Childrens Book: How Taylor Found Her Doll (For Ages 3-8, Explains Concept of Day and Night)

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In this compassionate book, leading autism authority Dr. Peter Szatmari shows that children with autism spectrum disorders act the way they do because they think in vastly different ways than other people. Szatmari shares the compelling stories of children he has treated who hear everyday conversation like a foreign language or experience hugs like the clamp of a vise. Understanding this unusual inner world-and appreciating the unique strengths that thinking differently can bestow-will help parents relate to their children more meaningfully, and make the "outer world" a less scary place.

A Mind At a Time by Mel Levine Mel Levine's book argues that our educational shortsightedness results in a loss of human potential on a grand scale, as kids who don't fit the mold are misclassified, stigmatized and then fail. He provides chapters describing how each type of learning works and advises parents and teachers on how to help kids struggling in these areas.

A New Coat of Leaves by Sophie Kniffke The cedar tree is unhappy with the way it looks and makes several wishes to change its coat of leaves. By magic, each wish comes true, but the tree finds that the new coats will not protect it against the natural dangers that surround it. In the end, the tree realizes just why its own coat of leaves suits it best of all.

Cooke This book summarizes information on changes that have occurred in the area of legal and programmatic solutions to the "old-age" question. It is written to acquaint parents and professionals with emerging options for improving the security, stability, and continued of services for dependent persons. Leading psychologists explain how to work with your child's paradoxical combination of precocious talents and social difficulties to help him or her learn to engage more fully with the world. Most important, it's a wonderful example to all of us that dreams really can come true. A Thorn in My Pocket by Eustacia Cutler A Thorn in My Pocket is the author's story of raising her autistic daughter, Temple Grandin, in the conservative "leave-it-to-Beaver" world of the fifties, a time when autistic children were routinely diagnosed as "infant schizophrenics" and banished to institutions.

She tells of her fight to keep temple in the mainstream of family, community and school life, how Temple responded and went on to succeed beyond the author's wildest dreams. A Walk In The Rain With A Brain by Edward Hallowell Each brain finds its own special way--that's the message in this delightful, colorful story by American's foremost expert on learning and childhood development. In this book, a little girl named Lucy is making her way down a rainy sidewalk when she spies a brain Manfred, called Fred sitting forlornly in a puddle. The brain asks Lucy for help getting home.

It is a moving story about loving and losing, friendship and hope. It provides a gentle and loving way to learn about the grief process and has been used at workshops to help adults feel and express their grief. It offers a variety of activities that engage students in a process of understanding the need for friendships and acceptance of others. Teachers can help create a sense of community in the classroom as they introduce students to new ways of thinking about relationships. Integrating these activities throughout the curriculum provides a more cohesive way to teach these skills and social issues in context rather than in isolation.

Marlene Snyder Written as a friendly, yet straight-forward guide, this book makes parents aware of the many decisions that may be made before putting their child in the driver's seat. Practical checklists, worksheets, and sample contracts are provided to assist parents to encourage safe driving behaviors. Teens with ADHD have an extremely high risk of failing in school, becoming drug abusers or alcoholics, breaking the law, and becoming teenage parents. This book offers practical advice to help parents cope with these problems. Weingartner This empowering book gives families practical, concrete know-how.

It is packed with proven, real-life strategies, and techniques that can be put to use immediately, including: developing behavior modification plans, when to use medication and working with professionals and other family members for effective interventions. Adolescent Suicide by William G. Kirk This book provides the information required to accurately identify potentially suicidal adolescents and provides the skills necessary for appropriate and effective intervention.

Adolescents with Down Syndrome by Siegfried M Pueschel and Maria Sustrova Caring and compassionate, this book takes a holistic approach to the issue, focusing on the person with Down syndrome. Experts from diverse backgrounds provide information and perspective on biomedical, psychological, social, sexual, behavioral, educational, vocational, recreational, and legal concerns.

Adults with Down Syndrome by Siegfried M. Pueschel People with Down Syndrome are living longer, fuller lives than ever before - and this book is the first comprehensive book on the social, clinical, legal, and personal issues these individuals will navigate. The author blends contributions from respected professionals with insightful first-person essays by adults with Down Syndrome themselves. Adventures in Parenting by NICHD This booklet highlights many of the toughest challenges that parents face in rearing happy and healthy children and suggests ways to become a more effective, more consistent, and more attentive parent.

What makes it unique is that every article has been written by men and women who stutter themselves. Each has been through the mill and knows what it is to have experienced the fear, anxiety, and despair which is so often the lot of those who stutter. All About Tests and Assessments by Pete and Pam Wright In this comprehensive, easy-to-read book, you will find clear, concise answers to over frequently asked questions about assessments, evaluations, and tests.

Delightful color photographs of cats bring to life families characteristics such as sensitive hearing, scampering at the first sign of being stroked and particular eating habits. Touching, humorous and insightful, this book evokes the difficulties and joys of raising a child who is different and leaves the reader with a sense of the dignity, individuality and potential of people with AS.

Allie, the Allergic Elephant Children's Library by Nicole Smith This booklet helps children learn about food allergies and how to be a good friend when you can't share snacks. Allie explains peanut allergies in a way that parents, teachers, and children themselves can talk about allergies and understand them better.

Every state is working to know the answer both to comply with federal requirements for evaluating students with severe cognitive disabilities, and to ensure that all students reach their full potential. This comprehensive book is the first to gather today's best knowledge about alternate assessments so professionals can act quickly to shape the future of this rapidly developing field. An urgently needed resource for assessment developers, researchers, policy makers, special education directors, and students in graduate-level courses in both special education and assessment, this book is a rigorous investigation of the challenges, recent successes, and key components of assessing alternate achievement standards.

