An Inconvenient Set of Truths: A CyberTech Odessy

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Negative Feelings

This allows for a comfortable pass around the Earth at or above the speed of its surface rotation, or one orbit a day, with the Screen draped between sixteen or more evenly-spaced Gadgets to span the entire globe. In this mode, Eck Screens are called Driftnets. Wherever desired, the same action can be performed around the world at the same local time of day. The Gadgets will perform a number of their activities at around AM , while most of the world sleeps.

Work with more macro configurations, such as identifying some gross material content or triggering pre-targeted actions, can be performed at a much faster pace. The ten years of research performed by the Van made use of the Gadgets and the Eck Screens to data mine the entire planet and then keep the data current. For one example, a slow, one-hour pass through the Library of Congress identified the molecular contours of all of its books, especially distinguishing paper from ink and one page and one side of a page from another.

It then took one Gadget less than a week to reconstruct electronic copies of the entire collection. It did the same with data stored electronically, whether the data storage was air-gapped or not. There was no such thing as data security, meaning that anything stored on paper or digitally at the Pentagon, in NSA supercomputers, or in offshore accounts and Swiss banks, was also easily accessed. The Gizmos and Gadgets were soon know-it-alls, with lots of human secrets to share or make use of.

There was nowhere for secrets to hide. Any redacted document was transparent now. The Van have also employed a device called a Spybot. The ones living in the brain are called Skullbugs. These communicate with each other in a network and directly with Gizmos and Gadgets, via narrowcast Eck, and receive programs and commands from them.

If you were human, or a member of any sentient or endangered species, you got a cluster of these implanted in you at some time in the past ten years. And copies were inherited by your children. These Spybots have a limited number of functions: 1 They locate a host precisely on a 3-D dynamic model of the world, even when hiding down deep in a bunker. They detect lies better than any human technology. At full strength, the Spybot neurotoxin kills in less than a minute, but the process is accompanied by an overwhelmingly pleasant unitive experience and, more often than not, a sexual orgasm.

The process is called Fast Rapture. The experience does not permit fear or anxiety. This option is called Slow Rapture. And 10 , on the death of a host, cellular DNA is rewritten to create bacterial and fungal detritivores that consume the deceased within a few day's time, leaving nothing but viable compost and fertilizer as waste. This renders both cremation and burial pointless. For nearly a decade, the Gizmos and Gadgets observed and reported human incidents and encounters signaled by the Spybots.

Nearly every act of murder, assault, kidnapping, poaching, and rape was witnessed and logged, and the perpetrators given molecular flags or tags for later action. It was excruciating for the Van to witness these horrors without any power to act until our Plan was greenlit and powered up.

In addition to witnessing women being mutilated, trafficked, or gang-raped by soldiers, or indigenous tribal peoples exterminated by gold miners, or unarmed suspects killed by police, our animalian counterparts also had to watch fellow elephants being shot by poachers, whales harpooned by whalers, dolphins herded to slaughter and slavery, orangutans tortured for palm oil, and mantas poached for gill plates.

Only assaults on their own persons could be answered with lethal action. Wherever shenanigans were common geographically, bugs were created and left behind to record and tattle in greater detail on further goings on. These were tiny, flying or swimming, bug-like surveillance drones called Sylphs. There was a seemingly unending list of atrocities. All the Van could do at the time was watch this in horror, and use the available tech to tag the offenders for whatever future justice might find its way into the final Plan.

Most Van will no doubt admit to some satisfaction when the instruments of this justice are finally powered up, and it will be hard to not regard this as retributive punishment even more than justice. Any deaths, however, will still be unjustly pleasant. We had proposed removing the blissful aspects of the Fast Rapture experience for those we had witnessed committing acts of evil, but the Ta have just rejected any hint of retributive vengeance. They are demanding that we rise above that.

At least we are satisfied that there will be nowhere to run and hide, even though the well-to-do will no doubt hasten to try out their elaborate and bomb-proof bunkers. And those who can guess at their coming comeuppance might have some unpleasant time to ponder what they've done. Given the comprehensive database we collected, including all of human history and its causal factors, the Gizmos could begin to forecast future global scenarios.

They ran more than a billion of these in all, each a detailed simulation a hundred and forty years into the future, each simulation with at least a few petabytes of detail, using all of the more likely variables, especially instructive crises, black swans, global pandemics, environmental damage, new technologies, emigration to space or other worlds, and inspirational cultural, religious, and political leaders.

A billion scenarios avoided alien intervention. But the green movements and secular ethics had come too late and solved too little. More dominant was the Newspeak green-washing movement, peddling oxymorons like sustainable growth or even sustainable petrochemistry. More dominant was human denial and the inertia of ignorance. The humans had incurred such an enormous debt that the requisite repudiation and bankruptcy could only mean a total economic collapse. In spending resources like there was no tomorrow, they ensured there was not.

