2000 of the Best Films of All Time: Volume One A-E

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9. Stealth

Characters may be thinly sketched, but the scenario is effectively nightmarish, and Russell drives the narrative through raw emotion alone. Atmospherically set in s London watch out for a cameo from The Zombies , this unsettling missing-toddler case sees thriller master Otto Preminger experiment with lacing psychological thrills and social realism. Two years before Psycho ripped open film grammar, this layered masterpiece pored over similar psychosexual fissures — shockingly for an Egyptian film in But where Hitchcock crept into interior recesses, Youssef Chahine — who also plays a lame, tormented newspaper seller — made his film a communal trauma echoing with the tumult of newly republican Egypt.

Robert Mitchum plays a force of brute evil in this disturbing family-in-peril chiller. His lecherous ex-con Max Cady begins a campaign of terror on the household of the lawyer Gregory Peck whose testimony sent him down.


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A Christmas Carol reworked as a heist thriller. The irony, of course, is that the sinner — charming to the staff, brutally honest with Fordyce — offers salvation. A stylish two-hander , simmering with tension. Gene Hackman is exceptional as a paranoid surveillance expert, while Walter Murch and Art Rochester were Oscar-nominated for the evocative sound design.

Fred Zinnemann was likely more famous for his westerns and romantic dramas than his thrillers, but he tackled big material in this political drama: the attempted assassination of French president Charles De Gaulle.

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Nicole Kidman and Sam Neill play the grieving couple whose recuperative sailing trip takes a deadly turn after they rescue a marooned man. Full of vertiginous peril, guess-the-psycho gameplay and fish-out-of-water fun, Deadly Pursuit was once the stuff that video-rental dreams were made of. The daddy of all weekend-gone-wrong survival thrillers stars Jon Voight and Burt Reynolds as Atlanta businessmen who get more than they bargained for on a canoe trip through the wilderness. Harrowing stuff, and a haunting film about our desecration of the land.

The wife and mistress of a repulsive man team up to remove their mutual problem, but disposing of the corpse is more difficult than they anticipate. A crime movie that encourages the audience to side with the murderers. Famed for its audacious, rapid dialogue, dripping with sexual innuendo, Double Indemnity places insurance salesman Fred MacMurray in the path of ice-blonde aspiring widow Barbara Stanwyck. Directed by Billy Wilder as a series of confessional flashbacks, from a script co-written by Raymond Chandler and adapted from a James M.

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Cain story, this is film noir at its finest. Nothing can be trusted and nothing stays still for long in this slick, excessive and hugely influential paranoid thriller. As commuter David Mann Dennis Weaver is randomly targeted by an unseen trucker, Spielberg utilises the isolated location and universal fear of the unknown to deliver a tense David and Goliath-esque thriller.

Sniffy, but — with hindsight — dead right. The thrill of his revolution, however phony, endures. One is one of the best thrillers of all time, the other stars Steven Seagal. Rebecca De Mornay is suitably unhinged as the nanny wreaking bloody havoc on the family she believes responsible for the death of her husband and unborn child. With Lemming to follow, director Dominik Moll looked peerless for a brief spell in the early s.

No cliffhangers or races-against-the-clock here. No beheadings either. The Headless Woman unfolds in a state of foggy concussion, with the facts hanging tantalisingly out of reach. Echoes of They Drive by Night and The Wages of Fear reverberate around this testosterone-fuelled study of the risks taken by pittance-paid truckers. Seething with macho resentment, Stanley Baker leads an exceptional cast of British acting stalwarts including Sean Connery and Patrick McGoohan who ably square up to the reckless action sequences and no-nonsense realism.

Someone is sending them surveillance videos of their Paris apartment. High and Low , set in s Yokohama, offers a true test of nobility. The adventure lies in seeing which way a good man will turn, and whether he can retain his goodness, despite its absence around him. A race against the clock. The final shootout romps through the town, leaving a trail of burned out barns and panicked horses in its wake.

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A psychopath takes two friends captive after they offer him a ride, tormenting them mentally and turning them against each other, on a trip across the Mexican border. Inspired by the story of spree killer Billy Cook, The Hitch-hiker is a brutally chilling movie, and the first film noir to be directed by a woman, former actor Ida Lupino. The girl cried wolf, the pack turned on its own. A textbook example of the all-star conspiracy thriller.

Director and co-writer Erik Skjoldbjaerg expertly utilises his atmospheric Norwegian location for this tense murder mystery. Stellan Skarsgard is Swedish murder investigator Jonas Engstrom, who, struggling to cope with the 24 hours of daylight, makes a terrible mistake that has dramatic implications on the case. Christopher Nolan helmed an English language remake in A veteran Italian star of spaghetti westerns, Gian Maria Volonte plays a nasty, calculating police chief in this vicious satire of police corruption.

