate through some very difficult times. I thoroughly agree with the vast mojority of these suggestions; especially, The Shock Doctrine; the Chalmers "Blowback" trilogy; David C. This list is a very valuable resource and a very worthwhile accomplishment for which I'd like to thank Mr. Moyers and all the sincere contributors who have created it. Oh, yes, Taleb's The Black Swan should be on here, too. Thank you! Posted by: Mark February 10, PM.

I really do not care what he or she reads, as long as the president has the intelligence to tell the difference between fiction and non fiction. As long as he tells the truth and does not lie and mislead. I would follow that up with the white paper by Ray Mackay,Paper debunking Dr. Griffin, anyone at JERF can point you to it. If the president does not have the knowledge already to lead this country then why are we electing them to office. A book read now will not make much difference, however if they just want a short read just for fun, here is something to consider.

Posted by: Carroll D. Sanders February 10, PM. Posted by: Judith B. Walker February 10, PM. What was the title and author of the book Bill Moyer recommended as his possible must read for a president last Friday on his Journal? Why does it seem that we have all lost track of the essential foundations of our country and culture.

  • Texarita;
  • Erotische Frauenakte des Frühen 1900 Band III (German Edition).
  • "A man's bookcase will tell you everything you'll ever need to know about him." -Walter Mosley.
  • All Freebies found in the past 24 hours |
  • Irresistible Forces (McKingley Book 5)!
  • As so often happens, the farther removed on is from the source the easier it becomes to discount that sources meaning and impact. For that reason the President, and indeed all of us, should read and think about a return to Common Sense by Thomas Paine. And if we truly take to heart the ideas and words that make our nation great it is about time for a new revolution. Let the voting begin. Posted by: sonny charles urbine February 10, PM. I sure would like to read the book suggestions you recieved.

    However, I simply do not have the time to scroll through the blog. Whats the chance of producing a compiled list without the comentary or duplicates. Perhaps a number after the title could give an indication of popularity. Posted by: Wiley February 10, PM. The book I recommend for the new president is "The Conscience of a Liberal" by Paul Krugman and see the movie "Nickeled and Dimed" or read this book also. You have a well-respected man like Bill Moyers leave PBS for a while after creating a show called NOW, only to return to create the best show on television in my opinion.

    His valuable show posted for all to see at pm. It shows how strong deception really is. Just by what people write in this blog, and how they write it, shows that the people are well-read. But, I ask myself what sort of action, or what event will it take before I act to expose this conspiracy theory a term and only a term as I sit comfortable with plenty of food. Posted by: Frank February 10, PM. Concerning ecology and farmland as well as the exploitation of farmland by agribusiness, I recommend "The Citizenship Papers" by Wendell Berry.

    He writes like a Tom Paine and I agree as a black woman with most of what this white male Kentucky poet laureate, farmer has to say about we the people. Posted by: phyllis griffin February 10, AM. The next president will be answering not only the call of his or her own soul to lead a great nation people, but as the leader of the United States he or she will be answering a higher call from the global community to lead the way to restore the balance of life on the planet.

    There are three books that are essential reading: 1. Blessed Unrest by Paul Hawken 2. Cosmos and Psyche by Richard Tarnas 3. Awakening the World by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee. Posted by: june February 10, AM. I guess the lesson here is simple: If you're lazy and silent about your views of the world, that's a good thing. Oh and BTW the so called "cable show" Wieck is spewing about is his own show of which is a full blown far Reich wing disinfo ministry that would have made Joseph Goebbels blush. Anybody with any sense would never appear on such a show when they know all it would be is a bunch of mouth breathers without a clue yelling at you from all sides simultaneously.

    You are either brain dead or a paid disinfo agent. Just Google Ron Wieck also known as "Pomeroo" and that will tell you all you need to know about this creep. Posted by: Jerry February 10, AM. Posted by: Jerry February 9, PM. Chomsky's entire body of political work is really one long book, so that would be it.

    If I had to pick one, his most recent Failed States is an excellent pulling together of all of his previous work, and with exceptionally insightful commentary on how the past fits into the present, and what kind of future we're headed towards if we don't start successfully changing our country for the better.

