Avenir de la science (French Edition)

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Flor Silvestre joined Avenir Health in as an Accounting assistant. Prior to working at Avenir Health she held the position of Payroll Administrator at another company. She is a certified bookkeeper and a notary public. Silvestre is fluent in Spanish. Sonneveldt joined Avenir Health in She currently leads activities that focus on monitoring of health programs, increased data utilization at the national and global levels, and developing and applying innovative tools and models that support data based decision-making.

She has extensive experience supporting governments to develop, implement, and monitor health policies, including facilitation of goal setting and priority identification workshops that have resulted in policy and priority changes. She has performed district and national level applications of computer models focusing on family planning, safe motherhood, postabortion care, and the impact of rapid population growth on development.



She has worked implementing health programs in Africa and the Balkans and served as a technical advisor for policy, advocacy, and research activities in Africa, the Caribbean, Southern Asia, and Eastern Europe. Her primary areas of expertise are family planning and maternal health.

Previously, Dr. Sonneveldt worked for The Futures Group where she managed multiple country level activities including quantitative and qualitative research and policy analysis and development. She also provided ongoing maternal health technical support to various country programs. During this time she also performed district and national 22level applications of computer models focusing on family planning, safe motherhood, postabortion care, and the impact of rapid population growth on development.

Sonneveldt has also lived and worked in developing countries and built expertise in developing, monitoring, and evaluating community based health programs; participatory methodologies related to behavior change; impact assessments and quality of service evaluations; and creating linkages between communities and health facilities. Sonneveldt has a Ph. He primarily works on applying the AIM and Goals models to study the cost and impact of HIV interventions in different countries and geographic regions. Teng earned his Ph.

She currently provides technical support and analysis for the Track20 project. Previously, Ms. Williamson worked as an independent consultant conducting data analysis and developing tools for monitoring and reporting, primarily in family planning and reproductive health. Prior to that, Ms. Williamson worked as part of the Impact Analysis team at Marie Stopes International, where she supported internal and external reporting and the use of routine data for decision-making. Prior to this, Mr.

A long-term resident of Africa, Mr.

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Stegman has spent the last 18 years living and working on the continent. He holds an M. He has over 30 years of experience in assessing population and health issues in developing countries and in providing technical assistance in policy analysis and awareness-raising through computer modeling.

He has developed several important population and health policy tools including Spectrum, a modular software package that is used to examine the consequences of current trends and future interventions in reproductive health and AIDS. Stover has published and presented numerous articles on population and family planning, AIDS modeling, intervention analysis and demographic impact.

Stover has remarkable experience in presenting population, health and development information to high-level policy makers, including to a number of national leaders. He has provided assistance to programs in numerous countries, where policy presentation teams have used computer-based presentations successfully to reach thousands of individuals from national and local governments, NGOs and other community leaders.

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He has over 20 years of experience in mathematical modeling of infectious diseases. He has extensive work experience in sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean. Michel speaks English, French and some Spanish. He has a Ph. Werst's responsibilities reside over a wide range of Spectrum modules. Outside of the Spectrum modules, he has undertaken the Workplace Policy Builder application.

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She provides technical support to Track20, conducts analysis and develops models related to reproductive health. She has extensive experience developing quantitative models and analysis to inform strategic policy and programmatic decision making. Weinberger demographer with a focus on family planning and reproductive health. Before joining Avenir Health, she headed the Impact Analysis team at Marie Stopes International, where she oversaw the development of impact models and metrics.

This included developing that Impact 2 model, which estimates the health impact of reproductive health service provision. William Winfrey is President at Avenir Health. Winfrey joined the Avenir Health in after almost thirteen years at the Futures Group. At the Futures Group, Dr. Winfrey was also the director of research within the Center for Private Sector and Communications at the Futures Group. He is an expert in estimating the costs and expenditures associated with delivering health services.

