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February & March 12222

Going Deep With Jesus

Leading Thai corporations and investors are marching to Silicon Valley through Creative Ventures, a US-based deep tech venture dedicated to startups to empower Thailand's economy. Mr Poonyatorn said Israel has many interesting startups in agriculture, healthcare and cybersecurity, and all are expected to grow and play a more important role in the economy.

The second fund targets investment in four areas of deep tech startups in Silicon Valley -- industry construction, manufacturing, logistics , agriculture and food, energy and healthcare. Mr Poonyatorn said the fund is planning to have offices in Singapore and Taiwan to help portfolio companies expand to Asia.

It will invest in VeryCool, a US-based startup that innovates cold chain packaging for environmental savings and competitive prices. Creative Ventures will add a Singapore office in November this year and plans to expand into high potential deep tech in Taiwan. Pushing out tracks tirelessly via his two labels Avantroots and Seven Villas for almost 10 years, Bolivar has managed to establish himself as someone whose name is immediately associated with a sound that exudes atmosphere and emotion with an extremely high production value on top of that.

Having had the privilege of hosting Pablo Bolivar in August for our IGparty, we at CPH Deep sat down with him to talk about his musical background, his sources of inspiration, and what the next chapter has in store.

Creative Ventures goes deep with fund

We are also proud to present an exclusive live-mix, which can be found in the bottom of the article. Did you always want to be a producer or performing artist, or did that come at a later stage?

Deep Within

I started DJing in my hometown when I was 16, but never professionally. When I finished school I realised that what I loved the most was music. What inspired you finding your own sound? My main input is my surroundings. Where I grew up, in my hometown Cantabria in the north of Spain, it was often grey and the days were rainy and dark. It almost felt black and white sometimes. My deep techno side is very inspired by that nature and those landscapes.

You run two labels, Avantroots and Seven Villas.

Melody Gardot Deep within the corners of my mind

The future will be good for some people and it will be bad for other people. And while things have gotten better for certain people in America, it has gotten exponentially worse for other countries. Other countries for whom things used to be a hell of a lot better before things got better for us. Have you been surprised by the response to your music?

That was deeply disturbing.

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In my mind, I deployed that to encourage people to come out into space with me for six-and-a-half minutes and just look at humanity, then make an assessment. Going back to what you said earlier, I think it can be healthy to detach occasionally. In Eastern religions, detachment is a virtue.

This is the secret. Those songs are not satirical. I spent six months making the most beautiful perfume for girls that I could. Self-acceptance is the opposite of narcissism. Narcissus is not sitting in front of the pool because he loves himself so much.

Going deep with Spanish sound scientist Pablo Bolivar + Exclusive mix

So he is completely disassociated with his consciousness, with his ability to love himself for who he is. We have disassociated. More and more so. Hedonism and narcissism are always the last stop on the apocalypse express.

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The day after Trump clinched the Republican presidential nomination, you gave a speech at a festival in New Jersey about the price of apathy and the numbing role entertainment plays in our lives. Do you think, in the bigger picture, much of what you communicate gets lost in translation?

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Pure Comedy is out on Bella Union.

Deep With In Deep With In
Deep With In Deep With In
Deep With In Deep With In
Deep With In Deep With In
Deep With In Deep With In
Deep With In Deep With In
Deep With In Deep With In
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