    Posted by: Feroze February 9, PM. Supercapitalism by Robert Reich. This book discusses why our democracy is not working so well. It's really a history lesson which we all need to hear. Posted by: Joan February 9, PM. I would like to see a president take a book of poetry into the office. Poetry has always sensed, interpreted, and reflected morality in the United States, and it would be refreshing to see a politician acknowledge that the office they hold is little more than a human creation, run by humans, and therefore shouldn't be treated with the reverence of perfection.

    Just another site

    Successful politicians, much like successful poets, operate outside the forms and constructs left by their predecessors. So many of these candidates hope to get elected on "change," but the canned responses of "The Federalist Papers" or "Wealth of Nations" reek of the stuff that brings with it well deserved all-time-low approval ratings. Thanks for the opportunity to contribute suggestions for books that ought to be on the next president's desk. Media Control is a basic and most accessible work for the chief executive on-the-go. More timely would be his latest observations on America's hegemonic obsessions in What We Say Goes, also very accessible in a lively interview format.

    There are a wealth of offerings available from America's 1 public intellectual, but these two will do as primers to Chomsky's incisive views on US foreign policy and the awesome propaganda force of US media, and how each work to subvert democracy globally and domestically. Don't put Ralph down as a "spoiler" or "egomaniac;" pick him up for the insightful observer that he is and the sensible solutions he offers.

    They are meticulously researched, boldly written in an earthy, ascerbic style, and nothing short of absolutely revelatory. Joe Stiglitz in a nutshell. Voter Caging for dummies. The power of Petro-dollars. Read these two books for an eye-opening view of how the world really works and the part America plays in pulling the strings. I do not make these reading suggestions lightly; I have respect for the office of the president and pray fervently that the next person who occupies it has a love for books and knowledge that rivals Jefferson's.

    Much depends on it. I didn't read this until after your show aired. Dunkle February 9, PM. Posted by: rick machado February 9, PM. This thin but very powerful Toltec wisdom book helps clear the fog of the mind and of the soul. Mitakuye Oyasin we are all related. As a web developer, I am always interested in finding the most elegant solution to any problem. Often, an elegant solution achieves multiple goals by addressing the root of any issue. Most of the major problems and issues facing the world today seem to have their root in the lack of integrity or honor of our people and our leaders.

    By focusing more on whats perceived to be popular thank you pollsters and less on what is right , our leaders sacrifice the future for their political present. Gruder's book "The New IQ addresses this concept and provides immense justification for focusing on personal integrity as THE means to most any goal. I would love to see a president who was as committed to their own personal development as their example would inspire and lead millions!

    Another vote for Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. No book has done more to reframe my thinking and examine my behavior as a consumer in, and ultimately a citizen of, an interconnected world. Posted by: Cody February 9, PM. This is an introduction to his trilogy on the prophetic religions Judism, Christanity and Islam and his thesis "No world peace without religious peace".

    Posted by: ultima February 9, PM. For those who see no threat in dividing finite natural resources over an ever increasing population, I recommend: "The Coming Economic Collapse" by Leeb and Strathy. Hanson carefully relates from his own experiences in California and his perspective as a professor of classics what we can expect as the U.

    He importantly decries the lack of civics education and understanding of Western civilization. His statement: " personally am very concerned by the vast inequitable and largely avoidable burdens of hunger, disease, violence, ignorance and poverty borne by too many billions of people. But I will not try to persuade you that the world will end in the next ten years unless everybody changes to a diet of soybeans and contraceptive pills, or that a universal diet of soybeans and contraceptive pills would eliminate hunger, disease, violence, ignorance and poverty….

    But I will try to persuade you that the world cannot easily and comfortably accommodate an unlimited number of people at any desirable level of material, mental and civic well-being. The last part of this can easily be extrapolated to the U. The question then becomes how far down that road do we want to go in the interests of population-driven economic growth? Is anyone taking the long view on this or are we all myopic like our politicians who care only about the next election and the power to go with it?

    Well I was going to give you a piece of my mind Mr. Moyers for fabricating such a blatant lie in order to CYA for not mentioning a book that was easily in the top 3 if not 1 on what real people, patriotic citizens wanted you to mention. But the eloquent response by "Cathie Bell" in your "Reading Recommendation" section is absolutely dead on and was exactly what I wanted to write so I will just say "Ditto" to her well spoken post.