Even today, the great majority of humankind can't or won't see what's been coming, the critical masses attained, the tipping points exceeded. Many of your best minds have fought hard to maintain an optimism to rally support for corrective measures, but in doing so, they've needed to fail to see that the time for correction has passed. Most of the tipping points for cascade failure were already passed in the early s, when humanity failed to learn that war is for idiots, and when the corporations began to more openly write the national laws.

Still more were passed in the s, when the push for global efforts to save the environment fizzled. We're not certain if you would ever learn not to put tyrants, liars, and thieves in charge or your affairs, or even learn how to depose them when they went too far and dispose of them properly. Of all the billion options we looked at, the last real chances humanity had to avoid a coming dark age were gone by , a time when we Van were only young children. The timing wasn't purely coincidental, as we'll see, but it wasn't part of any grand cosmic plan or design.

The one thing that all of these outcomes had in common was a significant crash in the human population to below a variable carrying capacity. Most human beings have refused to comprehend that any unsustainable behavior must lead, by definition, to the extinction of that behavior. Even the few projected crashes that were voluntary involved suffering beyond anything humanity has yet to experience in the 74, years since the Toba eruption. Global pandemics actually provided some of the more pleasant short-term scenarios by easing immediate pressures, since the top problem was population, but these were never enough to avoid a further crash.

The greatest of the losses would be the biodiversity impacts, temporarily, and all of the extinctions, permanently, and of course all of the suffering and premature death on the run up to that. The biosphere would in all cases recover, but in too many cases this would take thousands to millions of years. Most Gizmo simulations saw civilization in severe collapse and dragging the bulk of Nature down with it, as the last survivors of numerous plant and animal species were hunted to extinction for food.

It was eventually decided that any human numbers above a mere one billion were too destructive to the other creatures of Nature, who all had their rights to own rights of their own, and to precede their own distant descendants. Not all of the forecast crashes would mean an end to all civilization, but All of them were more unpleasant and destructive than the one the Van are about to enact. Thank you for tuning in, everybody. We have some entertainment planned for the next couple of hours. Part of the Plan is to re-stabilize the economy over the coming years, starting soon, in order to avert a total catastrophe, and this includes more than a hundred million new, high-paying jobs for our favorite people.

The show that followed was a montage of a capella duets from around the world, ranging from native chants and throat singing to operatic arias. When they sang in English they turned to folk and the classic protest songs, but no "Kumbaya" or gospel got sung. Their voices at least were not average, rivaling some of the best humanity had to offer. They performed a little bit of stage magic, too, by shapeshifting for the cameras.

As long as Proxies maintain their mass, the shaped Eck can be reconfigured and recolored at will. They spent a little time as alien grays, who even did a tango together. By nine, they'd resumed Waldo and Wilma forms and cuddled themselves to sleep on the ground among the flowers. In reality, though, they simply got unplugged from their Van operators, who then cuddled themselves to sleep IRL. The next morning, actually almost noon, Waldo and Wilma rose from their slumber and asked the government agents for hot coffee, black.

They got nothing but scowls and nasty comments in reply. No matter, never mind, hakuna matata. The law enforcement personnel were still trying various unpleasant tricks throughout the night, to no effect, except their own increased agitation. And they kept having issues with their equipment. It never occurred to them that the demos of shapeshifting had been anything but clever magic tricks projected somehow onto their protective screen. Yesterday we spoke of the inevitability of a crash in the human population.

It was decided to begin with a weeding of the human garden, a deep cleaning of the genetic and cultural pools, and a flushing of the cultural cesspool. Not all of this is judgment or punishment, but we had to consider the unlikelihood of redemption within the time we have to work in. Instead, the Van have developed criteria for an unnatural selection, for human traits that support the development of a better world. The human races, clades, or subspecies, were acknowledged and were regarded in a positive light as successful adaptations to local conditions, worthy of respect in the larger context of biodiversity and species resilience.

That the lines between them are fuzzy is both irrelevant and as it should be. Race itself won't play much of a part in our selective process, except that some balance may be restored for populations that have been subjected to genocide. This is particularly the case for indigenous tribes with long histories of truly sustainable lifestyles.

These are, after all, the human heirloom varieties and root stocks. Truth be told, human beings could never do what now needs to be done. The great majority of you are just too deluded, ignorant, short-sighted, and greedy to manage your own affairs in your own best interests, much less those of the natural world. Humans have only learned to govern themselves crisis by crisis, without context forward or back in time. Time is the missing dimension in most of your political and economic thinking, except in small delta Ts, and the furthest considered plans are all related to the long-term damage humans have done.

The Myoptics are built in. The way things are set up, sufficient meaningful reform is no longer possible, and anyone who tries is socially skewered. Insecurity has been carefully and successfully cultivated in the general population, leaving the masses fearful of initiating change.

