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As an artist, you have to progress and evolve. Joan Jett is an originator, an innovator, and a visionary. Blackheart is one of the longest running indie labels and continues to give voice to new bands. She has appeared on such acclaimed television shows as Oprah the last season and Law and Order. Her music has become a permanent force in mainstream culture.

Jett was close to the project: She served as an executive producer. Joan Jett has spent her lifetime breaking barriers and challenging expectations — this is, after all, a woman who is both a spokesperson for PETA and a devoted supporter of the US Military. When The Cult were preparing to hit the stage at Coachella in , few were expecting the fury that the band delivered.

Critics have hailed the band as incendiary, ground-breaking, and transcendent, but the band themselves choose to look forward… and in a lot of ways, prefer to be seen as survivors… marginalized and vulgarized, much in the same way their song subjects have been. And it was on the ride home from this performance in the desert that the roots of their tenth album Hidden City began to take root. There is no higher authority than the heart. There is unfathomable poverty in the hidden city, a town the Argentine government turns a blind eye towards while highlighting the cosmopolitan and European flair of the more proper sections of the city.

It is within this archetype that their music takes shape and learns to breathe. Produced by Bob Rock and written by Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy the team has collaborated on what has turned out to be the brutal and beautiful masterpiece Hidden City.


Renaissance Cleveland Hotel, Ohio

Throughout history, art rejoices and revels in the wisdom of women. Within a deck of tarot cards, the High Priestess serves as the guardian of the unconscious. In Greek mythology, the old oracles celebrate the Mother Goddess. I always write from a personal place, and I needed to share that sense of strength. Sometimes, I can be very suggestive.

There was a really clear direction. Upon release, it seized their highest position to date on the Billboard Top , bowing at 8. Following a high-profile summer tour with Korn and Rob Zombie, the duo began writing. Then, Maria visited Salem, MA for the very first time with all of the women in her family quite appropriately during Halloween. I was seeking inspiration and experience to inspire me in this album. I was trying to find a lot of truth in myself. I loved Salem. I was blown away by how visually beautiful it is. The history of the witch burnings is fascinating.

It was a special ceremonial journey. In an atmosphere of candles, crystals, incense, and a cackling fireplace, they expanded their aural palette once again, welcoming a doom blues bombast into the sonic fold. We slowed down the groove a little bit. Guitars shiver and shake as the frontwoman delivers an undeniable refrain. When I was younger, I felt guilty for thinking of these things. He jumped right on it. We did our own interpretation and made it a little more sinister like our ritual.

Be strong. Be loud. We love our fans deeply. I hope everybody feels that love and powerful in who they are. In the two decades since, the unlikely black-and-white rock-and-roll heroes have filled the mantels of Hive Manor with countless awards, sold millions of records, and blown even more minds with a superhuman live show that shakes the halls of Heaven and rattles the bowels of Hell.

Matt Destruction on bass, and Chris Dangerous on drums. They made the rounds on late night TV in the US and Europe and laid waste to festivals on both continents, cementing their status as the greatest live band in the world and leaving behind a sea of lesser rock and roll mortals and exhausted fans in their wake. So we have our work cut out. They toured even more mercilessly than ever before, conquering new lands like South America along the way and asserting in no uncertain terms that The Hives intended to make not just three, not just four, but more consecutive great records than any band to come before them.

What mountains remain to be climbed, what lands are yet to be conquered? Will we ever hear from them again? Magma causes volcanic eruptions. Gojira incite a similar release on their sixth full-length album and second for Roadrunner Records, Magma. Fueled by unbridled emotion, the ten tracks confront the fragility of life, the aftershocks of loss, and what lies beyond this realm. Musically, the French quartet—brothers Joe Duplantier [vocals, guitar] and Mario Duplantier [drums], Christian Andreu [guitar], and Jean-Michel Labadie [bass]—gracefully swings between quaking and quivering guitars, mind-bending percussion, chillingly elegant melodies, and cosmic atmospherics.

The band has always dealt in extremes, uncovering light in darkness and finding beauty in heaviness. Magma continues that tradition, while expanding the sonic palette. From top to bottom, these ten tracks represent Gojira at their most passionate, powerful, and pure uninhibited by the any outside influences and literally in its own sphere.

He personally envisioned, designed, and oversaw the construction of his own Silver Cord Studio over the course of six months.

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It was worth it at the end because we had our own place to make music. We composed eighty percent of the music together in the studio. Everybody was on the same page. Amidst the sonic groundswell, Joe delivers a hypnotic chant. Even though we went through a hard time, we put everything we could into this. The hardcore punk outfit the Distillers first came together in late when Aussie native Brody Armstrong met bassist Kim Chi at work and realized their love for playing.