    Now why exactly would you have the unmitigated gall to come out and call everyone that mentioned that book an organized campaign? Did all the people that mentioned "The Shock Doctrine" get accused of such a thing? Now that I think about it what about all the people that listed "The Art of Non-War" that had to clearly be in the top 5 at least. I know nothing about that book never read it OK wait a minute here, I just now googled this book and guess what I found? Kim Michaels herself on a website called "Ask the real Jesus" is actually coming out an asking readers to promote her book on your show and that she even sent you a book.

    I have sent a review copy to Bill Moyers in case he wants to see why so many people recommended the book. Well that changes things a little bit, apparently THIS must have been the book that you mentioned as being the "Organized campaign" which clearly this was without any doubt with the author herself in charge of it.

    You, just like all of the mainstream media are scared to death aren't you Bill? So what are you going to do when we reach critical mass here Bill? How will you explain yourself? The truth is coming Bill so get used to it, this is NOT going away and we will NOT stop until these Treasonous war criminals are in prison and I might add that includes the "Propaganda Ministers" that spread the lies and cover up the facts! So "The Art of Non-War" was the organized campaign obviously. That is very telling Mr. Married to another man by Ghada Khami. I think it is vital that our leaders realise that it is our policies that have led to the alienation of Arab peoples.

    The totally uncritical bias in this country in favor of Israel and its policies with regard to the Palestinians needs to be addressed. Unfortunately, many of the senior advisers in the current administration have stronger loyalties to a foreign country than they do to the USA. As a result, they perform a disservice to both the USA and to all the inhabitants of Israel and Palestine. Posted by: richard loveluck February 9, AM. Posted by: brij February 9, AM. The President should also take out a subscription for "YES - a journal for positive futures". It shares with us inspiring stories that change is possible , and enables us to tell those who say it cannot be done to get out of the way of those who are already doing it!!!!

    The Urantia Book is a lenghty yet fascinating book about diety, the history of our planet Urantia and the amazing bestowal of Jesus years ago. The book is a real faith builder. Most would dismiss this book because it claims to be an epochal revelation of truth from God as presented and comissioned by a group of spiritual beings.

    If that claim is true, every living soul on the planet should read it, not just the next president. Especialy after hearing the Huckabee quote about changing the Constitution, I recommend that the next President read "Revolt in " by Robert A. RAH graduated from Annapolis and retired an admiral, and this is an excellent study of what the United States is like after several generations as a theocratic state, much like modern day Iran.

    Personal freedoms are curtailed and it is forbidden to even own a copy of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It is a terrifying book, because it shows how easily this country could become a theocracy. But it is also hopeful because it shows that Americans will eventually fight to bring back the basic freedoms that this nation was founded on. It taught me to always speak truth to power and gave me the strength to teach others to speak truth to power. The world global economy is based on a false premise called the comparative advantage of nations that is causing the world economically to resemble a game of musical chairs.

    The resulting failed states are incapable of providing jobs and other needs of their citizens. This is the root cause of the massive immigration and terrorism threatening the security of the success states. The solution to this problem needs a new economic paradign fair to all nations.

    novels that everyone must read (according to the guardian) – A Useful Fiction

    The president should read "Parity Democracy, how to level the world economic playing field" by Ed Wode. This book offers a solution. Posted by: Ed wode February 9, AM. It is powerful, terrifying and based on personal experience. Reading it can be a tool for the transformation in thinking that must occur for our future leaders. Mikal Baker. I'm a long time fan of the Journal but want to comment on Bill's slightly condescending demeanor toward Samuel Rodriguez, Kathleen Hall Jamiesson's patently and unopposed pro Hillary stance and finally, the mysteriously missing book.

    Watch out, Bill. Another week like this will diminish your ratings. Essential for understaning the source of "conservatism" and "liberalism". Crucial for understanding the opposite side of the political isle. She repeatedly refers to him as a reverend which he is not. I know for I served in the same school district where he was a school psychologist.

    I will never watch your show again. You just lost a long time listener. Posted by: Jeebus February 8, PM. If a copy of Thomas Paine's "Common Sense" is the President's choice, Whitman's poem "Reconciliation" addresses a weakness in Paine's "Common Sense" argument--refusal to consider reconciliation as an option.