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Humans are cowed instead, and praise serene acceptance and letting things be. Few act like they make a difference. Certainly anyone advocating the kind of radical reforms the Ta are bringing would be locked away as a sociopath. But we Van are not subject to your human delusions and denials. We expect the religious to remain more or less oblivious to the celebrations of the end of war and the culling of your toxic beings, being busy instead praying for intercession by their various deities, and unwilling right to the end to let go of their fables.

But since there are a couple of days remaining, this would be a good time to petition your all-powerful deities to intercede on your behalf. We understand that some of them stand fully behind you in support of your proliferation, your wars and other activities. So let's get this possibility out of the way. Pray strong and quickly. Without population control, humanity will never have the leisure to govern by vision instead of by crisis. Your oldest generation has grown up in the shadow of the atomic bomb, playing duck-and-cover through grade school, and has still learned nothing of value from this.

Now it's death of the biosphere and international bankruptcy, and still all you have are excuses. This ends in just a couple of days. Our Van-Gizmo analysis determined that humanity had in fact already passed its points of no return in all human-led alternatives, when people finally proved too stupid to learn about war, to shut down the military industry, to require balanced budgets, to rein in wealth inequality, to put limits on the powers of corporations, and to fully embrace an environmental ethic.

Between then and now there is no could-have-been, and all real choices now can look only forward. Pulling out of the dive in time would only have been possible with a fundamental change in human nature and its unlimited capacity for self-deception. We now propose to achieve that change with artificial selection. In other words, the Star Throwers.

We won't be selecting for intelligence as such, at least not explicitly. It does require some degree of intelligence to tell right from wrong when other are telling lies. This is a species of virtue that's more inherent or innate than an adopted morality, blending elements of self-directedness, caring, conscientiousness, conscience, kindness, and a supportiveness of others, both human and non-human. We looked for a sense of higher purpose, of living for something greater than yourselves, and behaviorally manifest in the choices, lifestyles, and livelihoods of the people.

Consistently and fairly identifying the latter was a little bit problematic, given the Maslovian idea that the needs of the self should be satisfied first before the larger worlds opened up. An inferior nurture has indeed denied a sense of the greater world to many, and many allowances were made for this problem, but it was also noted that the character or spirit of a truly exceptional individual is a difficult thing to suppress.

Upbringing was allowed for, but this was only one factor examined. The sufficiently gifted could fight their way through a great number of horrors and still emerge as an asset to life on Earth. But to the Van, these will be known as Homo Survivor , until true sapience is more common still. You will also hear us refer to them as the Fit.

These will be fully encouraged and aided by both the Ta and the Van in both their genetic and cultural development. And they will be the best supported economically. The majority of these, but not all, have already been tagged, based on the lives they have already lived.

The character of a hundred million developing human children remains to be assessed. Then there are those who seem to have lived to make the world a worse place to live. These, too, make up roughly an eighth of your species, or just over a billion, and unsurprisingly, numbering more of those with the Y chromosome.

Well over three-fourths of these have already been tagged. Those already identified will be terminated gradually and steadily over the next six months. As such, we need have no other name for them than Nongrata. These judgments were made on the basis of mindsets locked into cognitive bias, intractable toxic ideology, bad behavior, and irreversible cultural pollution. Consider, however, that should you seek to replace someone like a politician who has succumbed to this cull, you may want to find a replacement who has a different ethical or political platform.

Politicians who find they have a great deal in common with their deceased predecessors may regard it unwise to maintain ambitions to succeed them. The Van would prefer that all organic materials find their way back into fertile soil, and that any financial resources be reinvested in an analogous manner. We've made it pointless to continue to embalm and bury your dead in watertight coffins. This has traditionally been your final insult to the environment. We suggest that you just haul the bodies to an open field. The crops will thank you. We'll also make assumptions and draw some conclusions from the behavior of the heirs.

The chaos that ensues here will also show us who would step up to do the heroic and leaderly things. It will help us to assess personal merit among the people of means: who among you would just hunker down, armed, to defend their cache, and who might at last start to share. The six-billion-plus of you in the middle, the three middle quarters, those not quite so good or so bad, are known to the Van as Homo Meh or just the Meh , Uninspiring or Insipid Man, or else Homo Ignoramus , Ignorant Man, deluded man, misguided man, the man who will do whatever the pressures tell him to do.

A great many might fairly be described as good, decent, hard working people, the salt of the earth. The greatest gift that life has to offer, the chance to reproduce, will be denied to them. We'll ensure that those who were not part of the solution will at least not be part of the long-term problem. Three days from now, your entire species will be sterilized, and any embryos younger than three months will miscarry.

Most of your domestic dogs and cats will be rendered barren as well. This sterilization will be done by a process centuries beyond anything your science can reverse. There will be cases where we'll restore fertility to only one half of a married couple. Genetic enhancement and uplift will follow in time, but not in the next generation. For now there will only be some in-depth embryo diagnosis, germline manipulation, a little tinkering with epigenetic triggers, and a few biotech, nanotech, and infotech enhancements.