Soon they hooked up with Detroit guitarist Rose Casper and drummer Matt. Signed to Epitaph, the band issued its self-titled debut in April Granelli left the band in early , moving on to play with Darker My Love, and by summer, Sinn had exited as well, later joining up with Angels and Airwaves. Despite rumors, the Distillers, now just comprised of Dalle and Bradley, denied that they were breaking up, instead simply going on hiatus.

If you take for granted that music exists as an expression of the inner mortal psyche, life can turn into an infinitely captivating adventure when musical creation is placed in the hands of a singular breed of enigmatic perfectionists. When those graced with the rare gifts of astounding technical abilities and songwriting prowess are also fueled by a sacred trinity of creativity, originality, and self-belief, the results will always steer clear of any sub-genre categorization.

An entity that has not sounded like anyone else in over thirteen years, MESHUGGAH are one of the few purely and honestly lateral-thinking forces genuinely dedicated to pushing the boundaries of extreme music simply because doing so comes naturally to them. Unafraid to take risks and tackle new experiences, they create albums you can listen to six years later and still discover things you never noticed before. Every copy sold. Produced by a year-old Daniel Bergstrand at Soundfront Studios in Uppsala, Sweden and consisting of equal parts instinct, inspiration, and natural talent, Destroy Erase Improve provided positive proof that the band had tapped a truly multi-dimensional, divergent vein.

A mind-bending masterpiece. After pushing the limits of heaviness with Chaosphere, there was only one place left to go: even heavier. Completed just two days prior to the band leaving Sweden to join Ozzfest, the darker, more sinister, and all-encompassing menacing vibe of Nothing was doused in accolades. It would be three years before the next studio album surfaced, but in the interim, kudos for the band kept coming. Such furiously mesmerizing music obviously requires its share of discipline. An audio exam in patience and endurance, Catch Thirty Three offered a reward only to those who were insistent on completing the journey through this warped, metaphoric dream state.

Obviously mastering the 8-string guitars that were prototypes on the previous album, MESHUGGAH tapped into the hypnotic power of repetition, suggesting a lot of visual imagery and movement. Again, the praise was incessant. Change breeds change. Change fosters growth. Growth is life. Like the thunderous pulsations of the heart incessantly beating to get us through this menial existence we call life, MESHUGGAH excels at revealing that all paths leading to syncopated bliss are paved with arrhythmia. He was an only child, but the population of the two-bedroom apartment swelled to as many as 13 inhabitants due to cousins, aunts, uncles and refuges from ethnic strife in Kosovo.

It was in the family restaurant that Bronson developed his enduring fascination with quality eating. While Bronson was a ravenous musical connoisseur who grew up admiring artists like Kool G. But a few years back, he penned a satirical song over a Southern beat CD and the results were improbably impressive.

With an oversized personality, intricate wordplay and the cagy charm of an outer-borough striver, he was a natural. And after a broken leg forced him out of the kitchen, Bronson began writing seriously.

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In alone, he released Bon Appetit…. Lecter and Well Done. In awarding the effort a lofty 8. Music is scheduled for Wonderful in March The work received critical acclaim from Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, and more, debuting at 7 on the Billboard To date, the four album singles racked up a cool 45m plays on Soundcloud alone. Since proving his chops as a host and entertainer, Bronson is set to take the reins and add a new twist to the massively popular, cult favorite TV show Ancient Aliens.

On the show, Bronson combines two of his favorite things: watching Ancient Aliens and smoking weed along with insightful and often ridiculous commentary. The book is currently being written and is schedule for release in fall In just a few years, The Struts have found themselves massively embraced by some of the greatest icons in rock-and-roll history. Working with producers like Butch Walker Weezer, Panic! Known for his lovably swaggering stage presence—the very factor that gave The Struts their name—Spiller soon inspired legendary designers like former Queen costumer Zandra Rhodes to custom-create his lavish and glittering onstage attire.

Following the announcement, Refused confirmed a host of summer festival appearances, before indicating that their re-formation was for only. Despite claiming their reunion was limited only to , they were announced for the Reading and Leeds Festivals. Their fourth studio album, Freedom, was slated for release in , coming 17 years after The Shape of Punk to Come. Having shared the stage with acts ranging from Rise Against to Slayer, the diversity and versatility of their touring is unparalleled and a true testament to their reach.

They continued building a respected name for themselves in the Australian hardcore scene, often opening for Bleeding Through, Shadows Fall, Every Time I Die, Hatebreed, and other American bands who were touring abroad. For its full-length debut, the band journeyed to the U. Recorded over a two-week period in , Killing with a Smile entered the Australian independent chart at number two upon its February release. The debut album sold extremely well across the country and later saw a North American release through Epitaph Records in August of that year.

For its sophomore effort, the band again traveled to Massachusetts to reprise its successful partnership with Dutkiewicz. The metallic Horizons was released by Epitaph in October In , Atlas arrived, a more adventurous and varied album with production assistance by Slayer producer Matt Hyde. Months later, Parkway Drive returned to the studio to record their sixth set.