    For my enemy is dead—a man divine as myself is dead; I look where he lies, white-faced and still, in the coffin—I draw near;. Posted by: peacepilgrim February 8, PM. Free Lunch by David Cay Johnston. Posted by: M. White February 8, PM. Give love, you get a miracle. Highly recommend Jessica's First Prayer by Hesba Stretton; it would soften anyone's heart, including a president's! Posted by: Karencita February 8, PM. Posted by: Sulla February 8, PM. Geocide by Adam Cherson. This book is a Cliff notes length policy Bible for reuniting America with the great struggle for global democracy and well being that seems to have gotten away from us lately.

    Many of today's priority issues, immigration, the economy, perpetual war, the environment, and many others are viewed from the perspective of political ecology. Except for voting reform an essential area not covered in this book , political ecology weaves together, into one coherent world view, an outlook capable of healing the ills that ail America and the Western tradition as a whole. I'd recommend Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes.

    The Cast Remembers - Game of Thrones: Season 8 (HBO)

    An emotionally powerful way to "get" empathy and human understanding. They posit that there are four generational types that repeat themselves over and over throughout history. As a result, it is possible to learn about the future from a look at history. These are hugely important works that I hope you will consider featuring. Feb 8th B. Journal mentioned that one recommended book was excluded because it was part of a campaign. What was the book? Who was campaigning to promote it?

    50 Must-Read Short Books in Translation

    Geography of Bliss -- an alternative view of what matters and the role of power in achieving happiness. Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra--a must read for everyone, especially for aspiring presidential candidates who might find a couple lessons on life in it. Posted by: Neal W. Howard February 8, PM. Fighting Back" by James Carville. This book actually offers valid solutions to many of the maladies rampant in our government. Posted by: mitch russell February 8, PM.

    Posted by: Walter February 8, PM. It's a relatively short book, but paints a convincing and disturbing picture of where our world civilization is heading. I would like the next President, and every President thereafter, to read carefully and have with them always "Anasazi America," David E. Stuart, UNM Press, It is an anthropological overveiw of the rise, fall and successful sustainable readaptation of complex native farming societies is the Southwestern US and the lessons we can learn from them.

    One imporant quote: "Prosperity, social integration, altruism, and generosity go hand-in-hand. Poverty, social conflict, judgmental cynicism, and savagery do, too" p. Posted by: Patricia K. Gregory February 8, PM. John Edwards was trying to get out to the public the info in these books. I hope Obama gets around to it!! They desperately need to read this. My guess is that he considers himself to be a "skeptic", but he is most probably a skepter, the antithesis of what a true skeptic is: objective, open minded, unbiased and truth-based. Posted by: Bill D. February 8, PM. We're going to get off of oil in the next 50 years whether we like it or not.

    Lovins explains how this can be done profitably. Posted by: lynn bard February 8, PM. Posted by: Larry February 8, PM. Posted by: dr. Either of these two, because a they can be enjoyed in bits over the term of office, and b the candidate who can enjoy them will be a superior President:. Nothing so revolutionary, so innovative, yet so powerful has been carefully detailed and outlined to this point, that would fundamentally effect our Democracy for the better, and for the first time in this nations history- bring about a government truly By the People.

    Its ideas beyond the National Initiative are relevant, and expose many overlooked problems in our country, and the solutions to these problems are presented. Either the original, written in the 70s, or the newly released rewrite would suffice- as both obviously the later, but the former to a suprising degree are both relevant and important. It's an eyeopener. Tom Buckelew. Posted by: tom buckelew February 8, PM. My book suggestion for the next president is Dr. Seuss' "The Lorax. Posted by: Nancy February 8, PM.

    I would recommend "Gideon's Trumpet" by Anthony Lewis. It show the relevance of The constitution to indivuals, how The Constitution is a living document, and the role of the Supreme Court at its best. Posted by: Suzy T.

    Similar authors to follow

    Kane February 8, PM. Most serious students of the text, though, who rely on the book itself for their guidance rather than their own inner fears or ignorant ambitions, know they have a responsibility to what they have been given, a responsibility to create a worthy foundation for the book's revelations to the world. This foundation is not so much a social and organizational matter, though that can be part of it, but a spiritual one, a challenge to live as the book shows in its final section that all of us can live, aware of a destiny much greater than ever imagined in recorded history.

    It is in essence the challenge to realize - to make literally real - the kind of human family all our evolution has been designed to achieve. It is a responsibility to create relationships that acknowledge and devote themselves to the kinship all of us share, not only with our human brothers and sisters on this world, but with all the personalities throughout the inhabited cosmos who care for us despite our childish barbarism and the distortions of our culture that have resulted from our isolation and ignorance.