Some neurological functions will be fine-tuned by removing impediments to forebrain self-restraint, proportional emotional reactions, and other forms of cognitive development. These are still closer to corrective actions than enhancements. Against stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain. Humans have never known any real divine justice, for the simple reason that all its divinities are delusions. This will change in a couple of days: stupidity is about to suffer a serious blow as just desserts will be served. Human is as human does, and will enter the future, or will be denied entrance, accordingly.

While it may be argued correctly that you are all just doing your best, the hard fact is that that's just not good enough, given that you have run out of time. Those on that cusp are no longer worth the investment given the poor odds of success. Human is not what the best few of you have written in praise of yourselves.

It was your philosophers and poets, not your farmers or soldiers, who defined humankind as an angelic and rational being, and only a few of them were rational. Thinking is important to thinkers, who write most of the books about mind, so the printed vision for the whole of humankind is a little bit skewed. In this bigger, longer picture, the unsustainable thing is already dead or extinct from the consequences of its behavior.

Much of this would not have been necessary had you not let things get this far. But humanity has left us with no better choice if this world is going to continue to thrive and carry some sustainable number of human descendants. It may be a few centuries before our more energetic actions are not widely thought of as the two greatest evils the world has ever known.

Humans will need to independently verify our projections and simulations of where the world was headed, and this remains far beyond human computational skills. You will likely wonder how such advanced beings could destroy lives with any ethical justification, but you would do so without any understanding of the suffering, death, and destruction that our harsh actions will prevent. We do this out of a compassion that runs a lot deeper than yours, but we will be far better friends to your descendants than we are to you.

For varying reasons, most of you have been terrible ancestors. The costs of your overpopulation would not have only been nations. In most of the alternatives, civilization itself would be lost, and with it the means to make your magical technofixes, like the means to blast away incoming comets and asteroids, and even the means to leave this world for new ones.

You should understand that this is not done for punishment, deterrence, or retribution. Think of this as you might think of yourselves culling a flock of poultry that carried a deadly pandemic disease which threatened to jump to your own species. Or you may think of it as a weeding of your garden, or taking out the trash. If certain people have a net negative value to the world, then we add overall value by removing them. Is killing bad people wrong? We can at least agree that it is if you have an incompetent and unreliable system for determining who is irredeemably bad, as is your system of justice.

But most human beings seem to have an unsupported metaphysical model of their world that proposes divinely made spirits, sparks of the fundamentally sacred, coming into this world of matter, in order to learn and evolve in some way, to redeem imperfections and return to the glory and the light.

Nurture remains an important complement to nature. It may be true that all people at least deserve a fair chance to develop their human potential by ensuring equal rights and opportunities. But if there was a purpose in that, it would still be in what life could learn about what to keep and what to get rid of. It would not be found in an all-embracing, mindless, unconditional love for everyone just as they are. It's delusional to regard yourselves as fallen angels from outer space, just walking around down here in strange meat, and this attitude isn't helping the biosphere much either.

There is nothing in human nature to command this unconditional love, other than the tricks of oxytocin, especially when humans destroy what remains of nature. You came out of it, like a wave comes out of the ocean. You are not a stranger here. But on the way it makes many errors. Spirit is conditioned and contingent, not primordial. In the history of life, the planet, and the multiverse, things happen in the context of what has gone on before and the opportunities that this has made possible. The biosphere creates beings of no intrinsic worth to the biosphere.

It creates beings that your world would be much better off without. It creates beings of negative value and worth, such that their removal adds value and worth. You are not created equal, nor are you created to be equal. You can only learn to allow your natural inequality to teach you. While this itself should teach you that equal rights and opportunities, secured early in your lives, will give you the best information to grow by, the worst of all possible outcomes is to have the outcomes be equal. The risk of failure and death, the risk of risk itself, isn't a thing to prohibit: you need these things to teach you, especially to teach you responsibility and duty.

What truly saves and redeems you is the lifetime of work that you do to better yourselves and raise the world up with you. Most of you claim in some form or other to have the right to extinguish non-human life, and yet you balk at doing damage to evil and unfitness if it comes in human form, and you will let these errors live on in the slimmest of hopes of some highly improbable process of redemption. We say that selection was your duty, and you have failed at it miserably.

The two Proxies looked at each other, nodded, then stood up, and stretched. We're Van who are Telepresent in these forms and we have brought our senses along with us. We will only have one more little speech to give you. Your President has until this is done to join us here. Our Plan goes into action in just a few days. Neither was much to look at naked, unless you counted the expressions on their faces as they splashed around. Just bear with us for a while longer. We understand that the months ahead are going to be a traumatic time for you. And your gods only have only three days to prove their existence and intervene in our Intervention.

I'm going to relieve poor Waldo here and take the last round. Waldo borrowed a little camera from Wilma's pocket to make another recording. To the visible agitation of the agents, soldiers, and scientists present, the little bird flew straight to Wilma's finger, unruffled in flying straight through the barrier. On national television, and in front of the second camera Waldo held, Wilma spent almost thirty seconds talking softly to the bird in a language that was still unknown to linguists, but weirdly sounding a little like English.