Black Label Society bandleader Zakk Wylde wields his guitar like a Viking weapon, bashing out thick riffage and squeezing out expressive squeals as if the glory of his Berserker brotherhood depends upon every single note, which of course, it does. They are the soundtracks to sweat soaked revelry, jubilant evenings that descend into bewildering mornings, and adrenaline fueled sports. BLS is rounded out, in the studio and onstage, by guitarist Dario Lorina since and powerhouse drummer Jeff Fabb since To many, Wylde is synonymous with pinch harmonics as much as Chuck Berry dreamt up the duck walk.

His infamous leather bellbottoms hang in the Grammy Museum. He is a playable character in the Guitar Hero games. One part invading horde and all parts traveling carnival party, Black Label Society traverses the world powered by caffeine and cacophony. BLS engages and inspires audiences everywhere they go, on every radio dial they burn, inviting all comers to join in and participate in their brotherhood and sisterhood of hard rock and vigor. Now ten studio albums deep, with solo records, Ozzy shows, and Zakk Sabbath tours all kicking ass simultaneously, Black Label Society rides ever forward, fist held high.

Beartooth began as an emotional exorcism. Conceived, constructed, and unleashed by one man in a basement studio. The fierce dedication to honesty, authenticity, and raw fury demonstrated by Caleb Shomo is at the center of everything Beartooth represents. These are anthems for the downtrodden and disconnected, celebrated with sing-alongs on international tours; supporting Slipknot, Bring Me The Horizon, or Pierce The Veil; on the Kerrang!

What began as artistic self-medication for a single multi-instrumentalist and producer, with no career aspirations or grand plans, quickly caught fire. As Beartooth became a fully functioning band, bringing these intimate musings to the masses, that purity remained, via a consistently isolated creative methodology. The third full-length album from Beartooth is a painstaking, riff-driven examination of the unshakeable throes of depression. This is music about survival. At the end of the day, it is a very dark album. Even as Shomo and his bandmates played to sold-out crowds across Europe, the battle against mental illness and childhood issues returned, and the seed for Disease was planted.

The title track was the first song written for it, setting the overall tone. As always, Shomo recorded vocals, guitars, bass, and drums, and mixed the album himself with assistance from an engineer, now with executive producer and Grammy winner Nick Raskulinecz, who has worked with Foo Fighters and Rush.

  1. Acorns: Windows High-Tide Foghat : Volume III;
  2. Hofbrauhaus columbus oktoberfest.
  3. Swift.

To further enhance the emotional realism Beartooth champions, the third full-length album was tracked in a brand new environment, with an old-school urgency. After crafting the songs in his usual basement domain, Shomo made the trip from the familiar comfort of his equipment and isolation in Ohio to Blackbird in Nashville.

Thankfully, going into that environment just brought out the best.

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It made the songs feel even more real. It was all worth it. The famous recording studio was the birthplace of pivotal work from a massive list of legends, tastemakers, and up-and-comers; like Alice In Chains, Taylor Swift, and Greta Van Fleet. Disease really encompasses everything emotionally that I wanted to convey. I wrote a couple songs and I felt way better afterward.

Especially with this record, there are no compromises. It is exactly what I wanted to make. With Beartooth, what begins each time as the personal expression of one man is shared with his bandmates, then through the power of musical inspiration and connection, is given to the world then returns to its creator, to begin the cycle anew.

But I knew that at some point, I had to learn from it. Or let it inspire us to live the life that Tom would have wanted us to live. I was very worried about people taking away a despondent message from the album. I felt a level of responsibility to provide a light at the end of the tunnel for people who are going through terrible experiences.

Finding a way forward, the band spent six months from the Fall of through the Spring of this year recording what would become the song album, with Dan and guitar player Josh Middleton handling production. As the co-founder of Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave and Prophets Of Rage, and through collaborations with everyone from Bruce Springsteen to Johnny Cash, he has continually pushed the limits of what one man can do with six strings.

Morello knew some of his collaborators beforehand, particularly the Wu-Tang members, with whom Rage Against The Machine shared an infamous U. In other cases, the connections were serendipitous, such as when Morello heard K. In four members of Pussy Riot made international headlines by running onto a football field during the World Cup final demanding to release all political prisoners.

Pussy Riot performance on stage is a radical audio-visual live act touching topics like gender identity, personal freedom, climate change, transgression and how activism can help us to shape the better world. He has the songs that allow him to showcase what a powerful performer he is and we really harnessed that here. That catharsis is ultimately what lies at the core of Disobey.

Because there really are no limitations to what the five of us can accomplish with this band. Not long after the Vietnam War, Bad Brains rallied a Rastafarian punk spirit against the international blight of apartheid and the coked-out corporate greed synonymous with eighties America. Bringing blue brutality to the forefront of the zeitgeist, N. Dre and eventually Kendrick Lamar, Fishbone tackled poverty and urged for social justice.