    We have a responsibility to this greater family as well, those who gave us the gift of the book and now watch us to see what we will do with it. The history of our world is in a way like Lord of the Flies. We have been left to our own resources on our little island long enough, and though the book is not the first appearance to us of adult authority, it is the latest and most important for our time, as is obvious to all who open it with openness.

    It doesn't seek to supplant all other systems of human thought or to disparage the evolutionary beliefs and truths we have struggled so hard to attain and maintain. It states very clearly that, though it is a revelation, it is not inspired. Its purpose is to awaken us to what we can't know except with help from beyond the reach of our understanding and imagination, and to help us integrate that new information with the uniquely human perspective we have evolved in such relative isolation.

    It points us to our own inner depths as individuals at least as much as to outer, cosmic vistas. In the end, such inner and outer depths are connected, and work together to help us toward an indescribable destiny in this world and beyond, the awareness of which will transform our planet as surely as it transforms the individual minds that share such awareness.

    In its depiction of our history and destiny, The Urantia Book focuses mostly on the ancient past and far-distant future, but it also says of our present time that we are "quivering on the brink" of one of our "most amazing and enthralling epochs. Perhaps if people from all the nations of the world would unite enough to organize into a democratic world government that represented all humanity, we could authorize such a government to broadcast to the universe watching us a few small, sincere words, such as "Thank you.

    Forgive us. Please help us. Perhaps because this request came as the duly-elected voice of all mankind, we would receive an answer that was not only invisible but also visible. Perhaps we would be freed from the quarantine that has isolated us for so long, and find ourselves connected, in ways our science has so far not dreamed of, with neighbors in space who may not be as distant as many believe. Until we unite as one world under God, perhaps this will not happen. Is it so strange, though, or naive, to believe it can? In the light of The Urantia Book, it most certainly will happen, one day.

    If enough people sincerely desire it, what can prevent us from making that day our own? It indeed explains how corporations have been allowed to gain control over our country on all levels and what must be done to take power back and return it to the people of this land. Kennedy and Arthur J. Schlesinger, Jr. I love your show-keep up the good work!

    I feel the President and all political elected persons should read and be required to especially understand our Bill of Rights and our Constitution!!! The president should know group dynamics and have knowledge of the skills of how to ctitically listen. The Golden Rules might be another suggeston!!! Posted by: Hugg February 8, PM. One of the best is a free download: Bob Altemeyer's "The Authoritarians. He's a psychologist at the University of Manitoba who has spent his life studying right wing authoritarian and social dominator personalities.

    The book is very enlightening, readable, and quite funny! Posted by: jimbee February 8, PM. Because the term is so loosely used by all and sundry that a history of the term would be illuminating. I recommend John Dean's fairly recent trilogy on our dysfunctional government. Dean paid his dues for Watergate long ago and has spent recent years trying to alert citizens to the even worse abuses of the current administration. I also believe that everyone should read Rep. Conyers's report on the stolen Ohio election of , which led to the unfortunately unsuccessful challenge to Ohio's Republican electors in January Only by knowing what has been done to us in the past can we even hope to prevent such crimes in the future.

    Posted by: Doug February 8, PM. I am concerned about the lack of division between church and state in our government. I would recommend that our next president read Sam Harris' "The End of Faith" and remember that many americans are not religious. If they're not interested in human evolution, then I would recommend two books dealing with middle east history..

    This way we can approach the area as if we had some clue about what's going on there. It explains much of how we are who we are.. Also with some ideas for how the human race needs to grow and progress further. The response you have received is encouraging since informed and thoughtful people can make a difference. Thank you and Judith for your efforts to keep us informed on many subjects of great importance. What an amazing list these entries make. I'm taking notes and making a new reading list for myself.

    As a novelist, I would add more fiction to the list. It has an amazing way to capture the essence of being human, to reveal our greatest longings, fears, and desires. To inspire us to continue to hope and against all odds, to continue to believe. Or just to give us a well deserved laugh at the end of long day. And, through the power of story, to connect us to all the stories roaming the earth. Whether I'm reading Earnest Gains or Andre Dubus, or the thousands of names before and between them, I discover I'm not so different at all from my brother - regardless.