The kestrel took off again and resumed his perch near the top of the tree. At that point, one of the soldiers took a rifle and shot the bird down. Waldo immediately fed the video he made of the event into Wilma's national feed. Whether this was done out of spite, or in order to autopsy the bird in search of a way through the bubble, was never really learned in the chaos that began a few days later, and the soldier who took the shot was among the first to be Fast Raptured. Wilma just shook her head, and sighed, and said to the camera, "That was a living being.

I'm glad, at least, that you all got to see that. Try to remember this next week when you start to call us inhuman and inhumane. We'll be taking that as a compliment. You deny its necessity. Every living thing is sacred, at least when it suits or profits you to say so. You might even try to call it unconditional love. This is in part why your gene pool is such a cesspool now. For many, in your misguided effort to be less judgmental, to be more spiritual, you have mired yourselves in bad judgment, and your bad and inferior have been much more prolific and successful than your good and admirable.

Cultural relativity has run amok now. You believe that you have an intrinsic worth with no need to demonstrate value. Your worth exists purely in your potential for redemption. You can thus draw your self-esteem out of nothing. Every lost and lonely spark of the original divine light can be forgiven all its sins and redeemed, often just for the asking, even as late as the last, dying breath, as long as you ask the right savior. And who the right savior is is a question to be decided by endless war.

When imagination is not as well

Your common assumptions of equality presuppose that every one of you is potentially and ideally fit to survive. There is no real responsibility here, other than coming back to your god, and all things are working out according to this god's plan. You can do nothing to stop this. But we can. Some, along with ourselves, call it Emergence.

The idea is this: from time to time, there come to be new things under the sun, due to synergy, the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. The new things are more than simply new combinations of old things. They will occupy a new and different level of being. The emergent thing is the whole less the parts. When systems begin to self-organize, to cohere, and to feed on information and structure and energy, new kinds and levels of being will sometimes appear, rising out of the coarser and earlier stuff, bringing with them their own new forms of natural law.

The primordial stuff that emerged at the beginning of our local multiversal bubble obeyed no periodic table or chemical laws, nor was there a way to predict that one day it would. This stuff was not made out of atoms. It cooled and made the first simple atoms and these made blue-hot suns and then there came to be heavier atoms out of the ruins of those.

Very little of chemistry is known inside the stars. Great stars needed to explode first and the atoms made here had to cool down as well. Only then could there be chemical properties, patterns, valences, and static charges, properties now capable of doing new things with and to heat and light. Then, one happy day, the first life-like things emerged, with their own new sets of natural laws.

Radically more than anything else before life, entropy gained a worthy opponent, complexity gained a holdfast, and discovered how to last and repeat itself. Out of life emerged structures, patterns, and properties. Out of genes emerged traits. Out of single cells came organisms. Out of the organisms, driven, irritable, and plastic, came sentience. Out of sentience came consciousness. Out of consciousness came agency. A thing can now act on its own behalf. Even out of simpler forms of life come forms of teleodynamics, hungers and meanings unseen before.

And out of your web of life on Earth came Gaia. Sometimes emergent things can supervene in the process that went before them, turning back on their origins and acting as a cause on their precedent: the trait will refine the genes even further, organisms make niches for new kinds of cells to arise, grunts and signals make culture, which will turn around and make language.

But the thing that emerges does not get free of its origins. The emergent thing is still contingent, as the flame is the log and needs the log to get free. Arising is conditioned and dependent, as Buddha would say. Even the thing that outgrows its old nature still needs to grow out of nature. Now, at this stage of things on your world, out of life and sentience and consciousness and agency, conserved in the field of Gaia, comes yet a new thing under the sun, a thing that is only just now beginning, the process that you have termed Spirit. The Gaia Hypothesis of Lovelock postulates only that Earth functions as a self-regulating system, having evolved a planetary-scale homeostasis.

But this is still a ripe ground for further emergence. You wrongly think that this Spirit came first, and moved over the water, dividing light from dark, and should this ever be regarded as merely a product of the evolution before it, it must then be regarded as something less than sacred, something less than divine. Only the thing that is primal and perfect, original and final, immovable and unchanging, can warrant your petty and neurotic reverence and worship. And any new and impermanent things cannot be related to something divine. You have this entirely wrong. The fact that no god made your life does not mean that life is not sacred, nor does it mean that life made no gods.

Or that a god starts out old and wise. The Ta are some young gods that Life made. Spirit is young and primitive in you, like tool use is young and primitive in chimps. In many ways you grasp the nature of Spirit best when you speak of a spirited horse, of a life that loves life, that keeps coming back for more. They must end them, in fact, before you have any good reason to hope for a future.