The list of sonic rebels goes on and on…. In , the United States of America feels ripe for a musical uprising. Divided more than ever in its year history over systemic issues of immigration, race, class warfare, inequality, and misogyny, the time for change is now. The band is The Fever Comprised of vocalist Jason Aalon Butler [ex-letlive.

By no means do we expect other artists to take on this task. Most of the people who made big improvements were either assassinated or just called crazy. We make it ostensibly clear that everything we do is in an active effort for change. Travis and John supported my desire to create something a little dangerous that was subservice: musically and in ethos.

We opened the floodgates together. Around this time, the frontman made a conscious decision to disband letlive. It was time for a new era. Feverishly writing, each session yielded more tunes. Last summer, The Fever made their live debut—quite appropriately—on July 4, They hijacked the parking lot of infamous L. On their upcoming EP, that purpose can be felt loud and clear.

The people in power benefit from that. Three is the magic number. The strongest shape in geometry is the triangle with its three points. Our generation has so much power. If we can rally together and cultivate this strength and solidarity, I believe we can be the change. Mark Lanegan is an American alternative musician and singer-songwriter. Born and raised in Ellensburg, Washington, Lanegan began his musical career in , forming the grunge band Screaming Trees. He now has a career as a solo artist. Across continents, over oceans, through multiple time zones.

From West Hollywood to… Tunbridge Wells. A long way — but Mark Lanegan knows the directions. Early in , Mark was at home in Los Angeles, working on some ideas for what might turn into his next album. Then he got an email from a friend, an English musician named Rob Marshall, thanking Mark for contributing to a new project he was putting together, Humanist. Now Rob was offering to write Mark some music to return the favour. In the meantime, Mark had written Blue Blue Sea, a rippling mood piece that he thought might be a more fruitful direction for his new record, and had the idea for a song called First Day Of Winter that felt like an apt closer.

Whatever my first couple of lines are tell me what the next couple should be. Start with the raw material and let that point me in the direction I want to go. So, once I was pointed in that direction, the music that came from other sources, from Rob, I just went for the ones that helped me build this narrative that I had started already. Within an hour, Mark had written words and vocal lines for two of the pieces Rob had cooked up at Mount Sion Studios in Kent and pinged through the virtual clouds to California.

Both Blues Funeral and Phantom Radio unfurled at leisurely pace over several months. But this time Johannes had only a fixed window of opportunity due to his ongoing touring commitments as a member of P. But Mark was sufficiently happy with the material to move swiftly, a reflection of contentment with his abilities as a singer and writer, which have now produced a huge body of work spanning a period of more than 30 years: whether it be his own solo records, or collaborative recordings with others, or going back to his legendary first band, the Screaming Trees.

Whereas when I first starting making my own records, it was difficult to write them, it was difficult to record them, it was difficult to make something that was satisfying. But part of the way that I stay interested in making music is by collaborating with other people. By his own admission, as a young man Mark Lanegan used to drive himself crazy when it came to writing songs. Then again, the younger Lanegan lived a crazy life.

He grew up in the small Washington State farm town of Ellensburg, in and out of jail for various offenses— aged 20 a doctor told him he would be dead by 30 unless he addressed his alcohol intake. Lanegan would joke that his subsequent hard drugs addiction saved his life. Bubblegum saw Lanegan emerge from the wreckage of the Screaming Trees and his on-off struggles with addiction to create a new template for the blues: part-acoustic, part-electro-rooted contexts mostly produced by Alain Johannes, with a floating cast of helpers, some illustrious Josh Homme; P.

Harvey others not. Seven years of collaboration followed before Lanegan, now a paragon of clean living, delivered the towering Blues Funeral , with its Harmonia curlicues adding new colours to his molasses thick canvas of ongoing doom. And now his latest offering, titled Gargoyle. Emperor is more startling still: a psychedelic music hall ditty, featuring Josh Homme on backing vocals and heavily redolent of the Kinks.

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  • I also love that song because Josh is singing on it, and I always love singing with him. Like that gargoyle on the gothic spire. With Armstrong and Alge at the helm, Aimee and the Bivona brothers channeled the raw energy of their lives shows by recording almost entirely to tape. It was definitely high-pressure, but also really fun. Something happens when Badflower singer and guitarist Josh Katz steps up to the microphone. His primal, powerful, and passionate transformation is the most unmitigated kind of catharsis fueled by emotion and unfiltered intensity….

    I embrace it and keep writing in that direction. Little did he know, they had a big surprise up their sleeves. Recorded during a blazing hot California summer, the sessions got so intense that their MacBook Pro often needed to cool down in the freezer. Wielding that energy, the music taps into a gritty and grunge-y gutter rock spirit complemented by jarring theatrical delivery and unshakable riffing, equally informed by Led Zeppelin and nineties Seattle as it is by film composers such as James Horner.