When the chief kills his mistress, he leaves a trail of clues in his wake to see if he can actually get arrested for his crime. Petri and Volonte shared a leftist sensibility, and here they work to ferociously indict the endemic hypocrisy of the Italian powers-that-be.

Due for an imminent remake, Ittefaq — shot by Yash Chopra in 28 days as a distraction from a postponed project — was not typical Bollywood. It opts for sleuthy fun over noirish brooding every time, fired up by a feverish Rajesh Khanna performance that kickstarted his career.

Vidya Balan — who already had a strong track record of female-centric works — turns Kolkata upside-down as a pregnant woman searching for her husband in the wake of a terrorist attack.

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Ambiguity is the name of the game in the first of Alan J. In Klute , he combines old-timey noir tropes and a thoroughly liberated attitude towards sex in the story of a high-class call girl Jane Fonda who helps a careworn detective Donald Sutherland to solve a mysterious homicide. Set during a weekend sailing trip, it claustrophobically exploits its setting to expose the paranoia, cruelty and folly of a middle-aged sportswriter seeking to impress his wife by humiliating a teenage student.

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In this pre-war Hitchcock thriller , Margaret Lockwood is a tourist crossing Europe by train who suddenly notices that one of her travelling companions, an eccentric old lady, is missing. None of the other passengers recall having seen her friend before. Is she going mad, or is there a wider conspiracy at work? Tierney is Laura, a beautiful Madison Avenue advertising executive. When she is found dead, the detective investigating her murder Dana Andrews becomes the latest man to fall in love with her, and to be betrayed by her. A paranoid New York murder mystery with a twist… in the middle.

The set-up is that of classic film noir: a wealthy husband, a conniving wife and a criminal lover willing to do her spouse in. He counters the jumpy suspense of the situation with percussive cuts and a celebrated, sensual jazz score by Miles Davis. This realistic depiction of German Democratic Republic-era spy tactics on civilians and the trauma it caused is a poignant character study as well as a thriller. Taken with the dismal settings of East Germany and its grey-green colour palette, this is a thriller of unusual historical specificity. An inaction thriller , set entirely on the drive from Birmingham to London.

Ivan Locke Tom Hardy has bunked off a job laying foundations to attend the birth of his baby, conceived during an extramarital affair. Absolutely riveting. As The Avenger slaughters blonde women in foggy London, a landlady suspects that her genteel tenant, Ivor Novello , has a dark and terrible secret.

That she is embroiled in a plot to murder him adds a level of double-crossing intrigue to an already powerful emotional thriller. Peter Lorre gives an unforgettable, humane performance as a child killer stalking Berlin. His crimes are presented elliptically, but Lang lingers on the hysteria surrounding them, and the epic police manhunt. But 's The Adventures of Pluto Nash kickstarted a real dive into live-action family clunkers; see also Norbit and Meet Dave or rather don't. It was simply a terrible movie. The sci-fi comedy and we use the term loosely didn't receive one breath of praise, with everyone lambasting the script, humour, acting and visual effects.

Which begs the question — just how did this movie cost so much to make? You'd be forgiven for asking, Stealth? Sounds like a solid action film destined for a middling but profitable future. With no real production problems to speak of, Stealth crashed and burned on its own terrible merits, beaten by the likes of Wedding Crashers and Sky High on its opening weekend. Giving a gargantuan budget to a first-time feature-film director is a risky move.

But that's precisely what happened here when Universal Studios endowed Carl Rinsch with an eye-watering multi-million-dollar cheque. Rinsch had worked in commercials and "state of the art interactive technologies" according to his website when he was given the flick. Tellingly, he was removed from the project during the editing process and more footage featuring its star Keanu Reeves was shot. But this couldn't save the samurai fantasy adventure that had critics and audiences alike seeking seppuku.

The western from Disney reunited the dream team of Gore Verbinski, Jerry Bruckheimer and Johnny Depp after numerous, highly profitable Pirates of the Caribbean instalments. Not quite. The production ran into trouble, costs escalated and the whole thing was nearly shut down before it was completed. When it finally hit cinema screens, The Lone Ranger was slammed by critics and shunned by audiences.

The film wasn't a total wash-out though — it received two Oscar nominations for 'Visual Effects' and 'Makeup and Hairstyling'. An entry that killed a company, in this case Fox Animation Studios, which bravely ventured out into space but collapsed just ten days after Titan AE 's release in On the planet Sesharrim, the Gaoul interpret the map, and discover the Titan hidden in the Andali Nebula.