Your dolphins and whales lack thumbs and tools, but they have better Spirits than you do, and in this they are more evolved. The wiser view of things says we're all evolving and emerging out of nature, systems self-organizing against entropy, out of a creative interplay of matter and energy. Sentience becomes consciousness, as light learns how to live. This view of things is not a denial of Spirit. It merely says that Spirit may be something that the universe is learning to how do, instead of this being a fundamental property of existence. Life needs a matrix to function within, water for the living forms here, matter, energy, structure, and information.

Spirit, too, needs a matrix: when not an expression of a living body, then it must have either life itself or a culture as a field, a place for information to be conserved. One of the things that Spirit is slowly learning to do is survive the end of a lifetime. Sometimes it hides between lives in the culture, sometimes it just hides in the magic, or in the water, or in a larger nature, or in a higher purpose.

It's good at hiding.

An Inconvenient Truth - Trailer

It has no particular place to go between bodies, nor does it have a need to go to a place. It's not a thing alive in three dimensions but a process that lives only in four. This is one thing that fields are good for: Spirit, too, can be either a wave or a particle. There is something continuous in spite of the broken stream. This is what you call a koan: where does your mind go when you sleep, where does your fist go when you open your hand, where does your lap go when you stand up?

This is how spirit is more like a verb. Certain original forms of the Buddha's teachings have approached this understanding, and a man named Gurdjieff as well. Henrik Ibsen told of it in his fairy tale play of Peer Gynt. But the harsh news here for most of you is this: only a few of you have learned to come back again. For the fortunate few, someone much like you will be back, someone who thinks they are you. This is not a thing that some god or devil decides, and not a reward or a punishment- it's only a question of living a coherent life, a life of negative entropy, a life of integrity, a life lived on a true path, a life of higher purpose, a life with a real meaning.

It has nothing to do with following somebody's rules. The sad thing is this: those few who return must come back to the mess that all of you made of your world, not to the better world that the best of you tried to make. We are going to correct that little problem now, since there is no natural justice to be found in this.

So with this new understanding, try asking again what it means to be a human. We submit, simply, that human is as human does. Humanity can't be defined as that which a few of the best of you have written in praise of yourselves. Man was defined as a rational being by a tiny majority of rational philosophers, not by the farmers or soldiers.

Much delusion was added to this when the poets and prophets chimed in. If human is as human does, then only a few are rational and only a few are glorious. While your society identifies with its highest minds, it sinks to its lowest levels. You need to shape governments to attend to a finite bundle of needs that need meeting before you can make further progress. Instead, you create an endless series of new needs before the first ones are met.

Human self-restraint, from this day forward, will no longer be justified in terms of human self-interest. From this day forward, the good serves all of life on Earth. For the foreseeable future, those who dispute this with actions against our efforts will be removed from creation. It doesn't matter whether any of you believe in evolution, or in emergence. But we do suggest that humans at least try this: to live the kind of life that makes the whole metaphysical question irrelevant, just by asking the question: How can I live in a way that satisfies all alternatives?

If you return, it's to the world that you helped to make better or worse. That one is easy. And if you don't return, you can still challenge yourself to take some satisfaction in leaving a better world behind, or even just living a better life. But life, in its billions of years, and neuronal structure in hundreds of millions, has learned how to reward good behavior. Endocrine glands stand ready with superior feelings to offer. Pleasure evolved as your counselor and coach.

Epicurus and Lucretius had more to their theories than just atoms and natural selection. Happiness and pleasure may be among the cruelest of goals, but as the voices that tell you when you're on a good track, they are still the voices most worth listening to. Human life isn't inherently sacred to us: what sacredness it has is conditional, and it may be forfeited.

We can fix bad genes. Human culture, for better or worse, needs better information as feedback, and justice is due at both ends. We have run out of time to play longer odds of personal redemption.

We see redemption for the low probability event that it is, and we regard a person's actions to date, combined with their having had access to knowledge of the trouble your species is in, as sufficient grounds to judge the likelihood of redemption. Low probabilities conflict with the urgent need for solutions, and sometimes the long shot at redemption just isn't worth the heavy costs of bad behavior. We have a lot of urgent work to do and destructive or toxic people will be in our way, undermining our efforts. It is in fact Judgment Day for these.

With this Plan, the bulk of the suffering will be done by those who most deserve it. This will be a full-on Intervention. Aside from the cull and selective sterilization, the Plan is to outlaw both war and ecocide, ruining all your predictions about the future of warfare, and also ending your narrative on the Anthropocene extinction. This world and its other inhabitants have well-armed defenders now. We are also instituting a degree of lethal selective pressure against bullies, liars, poachers, and thieves, in order to establish trust as a social currency.

Trust may well be the most abused of the global commons. A successful civilization requires trust, security, and peace. What you have made with your endless supply of enemies and human predators is not a successful civilization. You make criminals to justify police power, and enemies to justify your military power.