    Most people play that victim role. You have the power to get out of it, but you are content there. A high-spirited rock band with blue collar roots, they truly found themselves when Brett quit school in to join them as lead singer. That record was an immediate hit on the Canadian radio rock landscape. The subsequent creative outburst resulted in an album written in 12 days and recorded in And we had been in the studio with a couple of other producers prior to that and went home empty handed.

    They wanted us to challenge ourselves as players and songwriters and pushed me to write from personal experience. After that, the hardest part of recording was choosing which songs to keep for the album. Which is perfectly fitting for a band living young and foolish. He has created his own blend of alternative rock: poetry, guitar-hooks and break-beats with a fierce determination to make a dent in pop-culture. There was only legend until cultures were collected.

    Once told as a cautionary tale of two neighborhood kids, their story mutated into a reflection on the horrors of the society that produced them. What happened between those early days in the neighborhood and the present day is often debated. Gardens were made of concrete and a reality sustained only by dreams of places where the train tracks went.

    Pops was hard because hard makes leaders in the human chain of command. Thieves and liars giving way to an influential artist elected to rebuild a crumbling nation? Jean and Eaddy kept lampin in overlapping circles of connected streets, bordering cities and shuffled between under funded public schools. Mental hard-drive uploads with flow served to drive them to finally jump on that train to see what else was out there and what they found changed them irrevocably.

    Eaddy began branching out, bringing hardcore like Bad Brains back home with him. They were armed only with a pawn shop sampler and the power to influence. Born to lose in Jersey, reborn in NYC and subsequently reimagined Rewired to spread a promise for the next emancipation from time. The gospel, the vibration, hardcore punk, rage and rhyme — theOGM and Yeti Bones emerge transformed into weapons of mass expression and the spectacle known today only as Ho99o9 horror. Then just like that, Ho99o9 vanished from the east coast, allegedly recruited into a beat laboratory in Los Angeles.

    They baptized in blood and emerged wrapped in a sound that had not yet been heard. A congregation gathered in a scene of like-minded mutants and L. And Today — a new nation rises to smash the guise of the god-head. Their signature sound has been featured throughout television and entertainment. McKeown stomps so hard during his rough and intricate dirty blues, you thought he would make a hole in the stage… A must see.

    His previous success followed him into music, touring over the next 2 years, twice around the UK with the band, he got the bug but decided it was time to go solo. Twelve months in and Maz is on fire. After the PA had sputtered out for the second time, Gagneux turned to the audience, his slight frame and clouds of black hair silhouetted against the blue lights and mounds of gear, an apologetic grin upon his face. He sang back the next line, and back came the thunderous chorus, rising from several hundred throats. That call-and-response only lasted a few seconds, but its impact reverberated through the rest of the festival.

    Lest we forget, Gagneux possesses an incredibly powerful, versatile voice, as well as a thoroughly original sound and the chops to pull it all together seamlessly. As a result of a racist comment, he stumbled onto a winning combination: a purposefully unholy conflagration of African-American spirituals, chain gangs songs, the blues, and Satanic black metal that drew lines between Scandinavia and the Delta, summoning both the blasphemous evils of the North and the bloodstained history of the South.

    The past year has been a whirlwind for Gagneux and his band, with invitations to play massive festivals like Reading and Leeds colliding with offers to open for Prophets of Rage and Marilyn Manson. I, for one, am very excited. Finally, Kurt Ballou mixed the record and unsurprisingly did a stellar job at it. On this album, Gagneux has refined his genre-spanning sound into an utterly cohesive signature, one that transitions seamlessly between its elements and embraces even more outside influences, electronic and organic alike. That commitment to change is something, at least—a glimmer of light in a world that so often intentionally plunges itself into darkness.

    The fourth full-length from Basement, Beside Myself is an intimate look at the drawbacks of living in your own head, and the attempt to shake off everyday anxieties. But for all its intense introspection and confessions of self-consciousness, Beside Myself centers on a powerful, passionately charged sound that makes every track feel deeply cathartic.

    A relentless burst of pure vitality, the album expresses its unrest in the language of furious guitar riffs and visceral rhythms. In creating the album, Basement focused on channeling the raw energy of their live performance, adding little adornment beyond the occasional synth line or piano melody. With its eerily ethereal guitar tones, the song is threaded with plainspoken yet piercing lyrics e. Any band that has earned an army of devout followers through dropping seven killer full-lengths — and touring their collective ass off for sixteen years — could perhaps be forgiven for thinking they could take it easy as they wade into their eighth release.

