The Heart of the Warrior (Hy-Brasil Series Book 1)

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by Terry Jones.

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Enter your access token to activate and access content online. Please login and go to your personal user account to enter your access token. Have Institutional Access? Forgot your password? PDF Preview. Table of Contents. Related Content. History and Violence in Anglo-Irish Literature. Editors: Joris Duytschaever and Geert Lernout. The writing was great, and the Irish mythology seemed to me to be meticulously researched, so that even in the midst of magic and Fae, the characters and world seemed very real.

No one seemed "flat," even the secondary characters. Sorcha, the protagonist, was strong-willed, independent, family-oriented, and incredibly kind. I loved her character so much! There were a couple grammar mistakes and spelling errors, but these didn't impact the readability of the story at all. I can't wait to purchase the next book and see how the drama plays out, and would definitely recommend to fans of fairytale retellings, romance, strong heroines, Fae, or Irish lore! Mar 23, Somia rated it really liked it Shelves: ku-books , paranormal-romance , fairytale-retelling , fae.

Happy to report that I completely enjoyed this read, the story and characters had me engaged so much so that I lost track of time, and started book 2 immediately after finishing this one. This book introduces us to the tale of human healer and midwife Sorcha, and Eamonn, a fierce warrior and a banished Fae, who happens to also be the rightful heir to the Seelie Fae throne. Sorcha is also the only one who continues to believe and follow the old ways, as the others in her community consider the Fae and all the customs that go with respecting the Fae, to be hogwash, myths and nothing more.

With her father deadly sick, and due to her knowledge of the Fae, Sorcha makes a deal in order to save her family, one that has her going on a journey to locate the banished warrior King Eamonn, and as things progress it becomes clear her destiny is so much more than she could imagine. Eamonn, sigh, banished for a ridiculously vain reason by his family and the Fae court, considers himself to be a disgusting being not to be glanced at — and since the lesser Fae in his domain fear him and keep away for the most part, when Sorcha arrives, he is in for one heck of a surprise — she neither cowers nor does she turn away from him in revulsion.

Even in their arguments they are not unjustly cruel to one another. This book was acquired via KU but purchased once finished, and luckily all the books in the series are available via KU, a fact that has me smiling in delight. Book 2 in the series concludes the story of Sorcha and Eamonn, as they battle to regain his crown, save the lesser Fae and vanquish Eamonn's wicked brother.

I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Amanda Collins (Author of Dispa-me)

It was wonderful to see our driven heroine constantly challenging this although her feminism came off as a little forced at times I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. It was wonderful to see our driven heroine constantly challenging this although her feminism came off as a little forced at times. I would have liked to feel the feminism more as a part of her than as a trait that stands out slightly awkwardly Eamonn, our beast is quite the intriguing character with a temper to match his gigantic form.

I would like to see more development of him in the sequels! It made the world so rich. Sorcha is a midwife looking to cure the plague that is killing people in hordes including her father. This part of the story felt a little rushed to be but her travel to Hy-Brasil is nevertheless eventful and one of my favorite parts of the book. It is at Hy-Brasil, the isle on the edge of the Otherworld that she meets the beast, a brooding man, disfigured and angry at the world at large. The rest of the story follows Sorcha convincing the beast to come back from his exile, which was the mission bestowed upon her.

I needed a little more plot. Towards the end especially. Although I believe we will see more reasons for why things happened the way they did in the sequel. In Heart of Fae it reaches a whole new level. I loved the descriptions of the Ireland inspired world of the book and wanted more.

There is so much diversity among the fae and this is described beautifully by the author. I also enjoyed the dialogue a lot and the wonderful lines that Sorcha delivers. I absolutely can't wait to know what happens next because cliffhanger! Apr 04, Joleen starlightbooktales rated it it was amazing Shelves: e-books , must-own. Sorcha, a midwife is on a mission to save her people and on this mission, she meets Eamonn, a king of the fae. No matter how much both Sorcha and Eamonn try to stay away from each other, their fates seemed tied together.

I was blown away by this book, Emma Hamm created not one but two strong main characters. I am in love with Sorcha, she is smart, strong-willed, and doesn't take crap from anyone. And Eamonn, he is beautiful, sweet, and so stubb 5 Stars A brilliant retelling of a classic fairytale. And Eamonn, he is beautiful, sweet, and so stubborn. Together they create a beautiful relationship and I cannot wait to see where this goes.

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I already know this series is going to be amazing. I am for this journey. If you are a fan of fae and retellings, then this book is for you! Mar 06, Christine Spoors rated it it was amazing Shelves: scottish-celtic , favourites , read The way the author wove Irish folklore into the story was brilliant. I just adored the setting and always feel so much happiness reading Celtic folklore inspired stories!