    But before Bernie can find the truth, an unexpected blizzard, a suspicious accidental drowning, and the arrival of a new FBI agent complicate the investigation. Their relationship creates a dilemma that puts Chee in uncomfortable emotional territory that challenges him as family man, a police officer, and as a one-time medicine man in training. Greeks Bearing Gifts by Philip Kerr.

    But when Bernie tries to confront Witzel, he finds that someone else has gotten to him first, leaving a corpse in his place. Back then, a young Leventis suspected an S. She has always been kind and attentive if a little aloof in the last few years. There, he and Alice will help each other pick up of the pieces of their lives and uncover what happened to his father.

    Though she claims to be new to the area, Harry begins to suspect that Grace may not be a complete stranger to his family. The sensual Alice is also growing closer, coming on to him in an enticing, clearly sexual way. Yet the closer he gets to them, the more isolated he feels, disoriented by a growing fear that both women are hiding dangerous—even deadly—secrets. Too Close to Breathe by Olivia Kiernan. But the autopsy reveals poorly healed bones and old stab wounds, absent from medical records. A new cut is carefully, deliberately covered in paint.

    Book Details. Tuesday, April Skyjack by K. Howe Book Club Selection. Howe follows up her brilliant debut novel The Freedom Broker , with another heart-stopping thriller starring kidnap and ransom specialist Thea Paris. For twelve-year-old Jabari and his nine-year-old brother, Ayan, their first time flying turns into an absolute nightmare. Trying to remain calm as the experiences major turbulence, Thea is also simultaneously attempting to keep one eye on her blood sugar and one eye on the brothers, when she notices that another passenger is in distress. A large man in front of her suddenly slumps over in his seat and appears in need of medical attention.

    Thea, a diabetic, knows all too well the annoyance of a sudden medical issue rearing its ugly head during an already high-pressure situation. Thea discovers that the pilot had previously been approached by mysterious men who threatened the safety of his loved ones in order to strong-arm him into landing the plane at specific coordinates provided to him. The job, as it turns out, is to intercept a truck full of Syrian refugees who are en route to Budapest. With a limited amount of time to act and multiple moving parts, Thea once again has her work cut out for her as author K.

    Howe, one of the top debut writers of , burst onto the thriller scene in a big way last year by introducing readers to Thea Paris, who is perhaps the strongest female protagonist in the genre right now. All of this, of course, is in addition to the hard-hitting action and multiple plot threads some of which involve characters from her last book that weave their way together to reveal a shocking conspiracy. In a genre that predominantly features alpha male characters, K.

    Howe re-writes the rulebook by making her protagonist a strong female operative with a medical condition, adding realism without sacrificing any of the action. Thea Paris can throw down with the very best the genre has to offer, and so can Howe. Then the German Vice-Chancellor dies on the steps of 10 Downing Street, and a drone is spotted hovering over the scene. The truth becomes clear—these high-profile deaths are well-constructed assassinations, and the Covert Eyes team is tasked to investigate.

    Isabella Marin, a young expert in the enigmatic Voynich Manuscript and cryptophasia twin language , Nicholas and Michaela home in on Roman Ardelean, a wealthy cybersecurity genius and a descendant of fifteenth-century Romanian Vlad the Impaler—often romanticized as Dracula. After Anna by Lisa Scottoline. Seventeen years later, Maggie is finally happy again. With no one else to turn to, Anna asks Maggie if she can come live with her — and Maggie, overjoyed to hear from her daughter, cannot say yes fast enough.

    But what begins as a dream to reconnect with her long-lost daughter soon turns into an unbelievable nightmare. A short while later, Anna is found dead, and Noah becomes the prime suspect in her murder. Scottoline has had a long and storied career for a reason, and she remains one of the finest mystery-thriller writers on the planet. The Cutting Edge by Jeffery Deaver. Shoot First by Stuart Woods. But he may find that her enemy is far more resourceful—and dangerous—than he could have anticipated.

    Due to severe mechanical issues, a commercial flight heading to Singapore is forced to make an emergency landing in Iran. As the passengers deplaned, Zac Miller, a twenty-eight-year-old American technology consultant, uses his cell phone to take a photo of the pink sunset blanketing the mountains in the background. The entire operation was designed to get an asset on the ground in Iran to take photos of a mountainside where the CIA believes the Iranians are hiding something dangerous.