    Rather than meticulously plan things out or stick rigidly to any kind of template, when it comes to writing, The Black Dahlia Murder prefer to let things happen organically. In the hands of guitarist Brian Eschbach — who co-founded the band with Strnad in — and new recruit Brandon Ellis Arsis, ex-Cannabis Corpse , Nightbringers is rich with dynamic riffs that are at once fresh and classic TBDM, resulting in a collection that shifts through many moods and effortlessly incorporates various elements of extreme metal.

    He really took the reins, and this record is also the most involved that Alan Cassidy drums has been too. I also think as we get older the emotional content goes up. I think we better realize how to grip the listener. Upon first hearing the latter, Strnad was intent on matching its visceral intensity.

    She finds her moment to take it from her, cutting it right out of her stomach. We are the rulers of the darkened hours that the Christian good fears. A lot of archaic ideas that are still upheld — such as marriage and monogamy — came from Christianity, whether people want to acknowledge it or not, and to me, death metal has always been bucking that. Rather than decamp to a single studio, the members split off when it came time to start laying down the songs — all well versed in how to get the best out of their individual performances.

    Ellis then recorded his many blistering solos in his home studio, while Strnad opted to record at his home in Auburn Hills, Michigan with Joe Cincotta Suffocation, Internal Bleeding of Full Force Studios overseeing his sessions. In many ways, Technology — released February 2nd, via SharpTone — is custom made to conquer the big spaces they will be playing throughout the UK, America, Australia and Japan in and beyond. The album opens with the title track and sets the tone for the record, which is an inventive, intelligent and infectious piece of work taking a frank look at modern day life. It is a song partly inspired by Rob watching the Netflix documentary The White Helmets and the global atrocities that bypass our daily attention.

    It affected me so much. While writing the song it was also a difficult time for me emotionally, and one night I found myself in a club where the DJ was playing the Baywatch theme tune. That was the start of the process by which I came to realise there was light at the end of the tunnel. Along the way, stop in Gillenfeld and enjoy a simple lunch hosted by Sigrid and Leo Lenerz. Later, ride back to Bernkastel, where you can try one of the local restaurants for dinner on your own. Today, cruise out of Bernkastel and follow the Mosel downstream.

    After breakfast, arrive in Traben-Trarbach, an architectural jewel of Jugendstil surrounded by woodland and extensive vineyards. Beautifully situated on the Mosel, where the river meanders in many bends through the hills, Zell is one of the largest wine-producing communities on the waterway.

    One of the best wines made here, Zeller Schwarze Katze Black Cat , is produced with grapes from 16 different locations. Be sure to notice the sculpture on the market-square fountain depicting a snarling cat on top of a wine barrel. Continue to Bullay, another big name in wine. You can linger here a while and pause to enjoy lunch along the route.

    Rejoin the barge in Beilstein and cruise to Cochem later this afternoon, giving you ample time to relax and freshen up for a festive farewell dinner on board. This characteristic Mosel town is beloved for its steep vineyards, wooded hills, medieval buildings and a picturesque center with beautiful timber-framed houses. The fairy-tale castle includes seven rooms of fine furniture and objects from different periods and styles. After your visit, you may shop and eat lunch on your own before saying goodbye to your VBT Trip Leader. Then shuttle to Koblenz and settle in to your centrally located hotel.

    Please check with the front desk to verify the times that breakfast is served. VBT transfer times and departure points are finalized in advance and cannot be modified for individual guests. If you extend your stay beyond the scheduled program dates, return transportation to the airport will be at your own expense. Depart home for Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. If your luggage is lost, fill out a PIR form before leaving the customs area — VBT representatives are not allowed in the customs area.

    Make certain your VBT luggage tags are affixed to your bag so your VBT representative can identify you as you enter the arrival hall. Your VBT representative will be holding a VBT sign and will help you transfer via taxi or minibus approximately 20 minutes to your hotel in Luxembourg City. Please be ready and waiting in the hotel lobby at a. En route, there will be a short minute stop at the Luxembourg American Cemetery so you can honor those who fell here during World War II. Upon arrival in Metz, meet your local city guide and enjoy a pleasant walk into the charming city center, a quaint tapestry of bridges and romantic corners.

    Visit the imposing Cathedral of St. Here, admire the fine stained-glass windows, including a modern work by Marc Chagall. Then, walk to the Saturday morning local market, to the lively Place St. After meeting the crew and your VBT Trip Leaders, settle in before participating in a bike safety session while cruising to Richemont. Here, you disembark for a bike-fitting and a short warm-up ride.

    Reunite with the barge at its new mooring point and have time to change before gathering for a welcome drink, the perfect opportunity to raise a glass to the most rewarding way to bike Europe! Enjoy dinner on board. Tonight, the barge moors in the quiet countryside, just outside the city of Thionville. Please note regarding WiFi onboard the barge: Due to the nature of the barge movements, internet access is not always available. If stable internet access is critical to you, VBT recommends that you purchase your own bundle before traveling overseas. As always, VBT also provides our traditional printed maps and route notes during the tour.