The main character Sorcha brilliant, I loved how strong she was and how sure of herself. My mother would tell you the best way to answer them is to remain steadfast, quiet, and continue doing the right thing. I will carve my own path or I will force others to create it for me. They tell you time and time again you are a pool of still water. Yet, we both know underneath the surface a tempest rages. I will enjoy seeing your claws grow. Everyone loved this. I wanted to. I couldn't do it. What this books wanted to be: A fierce, sass filled, mythology infused, feminist retelling of Beauty and the Beast.

What this book ended up being however was an undeveloped, illogical, mythology lacking, unfeminist retelling of Beauty and the Beast. The worst part is that it could have made it! It had great potential, it did, but it wasn't developed, not anywhere near enough. The book read like a fucking butchered summary! It absolutely needed those pages to tell the story - not flesh out but actually tell it, cause let me tell you there were a lot of stuff not mentioned when yhey should have been and quite a few things brushed off where they mattered.

Then we have Editing: This wasn't edited. Typos, words were they didn't belong, words missing, sentences and whole paragraphs making no sense, things said to be one way and on the next page the same things been another way. Descriptions: Extremely Vague on most and then explicit on specific others. Repeated descriptions of the aforementioned specific others. Also vague use of Mythology elements. Writing: The writing was lacking. All the above factor here as well.

It tried to be mystical and ethereal - it failed. It made no sense at times. The way half the book was written was so confusing. It dropped and picked up things whenever it suited it. It existed in a vacuum, time didn't matter but when it was used as a plot furthering device.

Creepy Factor: One of the things that were there to set the story was turned into a major creepy factor. As an idea it was a great one, an original one. Twas not ment to be. Romance: It was used and abused. There wasn't one really. At the very end, it was whipped out of nowhere with no leg to stand on and it was used as a way to draw people to the next book. Character Development: None.

As characters go, these were good in their respective "starting points". They could have been great but they never moved towards it. Let me give you a few specific examples of what I mean. Her not being a prostitute. Some might find this creepy but this wasn't what made it creepy for me - not just this anyway. The creepy comes in on how all of that was written. I wouldn't have minded Sorcha calling the girls sisters, but call him Papa is a NO.

And the way it was written kicked up the creepy. He took me in and raised me. Didn't touch me or force me to be one of his working girls, he let me choose my own path. He is treating his girl with respect. He allows them to keep a percent of the money they earn so one day they can leave and have a family. I was singled out to be a midwife since I wasn't uber beautiful and my mom taugh me well.

He treats the girls well. He feeds them and gives them board and always has them in good clothes. I am sure one day they will all find noblemen to marry them. No, just no.


We were told about it a few times. She took it with her when she sailed to Hy-brasil. She made the Captain of the ship give her a magic charm to keep it dry while swimming towards the island. She made sure it was moved to the castle and kept safe. And at the end she just forgets about it when she is wisked away back to her home. True a place between worlds has a different grasp on passing time.

She didn't think about it which I can count as something not that offensive. But how does she spend her time? She bakes, she takes baths, she takes walks and hikes, sightseeing, making friends. She never tries to gtaher info, think or try to improve her healing art. We, of course, are never told how much time has passed in any way or from any POV. Then boom supposedly time migth be up? Who knows. It works too. Until actual Romance blooms out of nowhere like a nuclear mushroom.

You have two kissing incidents - so awfully described I had to reread it to get some of it out - and you haev one sex scene - also needing a few rereads to get it. How was this abused? Literally on the next page Sorcha goes "Hmm I don't like this particular thing I see him do. So maybe I should take it back, I am not in love with him until I decide if I can tolerate that particular thing, if I can maek him change cause I will not change my stance", which btw is a big aspect of his character.

The "Name" trope is employed here. It pops out of nowhere nearly at the half way mark, when Sorcha arrives at the Island.

See a Problem?

Before that we are never told that the given Name of a Faerie gives the wielder power over that person. So suddenly we have everyone hiding their names from each other. He doesn't know her name either and calls her "Sunshine" instead. Before she learn his name the writing slips at least twice and she adresses him by his name instead of the nick.

This happened with Eammon as well although it was the one time from what I remember. If they had improved, oh if they had.. I also have a fucking headache from thinking about this.

Irish mythology in popular culture

Was she willing to do anything? I think this one will be worth the trouble if she succeeds. Her brow wrinkled in worry as she stared at his great height. Good lord, how big was he? Are they shipwrecked, like me? These visitors can hear very well, and they would be too interested in a human girl. Keep your mouth shut, and trust me to take care of you. The violent reaction of her body to his suggested she might. How would that even work? He was so much larger than her, surely he would crush her if she even attempted to have relations with him. View all 12 comments. This is a bit of a weird one for me to rate.