He has developed country level estimates of family planning services, delivery of services for orphans and vulnerable children and a global estimate of the costs associated with unsafe abortion. Currently Dr. The LiST tool helps health policy and programme managers in developing countries assess the mortality impact of scaling up maternal and child health interventions. The OneHealth tool helps developing country health planners create costed medium term plans that include all costs associated with scale up as well as the mortality impact that would ensue as a result.

Winfrey is also a health researcher. Among his skills are analysis of survey data sets, estimating costs of health services and development of tools to inform planning of family planning and health efforts. Most recently he has calculated age disaggregated maternal mortality rates, costed family planning methods in Pakistan and Rwanda and designed tools to help local NGOs understand the cost structure of their services.

Following two years of Peace Corps experience in Mali, Dr. About Us Our Team. Our Team Avenir Health, founded in , is a global health organization that works to enhance social and economic development by providing tools and technical assistance in policy, planning, resource allocation and evaluation.

Quand la Science appelle à l'aide pour l'humanité ? Aurélien Barrau, Astrophysicien [EN DIRECT]

Email Instructions To contact our team members via e-email: use the person's first initial together with their last name, then add " avenirhealth. Nicole Bellows Ph. Eline Korenromp, Ph. Katharine Kripke, Ph. Matthew Hamilton Guy Mahiane, Ph. Meghan Reidy Yu Teng, Ph. Michelle Weinberger.

Team Member Bio Select a team member from above. Adesina Senior Economist Dr. Nicole Bellows Senior Associate Dr. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, , p. By Michael Burgess. New York: Routledge, , pp. The European Union's disappointing summit last December underlined how much European integration is caught in conflicting drives and aspirations.

The EU's functional scope is broader than ever, thanks to monetary union and the new move toward a rapid reaction force. Its planned enlargement will extend its reach to the whole continent. But its system of governance is too Byzantine to function well, too obscure to be understood by its citizens, and too paralyzed by antagonisms. Neither the potential new members nor the United Kingdom seem willing to move toward a more federal structure. The tensions between the smaller and the larger states are acute, and the Franco-German "axis" is cracked.

In these two works, Sidjanski and Burgess focus on the debate between "federalists" and "intergovernmentalists" that has raged for decades.

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Burgess concerns himself with theories of European integration, trying to measure how far federalism has been achieved. But his conclusion - that the EU has both confederal and federal elements, and these two schemes actually share many common features - is a somewhat disappointing cop-out. These elements in fact tend to lead in different directions, as the United States found out in its early years.

Sidjanski, in contrast, provides an eminently clear account of the EU's origins and development, arguing that federalism is both Europe's future and the best way to contain excessive nationalism. He devotes much space to the Balkan tragedies, which Burgess barely mentions, but his focus leads him into a different kind of trap.

He analyzes the EU's evolution as a troubled yet necessary march toward federalism but fails to ask what it would take to build a European public space - and whether there can be a European federation without a European "people". He seems torn between his faith and his awareness of the obstacles to federation. The University of Michigan Press.

ISBN This incontestable literary classic, dedicated to European integration, and, more particularly, to contemporary federalist reflection was published in French in It has taken over eight years publication of the English version. May English readers know that they will not be disappointed. Firstly, because the analysis of Dusan Sidjanski, founder in of the political science department at the University of Geneva, where he is presently professor Emeritus, remains of a rare academic quality and will allow the Anglo-Saxon reader to establish the bridges between federalism and the neo-functionalist approach, with which, as Jacques Delors pointed out, he is fully familiar.

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Avenir de la science (French Edition) Avenir de la science (French Edition)
Avenir de la science (French Edition) Avenir de la science (French Edition)
Avenir de la science (French Edition) Avenir de la science (French Edition)
Avenir de la science (French Edition) Avenir de la science (French Edition)
Avenir de la science (French Edition) Avenir de la science (French Edition)
Avenir de la science (French Edition) Avenir de la science (French Edition)
Avenir de la science (French Edition) Avenir de la science (French Edition)
Avenir de la science (French Edition) Avenir de la science (French Edition)

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