    Ride along the Mosel River through the French countryside and rejoin your barge. After breakfast, cycle along the Mosel River on a quiet bike path. Then turn inland and cycle along a pleasant rolling route through small villages. In this charming hamlet, admire marvels of construction that span the ages, including fortifications erected over many centuries.

    System Of A Down

    Impressive ramparts and walls encircle the village, and cobbled alleys lead to a labyrinth of back streets and an impressive fortress. Cycle from here to Rodemack, or join the shuttle if you wish to avoid the long hill into the village. After lunch, continue cycling through French farmlands, on a mix of quiet country roads and bike lanes and along the Mosel through very pretty wetlands and villages, crossing the international border into Germany and meeting the barge in Remich, Luxembourg.

    The shuttle will be available to assist you, or you can ride the entire day. On the German side, you will follow the renowned Route du Vin, famous for its outstanding Riesling and Cremant. Sweeping views of vineyards sloping hillsides accompany your ride. Meet the barge in Nittel for a cruising lunch to Wasserbillig, Luxembourg. From here, you may cruise or continue cycling. If you choose our longer option, you ride past Konz, a small city at the confluence of the Mosel and Saar rivers, then continue into the Saarland along the more intimate Saar River.

    Wooded mountains, wide meadows, farmsteads,and villages mark your progress as you ride. The town center boasts a roaring foot You meet the barge in Nittel and enjoy lunch as you cruise to Wasserbillig, Luxembourg. Then ride on the Luxembourg side of the Mosel to the confluence of the Saar River. Continue cycling up the Saar to medieval Saarburg.

    Your barge will be moored beneath the castle ruins. After your tour, cycle along the Saar River to the confluence of the Mosel River, then continue riding to Trier, where you meet the barge. After lunch on board, you are free to explore this historic and fascinating town. Tonight, your barge moors here, so you can try one of the local restaurants for dinner on your own.

    What to Expect: Today you follow the Saar River downstream through a nature preserve along the banks of this once free-flowing and wild river. Follow a flat bike path all the way into Trier to meet the barge. The ride is easy with a few bumps over tree roots. Please watch for these and gently lift off your seat to soften the impact. This morning you cruise out of Trier during breakfast. Arriving in Schweich, you have the option to continue cruising to Neumagen or to start your day cycling towards Bernkastel-Kues. In Piesport, see a reconstructed Roman winepress and other evidence of a rich Roman past.

    Stop for lunch on your own in Neumagen, where you witness more signs of ancient Rome. After dinner, stroll to the fascinating wine cellar of Josef Zimmermann via an elegant district of fine Art Nouveau villas, many of which display signs proclaiming their status as a weingut , or winery estate. The simple, fourth-generation Zimmermann operation boasts a century-old cellar full of wine barrels and an inviting tasting hall. Your welcoming host will guide you through a tasting of four different wines during your visit. What to Expect: Cruise or cycle this morning to Neumagen. From here, ride through the Middle Mosel, a stunning tapestry of, breathtaking scenery, lush vineyards, and quaint wine villages.

    The route follows an old Roman road and passes replicas of Roman sculptures. This morning, shuttle approximately 45 minutes through the scenic Eifel Valley to the town of Daun, a spa town fed by mineral springs. Return to your bicycle here and enjoy an exhilarating ride, climbing a slight incline at first and then coasting downhill along a former railway converted into a cycling path. This exciting reel includes stretches through tunnels, over bridges, and past small lakes formed from volcanic craters known as maars.

    Pass stately castles, lush vineyards, green forests, and quiet villages that invite you to pause and explore. Along the way, stop in Gillenfeld to enjoy a simple lunch hosted by Sigrid and Leo Lenerz. What to Expect: Bike an invigorating rails-to-trails route known locally as the MMR, a mainly flat or downhill bike path with a few gradual climbs at the beginning. Take our shuttle after lunch if you wish to avoid hills, then continue on the MMR bike path coasting through illuminated tunnels and a viaduct before a thrilling, gradual descent into Wittlich town. From Wittlich you may shuttle back to the barge or ride flat and easy bike paths along a small river through gorgeous forest and farmlands to the Mosel River, where your barge awaits.

    After breakfast, arrive in Traben-Trarbach, an architectural jewel of the German Art Nouveau movement known as Jugendstil. The surrounding woodlands and extensive vineyards add to its irresistible charm. Beautifully situated on the Mosel, where the river twists and turns through the hills, Zell is one of the largest wine-producing communities on the river. The beloved wine Zeller Schwarze Katze Black Cat is produced here with grapes from 16 different locations.

    Be sure to notice the sculpture on the market-square fountain depicting a snarling cat atop a wine barrel. You can linger here a while and pause to enjoy lunch along the way. There are many picnic areas along the path. What to Expect: Start riding from the Art Nouveau town of Traben-Trarbach, following the hairpins of the Mosel as it flows through the steepest vineyards in Europe. The scenery is breathtaking, and many interesting sights can be explored along the way.