I think that was about half of the problem I had with the book, the other were the odd choices for the book. Sorcha I love this name is a healer to a house of prostitutes. Her 'father' is sick. By father, I mean the man who adopted her and runs the brothel. There is a plague of blood beetles that is sweeping the land. Sorcha needs to save her father who has the plague, but she is a woman, and woman cannot be doctors.

So Sorcha makes a deal with the Fae to find a cure. I wanted to love this. The cover is so adorable. It's just Sorcha spends so much time justifying the fact that she's a woman who wants to heal and that she and her sisters are so much better off than the other prostitutes that work on the docks. It came off as kind of weird. I mean, each to their own, but there is an inherit instability to that line of work As evidenced when Sorcha's father gets sick so it's not exactly ideal.

The curse that Eamonn is under is interesting, but I feel like it could have been expanded upon more. Also, how does he move? Has he never injured a joint? What about internal bleeding? It just didn't seem so well thought out. Nov 17, Juliette Cross rated it really liked it. Book one in this lovely fantasy romance captivated me immediately. Very reminiscent of one of my all-time favorite authors Juliet Marillier, I couldn't wait to see what Emma Hamm had waiting around every corner.

Sorcha is the kind of independent heroine I completely adore and root for all along the journey. And our wounded hero, Eamonn, is everything I love--broody, aggressive, protective, and possessive. In other words, perfect. Loved every word. Wonderful adult fairy tale based on Beauty and the Beast. Beginning of a LONG series. Convincing universe with numerous fantasy species. Strong heroine, damaged hero. Great writing. I'm too impatient to move on to Volume 2 to say more. There are many other rave reviews to peruse. Really enjoyed this one!! A bit different.

Interesting characters and a good first half of the characters within the story. Jan 07, Katrin D rated it it was amazing Shelves: all-time-faves , young-adult-fantasy , favourites , retellings , read RTC, but until then just know I highly recommend this book! BatB retelling and Irish Mythology! Sign me the f up.

I really hope it won't disappoint. Oct 06, Novel Grounds rated it it was amazing. If you haven't heard of Emma Hamm, congratulations, let your addiction begin. Hang w If you haven't heard of Emma Hamm, congratulations, let your addiction begin.

Sep 06, Ari Reavis rated it it was amazing Shelves: own-it , sci-fi-fantasy-romance. Lord, I loved this book.

30 - HY BRASIL, A Ilha Lendária

First of all, beauty and the beast retellings are my favorite and this one is now at the top of the list. The action, the romance, the mythology, it was all so amazing. Eamonn was so hard, but so sweet. His backstory was so messed up and even before knowing much about his twin, I was like 'Ok, we need to get his throne back asap. I loved meeting Lord, I loved this book. I loved meeting all the residents of the isle through her eyes and learning about them.

She went on this wild adventure and I enjoyed every minute of it. The romance. Lord the romance. Everytime I read about Eamonn's crystals scrapping across Sorcha's skin, I was like 'Yassssssssss' I adored their slow building love for one another, their banter, and when they came together it was like the intimacy and their need for each other jumped off the pages. What secrets would you keep to save your kingdom? A promise he wished he had never made, and one he will have to break, to save the kingdom from his squabbling, incompetent son-in-laws. Soon she will learn that world is full of secrets and one of them is her very own birth.

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The Heart of the Warrior (Hy-Brasil Series Book 1) The Heart of the Warrior (Hy-Brasil Series Book 1)
The Heart of the Warrior (Hy-Brasil Series Book 1) The Heart of the Warrior (Hy-Brasil Series Book 1)
The Heart of the Warrior (Hy-Brasil Series Book 1) The Heart of the Warrior (Hy-Brasil Series Book 1)
The Heart of the Warrior (Hy-Brasil Series Book 1) The Heart of the Warrior (Hy-Brasil Series Book 1)
The Heart of the Warrior (Hy-Brasil Series Book 1) The Heart of the Warrior (Hy-Brasil Series Book 1)
The Heart of the Warrior (Hy-Brasil Series Book 1) The Heart of the Warrior (Hy-Brasil Series Book 1)
The Heart of the Warrior (Hy-Brasil Series Book 1) The Heart of the Warrior (Hy-Brasil Series Book 1)
The Heart of the Warrior (Hy-Brasil Series Book 1) The Heart of the Warrior (Hy-Brasil Series Book 1)
The Heart of the Warrior (Hy-Brasil Series Book 1)

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