    Just before the operation was ready to launch, however, the agent tasked to the mission was found to be known to the Iranians. With the operational window closing, Zac begged his superiors to send him instead — a request he soon regrets. Making matters worse, unbeknownst to Zac, the Iranians put an agent posing as Miller on the plane, which eventually lands in Singapore. Desperate to get back home and deliver the evidence he obtained, Zac must make his way across the desert, navigate the open sea, and somehow zigzag his way through Europe. Forged through fire and battle-tested, The Zac you see on the final page is a different man than the character you meet on page one.

    Ricciardi treats readers to an exhilarating front-row seat view of the entire maturation process that his young operative is forced to undergo through the most grueling circumstances imaginable, delivering a thoroughly enjoyable reading experience along the way. In truth, Penny had feelings for Zac, that she knows — everything else is murky at best. Things worsen for Penny when the Turkish prime minister invites her to recover at the presidential palace under the care of the finest doctors in the country.

    Same goes for Zac, but the closer Penny gets to him, the more trouble she finds. August Thomas, using vibrant descriptions and careful wording, takes readers into Turkey from the comfort of their reading chair. Her careful attention to detail really does place the reader in theatre with Penny, creating a level of excitement but also making the story more tension-filled. The Fallen by David Baldacci. Following a football-related head injury that altered his personality, Decker is now unable to forget even the smallest detail—as much a curse as it is a blessing. The rust belt town has seen four bizarre murders in the space of two weeks.

    Cryptic clues left at the scenes—obscure bible verses, odd symbols—have the police stumped. Decker has only been there a few hours when he stumbles on a horrific double murder scene. And with the lives of people he cares about suddenly hanging in the balance, Decker begins to realize that the recent string of deaths may be only one small piece of a much larger scheme—with consequences that will reach far beyond Baronville. His only clue is a patient named Susie Banks, a young musical prodigy who seems to be suffering from the same baffling condition as Cam. The Elizas by Sara Shepard.

    But Eliza swears she was pushed, and her rescuer is the only witness. But as the publication date for her novel draws closer, Eliza finds more questions than answers. Like why are her editor, agent, and family mixing up events from her novel with events from her life? Whispers of the Dead by Spencer Kope. Essentially, each person gives off their own signature — almost like their own unique DNA — that Steps can see in colors and textures.

    Personally, I found the story to be entertaining and think Steps is a unique character.

    Maybe I DO Want to Read this Book: Lust, Betrayal, Suspense, and Carnage from the Pages of the Bible Maybe I DO Want to Read this Book: Lust, Betrayal, Suspense, and Carnage from the Pages of the Bible
    Maybe I DO Want to Read this Book: Lust, Betrayal, Suspense, and Carnage from the Pages of the Bible Maybe I DO Want to Read this Book: Lust, Betrayal, Suspense, and Carnage from the Pages of the Bible
    Maybe I DO Want to Read this Book: Lust, Betrayal, Suspense, and Carnage from the Pages of the Bible Maybe I DO Want to Read this Book: Lust, Betrayal, Suspense, and Carnage from the Pages of the Bible
    Maybe I DO Want to Read this Book: Lust, Betrayal, Suspense, and Carnage from the Pages of the Bible Maybe I DO Want to Read this Book: Lust, Betrayal, Suspense, and Carnage from the Pages of the Bible
    Maybe I DO Want to Read this Book: Lust, Betrayal, Suspense, and Carnage from the Pages of the Bible Maybe I DO Want to Read this Book: Lust, Betrayal, Suspense, and Carnage from the Pages of the Bible
    Maybe I DO Want to Read this Book: Lust, Betrayal, Suspense, and Carnage from the Pages of the Bible Maybe I DO Want to Read this Book: Lust, Betrayal, Suspense, and Carnage from the Pages of the Bible
    Maybe I DO Want to Read this Book: Lust, Betrayal, Suspense, and Carnage from the Pages of the Bible Maybe I DO Want to Read this Book: Lust, Betrayal, Suspense, and Carnage from the Pages of the Bible
    Maybe I DO Want to Read this Book: Lust, Betrayal, Suspense, and Carnage from the Pages of the Bible Maybe I DO Want to Read this Book: Lust, Betrayal, Suspense, and Carnage from the Pages of the Bible
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