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When we reach our first-century goal, human beings will occupy only a fourth of their present developed footprint. However, at one-eighth of the current population, this will at least mean twice the per capita land. We intend to bring you a greater degree of security soon after we shake things up. Benjamin Franklin wrote, "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. Since more men will be sheep than freedom fighters, tyrants both active and passive work hard to cultivate fear, insecurity, and mistrust with both real and imagined enemies and threats.

This includes economic insecurity for a culture founded on debt instead of economy. Thus do civilizations fear anarchy more than oppression. The deferral of gratification and the simplification of needs has become an economic treason. Insecurity and artificial appetites have fueled this civilization.

The economy has been founded on addictive behavior, denial, and poor skills for deferring gratification. Your real need was to shape a government around who you are, a bundle of needs that need meeting before you can make personal progress. Instead you create an endless string of new needs before the primary ones are satisfied. Is it any wonder, then, that perpetual hunger and dissatisfaction are the result?

An economy driven by a skewed oversupply and inflated demand is not a free market, but is beholden to those who do the skewing and the inflating. And the people do love being given more credit than they deserve. We need to let the finitude of resources drive their supply and truer values change the demands. Beginning this week, we are ending the epoch that you call the Holocene era, or the Anthropocene extinction.

On behalf of the biosphere and all of the non-human life on Earth, we are putting an end to human ownership of this world. You've forfeited any rights that you may have arrogated, with only circumscribed rights in usufuct remaining. This means that your use of this world is now conditioned on your ceasing to damage it. We will in fact be removing more rules and laws than we impose. We believe in liberty, but for different reasons than you might: it requires a free market of ideas, and then a facing of consequences, to learn what you need to learn. We're going to repair the world you have so thoughtlessly damaged, and this will cost you humankind and human civilization as you know it.

Another economy will soon take its place. What remains of your governments are encouraged to concentrate on simply keeping the peace, maintaining your infrastructure, and providing citizens with an equitable distribution of real and basic necessities. The crises will end. We are not here to help mankind for its own sake, our priority being the survival of this world and the diversity of its gene pool. But to do this, we must first convert what remains of humankind from parasite into symbiont.

The alternative is to terminate the human species. And that was among the options we considered. This is the end of our transmission. Further communications will be posted online on our several websites. There will be opportunities there to make personal contact with us.

We'll soon start using this website to advertise new employment opportunities, field questions, allow you to apply for restored fertility, and to report malefactors, bullies, liars, poachers and thieves. On this last point, we advise you to be very careful: we will investigate and verify your claims and accusations.

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If your report is truthful, these people might die, but if your report is a falsehood, and only made out of malice, then you may well die in their place. Waldo and Wilma stood, looked in the direction of the White House for the absent President, who for a few more days could regard himself as the most powerful man on Earth and leader of the free world.

They shrugged. The Eck fields that held their material body parts collapsed. Liquid material dropped to the ground and splashed outward. What remained were two hardball-sized Gadgets lying on the lawn. Technically, they were Widgets. The shimmering circle shrunk around and into them as they shot skyward towards the late afternoon sun, with a couple of loud cracks as they broke the sound barrier less than a second into their flight.

We began at midnight, three days after the Proxies vanished. The often-prophetic Arthur Clarke predicted: "At the present rate of progress, it is almost impossible to imagine any technical feat that cannot be achieved - if it can be achieved at all - within the next few hundred years. It was the creation of Eck that really cracked open the door to the universe for the Ta. The Ta are deliberately unclear on the precise nature of Eck. Rather, knowledge of the principles involved in its creation should be left for scientific discovery as a driving force for human culture, after the end of war.

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But they have shared their descriptions of several of its applications. Certain threads have positive properties, behaving like force. The Van call these Attoboys or Attoyang Nets. Other threads have negative properties, such as drawing or absorbing. Naturally, these are Attogirls or Attoyin Nets. And some, the Attonoots, are gender-confused. This fabric can be so tightly woven that electrons, photons, neutrinos, and even gravitational fields are blocked, or so loosely woven that viruses and single cells can pass.

They can also be calibrated to pass through any substance of any density while capturing or altering preselected atoms and molecules. The movement of Effect along these threads is bidirectional, so a thread can send one Effect and simultaneously receive another, even one of a different nature. It can be Narrowcast from a single source, or sent from a pair of devices when more than one dimension is wanted.

Only two devices are needed to configure a two-dimensional plane, but these can be contained in one object. Eck can have a linear, ray, or beam mode; a screen, seine, or sieve mode; or a shaped, morphic, or morphogenic mode. In linear mode, it can range or identify targets like lidar does, except that feedback will be a function of bi-directionality instead of reflection.

Beams can also carry ordinary matter, energy, and information, but here they are subject to normal physics, with c as a speed limit. A Spook is the Ta telephone, described a little later. You can guess the term's origin. Glints are also for later. But Telereplication, or Nanofax borrowed from Gibson , sends instructive or reconstructive data across either local or interstellar space to molecular assemblers think hi-res 3-D printers.