    Read PDF A Walking Tour of Akron, Ohio (Look Up, America!)

    Board the barge in Bullay and cruise to Beilstein. If you instead cycle from Bullay, you ride a quiet road with a bit of traffic before returning to a river-hugging bike path past the steepest vineyards in Bremm and through campgrounds, passing families of swans and charming villages. Once you see the castle ruins, you have arrived in Beilstein, where you meet the barge and cruise onto Cochem. This characteristic Mosel town is beloved for its steep vineyards, wooded hills, medieval buildings, and a picturesque center with beautiful timber-framed houses.

    Hike or shuttle with a local guide to Reichsburg Castle, where you enjoy a tour and spectacular views of the Mosel Valley and its vineyards. Please arrive between and p. Please note that you cannot embark before this time as the barge is being prepared for you. If you are late, you must contact the barge as soon as possible to make alternate arrangements because we sail shortly after this time. It is important that you leave the barge no later than a.

    You are responsible for making your way to Metz, France to meet your barge. Reunite with the barge at its new mooring point and have time to change before gathering for a welcome drink and dinner on board.

    Walking around Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

    After breakfast, your tour ends. As always, the van and leaders can accommodate other options. Routes on tour may vary due to guest safety, comfort or unforeseen circumstances. Located in the Koblenz city center, this family-run property welcomes you with warm hospitality. Rooms are comfortably sized and offer free wireless Internet. Most overlook a small, well-maintained garden where you may eat breakfast. Hotel Brenner is stylishly decorated with hand-painted flowers on the ceilings and walls, as well as antique furnishings.

    This luxury property, one of the Leading Hotels of the World, is centrally located in Luxembourg City. It boasts a beautiful garden and is only a few steps from the Old Town and shops. All rooms are spacious, elegant and fully air conditioned. A luxurious and spacious, two-deck, passenger barge with a homelike atmosphere, the Iris was put into service in April Its 12 comfortable cabins have private bathrooms with showers, and the barge has climate control throughout.

    Common areas include a dining area, a lounge with a bar and a sun deck at the bow.. The barge moors each night. Drinks of all types are available for purchase at the bar on board the Iris. It is not customary for guests to bring their own wine and liquor on board; your understanding is appreciated. Onboard meal menus are set, though the chef is happy to accommodate vegetarians and those on restricted diets for health reasons.

    Please note regarding Wi-Fi on board the barge: Each device smartphone, laptop, etc. Additional amounts can be purchased via credit card or Paypal. If travelers plan to utilize data in a normal fashion i. Please be advised that the Wi-Fi connection varies and is not guaranteed. If Internet access is critical during your travel, we recommend purchasing your own bundle before traveling overseas.

    Click here to view deck plans. Depart home for Munich, Germany. Upon arrival in Munich, claim your luggage and clear customs. If your luggage is lost, fill out a PIR form before leaving the customs area—VBT representatives are not allowed in the customs area. Your VBT representative will be holding a VBT sign and will help you transfer approximately 50 minutes to your centrally located hotel in Munich. Please verify with him or her the time of your return transfer to the airport at the end of your Munich extension.

    Enjoy the remainder of the day at leisure. Then, enjoy an informative walk through the historic streets thronged with street musicians and artists and past magnificent buildings. Your guide will point out restaurants where you can enjoy dinner this evening. You have a full day of independent exploration ahead of you today. Here, you can view St. Nearby, you can take in Olympic Park, site of the Olympic Games. Walk through the lovely park, visit the modern stadium, and take in great views from the Olympic Tower.

    A Walking Tour of Cleveland, Ohio (Look Up, America!) A Walking Tour of Cleveland, Ohio (Look Up, America!)
    A Walking Tour of Cleveland, Ohio (Look Up, America!) A Walking Tour of Cleveland, Ohio (Look Up, America!)
    A Walking Tour of Cleveland, Ohio (Look Up, America!) A Walking Tour of Cleveland, Ohio (Look Up, America!)
    A Walking Tour of Cleveland, Ohio (Look Up, America!) A Walking Tour of Cleveland, Ohio (Look Up, America!)
    A Walking Tour of Cleveland, Ohio (Look Up, America!) A Walking Tour of Cleveland, Ohio (Look Up, America!)
    A Walking Tour of Cleveland, Ohio (Look Up, America!) A Walking Tour of Cleveland, Ohio (Look Up, America!)
    A Walking Tour of Cleveland, Ohio (Look Up, America!) A Walking Tour of Cleveland, Ohio (Look Up, America!)
    A Walking Tour of Cleveland, Ohio (Look Up, America!) A Walking Tour of Cleveland, Ohio (Look Up, America!)
    A Walking Tour of Cleveland, Ohio (Look Up, America!)

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