Drej fighters arrive, capturing Cale and Akima. The Drej eventually discard Akima and extract the Titan ' s map from Cale. Korso's crew rescues Akima, while Cale eventually escapes in a Drej ship, and rejoins the group. Cale's map has changed and now shows the Titan ' s final location. While resupplying at a human space station called New Bangkok , Cale and Akima discover that Korso and Preed are planning to betray the Titan to the Drej.

Cale and Akima manage to escape the Valkyrie , but they are stranded on New Bangkok when Korso and the rest of the crew set off for the Titan. With the help of New Bangkok's colonists, Cale and Akima salvage a small spaceship named Phoenix and race to find the Titan before Korso does. Cale and Akima navigate through the ice field in the Andali Nebula and dock with the Titan before the Valkyrie arrives.

They discover DNA samples of Earth animals, and a pre-recorded holographic message left by Professor Tucker who explains that the Titan was designed to create an Earth-like planet. However, due to its escape from Earth before its destruction, its power cells lack the energy necessary for the process.

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The message is interrupted by the arrival of Korso and Preed. Preed reveals himself to be a mercenary for the Drej and betrays Korso while holding him, Cale, and Akima at gunpoint. Preed attempts to kill all three of them for the Drej, but he is killed by Korso. He and Cale then fight until Korso falls into the depths of the ship. Moments later, the Drej attack the Titan. Given the fact that Drej are, essentially, beings of pure energy, Cale realizes that modifying the Titan to absorb them will re-energize the ship. In order to put this plan into effect, Cale must repair significant parts of the ship; he sets off to do this while the remaining crew of the Valkyrie distract the aliens.

Korso, who survived, shows up and helps stall the Drej and then sacrifices himself to complete the repairs. The Titan absorbs the Drej mothership along with everything aboard, and uses this gained power, along with the ice field, to generate a new, habitable planet. Cale and Akima stand in the rain, gazing at the beauty of their new home and discuss what this planet should be called. Stith and Gune do a fly-by on the Valkyrie as colony ships, filled with humans anxious to start life anew, approach.

In development at 20th Century Fox since , Titan A. E was originally going to be a live-action film. Mechanic had no scripts for Fox Animation Studios to work on and was faced with the choice of laying off the animation staff unless they took Titan A. Despite their inexperience with the science fiction genre, Bluth and Goldman took the script regardless. Unlike Bluth and Goldman's previous films, the animation in Titan A.

Many of the scenes were enacted by the animation staff using handbuilt props before being captured by a computer. Many scenes and backgrounds were painted by concept artist Paul Cheng, who had worked on Anastasia and its direct-to-video spinoff Bartok the Magnificent Although Bluth and Goldman denied any influence by anime, they have acknowledged the comparison.

During production of Titan A. Over animation staff were laid off from the studio in and as a result, much of the film's animation was outsourced to a number of independent companies. All these events stunted the film's promotion and distribution. The soundtrack to Titan A. Creed 's song " Higher " was played in many of the theatrical trailers for Titan A.

The film's score was composed and conducted by Graeme Revell , although an official album containing the film's underscore was originally not released alongside the film. On October 23, , the film's score was made available for the first time by La-La Land Records, released as limited edition CD of 1, copies, containing most of what Revell composed for the film. It contains 32 tracks and music cues, including two bonus tracks: an orchestra-only version of "Creation" and an alternative version of "Prologue" with a different opening. On June 6, , ten days before the film was released, at the SuperComm trade show, the movie was projected simultaneously at the trade show in Atlanta , Georgia as well as a screen in Los Angeles , California.

On Rotten Tomatoes , Titan A. The site's consensus reads, "Great visuals, but the story feels like a cut-and-paste job of other sci-fi movies. Roger Ebert gave the film 3. He cited the Ice Rings sequence as "a perfect examine [sic] of what animation can do and live-action cannot".

2000 of the Best Films of All Time: Volume One A-E 2000 of the Best Films of All Time: Volume One A-E
2000 of the Best Films of All Time: Volume One A-E 2000 of the Best Films of All Time: Volume One A-E
2000 of the Best Films of All Time: Volume One A-E 2000 of the Best Films of All Time: Volume One A-E
2000 of the Best Films of All Time: Volume One A-E 2000 of the Best Films of All Time: Volume One A-E
2000 of the Best Films of All Time: Volume One A-E 2000 of the Best Films of All Time: Volume One A-E
2000 of the Best Films of All Time: Volume One A-E 2000 of the Best Films of All Time: Volume One A-E

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