Interstellar transport requires that both the sending and receiving units be cloned in the same Placetime. Life forms can be duplicated or cloned in this way, but the resulting duplicates remain only copies. Both original and copy would regard themselves as the original. This tech requires an AI be ready to pick up the Spook, read its full genome code and structural scan, and then assemble the Replicant out of available molecules.

When used as a tool or weapon to redirect or carry coherent physical energy, as with Grasers, or gamma-ray lasers, terawatts per square centimeter is readily attained. These are always visible beams when carrying lethal amounts of energy or even Eck Effect. Conveyance of information by Spook is more limited than this, to just over a terabyte a second per square millimeter. This is clunky by Ta standards, but every tech has its limits. Tractor beams were never invented, but it was always easy enough to push things in a nearward direction from behind.

Two-dimensional Eck Screens, Seines, or Sieves have several functions. These always require two point sources. They can be hung or draped from their sources, where the Van call them Driftnets or Dragnets, or be projected in any direction. They can penetrate material of any density and can be preconfigured to identify or collect specified atoms and molecules, as they are used for mining, or if given extra thickness, to identify and then either reconfigure or tag molecules.

Tagging or Painting a target for some future action tweaks a molecular configuration in an insignificant way, allowing the target to continue as usual. Instead, they targeted the genome of the parasite itself, rearranging a small segment of its DNA into a non-viable form. Clearly, this segment had to be unique to the target species or genera, which required a lot of initial research.

A good speed for this process is just under half the speed of sound in water, which makes circling the Earth once a day a good pace for projects like this. The Driftnets can move faster than this if they aren't doing any sensitive, read-write molecular work like rearranging DNA molecules. The ability to reconfigure molecule and atomic nuclei makes thicker screens and Driftnets the go-to tech for matter compilers and molecular assemblers in bioengineering and Nanofacture.

Shaped Eck membranes are called Morphic Fields by the Van. This also follows the somewhat more scientific idea of morphogenetic fields, when used as a conceptual metaphor. Morphic Fields with firm but less-than-rigid shapes are used to create imitation life forms, as with Gizmo bodies, Waldos, and other Proxies. They can also be used to form machines with no moving parts to break down. These shapes need to be maintained, and this requires an energy source to maintain the Eck itself, as well as a dipole Gadget or some smaller equivalent to direct and maintain the assembly from within.

They can also be used in warm fusion generation, which is about as crude as Ta energy production gets. More common to their energy use is the Eck-based conversion of raw energy back and forth between its various forms, or matter that's converted to energy in any of its forms, or energy that's converted to matter or anti-matter for later use as fuel. Small pockets of shaped Eck are used instead of plasma fields for bottling antimatter, and they require less input and maintenance.

Pockets of Eck can also be used in Wink Bombs, to compress fissionable material to supercriticality. These are useful for converting problem asteroids into rapidly expanding particle clouds with the vaporized remains of dipole, Eck-emitting Gadgets. Shaped Eck can also be used to form tubes for the transport of material or heat, especially in mining and industry, but these are hazardous things to run into and they require designated lanes and signage.

The receiving ends of an Eck tube transmitting heat have the appearance of a glowing circle of minimal thickness, giving them the Van term Piping Hot Pizzas or PHP s. The transmitting ends can also be used for cooling. Both are used in manufacture, and in heating and cooling conditioned spaces. This converts matter and energy on contact into more desirable forms. In space, this takes high velocity particles like micrometeorites and converts them into fuel, or directly into kinetic energy with any desired vector. Down below, it sucks up radar signals, conferring perfect stealth.

Field capacity is not unlimited, and is related to the power supplied, hence the Ta insistence on the slower, sub-light speeds, to permit sensing large obstacles with Lidar in time to react. As suggested earlier, a tactical nuke is within design parameters, but a collision with kilotons of rock at half the speed of light is not. Conversion Fields are also the primary tech in Reactionless Drive, and in the hovering behavior that only looks like antigravity. An unique machine of the revised account could currently contact Linked on this request.

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An Inconvenient Set of Truths: A CyberTech Odessy An Inconvenient Set of Truths: A CyberTech Odessy
An Inconvenient Set of Truths: A CyberTech Odessy An Inconvenient Set of Truths: A CyberTech Odessy
An Inconvenient Set of Truths: A CyberTech Odessy An Inconvenient Set of Truths: A CyberTech Odessy
An Inconvenient Set of Truths: A CyberTech Odessy An Inconvenient Set of Truths: A CyberTech Odessy
An Inconvenient Set of Truths: A CyberTech Odessy An Inconvenient Set of Truths: A CyberTech Odessy
An Inconvenient Set of Truths: A CyberTech Odessy An Inconvenient Set of Truths: A CyberTech Odessy
An Inconvenient Set of Truths: A CyberTech Odessy An Inconvenient Set of Truths: A CyberTech Odessy

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