Readers will start with the foundational knowledge they need for effective development and implementation. The girl learns that since she has not handed in her original assignments, she doesn't qualify. She realizes she needs to work hard on her upcoming projects so her mother won't find out about her poor performance. Paralleling this school situation is the fact that Amber is coping with her parents' divorce. She engages in all sorts of antics to emphasize her displeasure with her mother's new companion, and learns that her father has also met someone.

By the end of the story, Amber realizes that life holds change, as well as the potential for happiness. And when she arrives with a garden hose, the entire party is turned into an uproarious mess! An Introductory Guide for Reading First Coaches Natl Center for Reading First This guide is designed to provide processional development for Reading First coaches and other instructional leaders who work directly with Reading First schools and teachers.

And Peter Said Goodbye by Liz Farrington Peter spent many happy hours with his grandpa, wandering the woods and fishing for bass. But that was before his grandfather moved to California -- before the horrible foggy day when he was hit by a car and killed. Left with a baby-sitter while his parents attended the funeral, Peter is angry and hurt. After school, Peter heads for the woods to be by himself. There he has a fantastic journey that allows him a change to say goodbye and discover his own path toward acceptance and healing.

Andrew's Angry Words by Dorothea Lachner His big sister doesn't mean to bump him, but Andrew gets angry anyway, and shouts the ugliest bunch of angry words anyone has ever heard. He is instantly sorry, but before he can do anything, his sister shouts the words over the phone to Ted. The words continue to pass from person to person, and Andrew chases them, trying to stop them and their damage. The story ends happily, and it teaches children the importance of expressing anger appropriately. Like many children with autism, Andy has a fascination with objects in motion. It's Andy's special talent for spinning his Frisbee combined with a new classmate's curiosity about his behavior that sets this story in motion.

Hyland and Jerry Davis, Ph. This handbook for parents describes five levels of aggressive behavior and explains how to recognize if a child reacts to feelings of frustration with acts of aggression or initiates aggressive acts to get what he or she desires. Suggestions on how to build stronger, loving relationships or repair damaged ones with children are offered to parents.

Do you feel guilty, have trouble being consistent, work at cross purposes with your partner, or tend to run out of problem-solving ideas in the heat of conflict? This book not only tells parents it's okay to set limits, but insists that all children need limits to thrive. Answering Your Questions About Spina Bifida by Children's National Medical Center Through this booklet the authors hope to provide information to help you understand the basic medical, educational and social issues which commonly affect people with spina bifida.

RET offers new ways of thinking that can help us reduce upset feelings. If the right steps are taken in that preparation, the parent might get what their child needs without the time and expense of going all the way through Hearing and Court process. This guide is also great for helping children explore values such as gratitude, honesty, and forgiveness. Reproducible hand-outs make lessons easy for teachers and leaders to use.

Arthur's Underwear by Marc Brown Arthur has recurring dreams about public humiliation about underwear that inevitably becomes reality the day his pants rip in the cafeteria. The cook helps him through the ordeal and his nightmares finally disappear. However, Buster, who revealed his best friend's secret fears to their classmates, succumbs to similar dreams at the end. It covers topics such as diagnoses, education, puberty, relationships and careers. Experts in the field share practical advice.

Women and girls with AS share intriguing stories that make you laugh and make you cry, but ultimately give you hope. Asperger's Huh? Schnurr, Ph. This book is geared specifically for children in the age range when the diagnosis is frequently made. Written from the perspective of an year-old boy who has just been diagnosed, the book explains the disorder, offers reassurance and gives practical suggestions.

Asperger's Syndrome and Sexuality: From Adolescence Through Adulthood by Isabelle Henault In this comprehensive and unique guide, the author delivers practical information and advice on issues ranging from puberty and sexual development, gender identity disorders, couples' therapy to guidelines for sex education programs and maintaining sexual boundaries. Asperger's Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and Professionals by Tony Atwood Providing a description and analysis of the unusual characteristics of Asperger's Syndrome, with strategies to reduce those that are most conspicuous or debilitating, this guide brings together the most relevant and useful information on all aspects of the syndrome, from language and social behavior to motor clumsiness.

Norlin, Esq. This covers the requirements of IDEA under which extracurricular activities can be a component of FAPE that districts must provide for all eligible students. Additionally it covers Section of the Rehabilitation Act which guarantees that students with disabilities have an equal opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities and prohibits districts from excluding or denying benefits of such activities on the basis of disability. Attention Girls! It offers girls, their parents, and professionals practice tips and techniques for managing attention disorders and the many aspects of life that these disorders can affect.

Gallegos, Esq. Shallenberger, Esq. This resource transforms autism case law into practical guidance on selecting methodologies. Analysis of key cases shows you the essential lessons to be learned and turns them into useable strategies - helping you create a comprehensive autism program and select child-appropriate methodologies that are educationally sound and legally defensible. Autism Sourcebook, The: Everything You Need to Know About Diagnosis, Treatment, Coping, and Healing by Karen Siff Exhorn Practical advice and information from the world's foremost experts on autism - and a mother's own hard-won lessons from helping her son recover from the disorder.

The author offers parents the wisdom she wishes she'd had at the beginning. The guiding principle that was used in developing this kit is that all individuals with autism, regardless of the level of support needed, should be able to live filled with purpose, dignity, choices and happiness. The authors describe ASDs in terms of the parents, teachers, the school system, medical professionals, adult service providers, and private agencies involved.

In addition to revealing what parents and professionals can expect, this book also provides practical strategies to improve the assessment process and help the child or adult deal with the stress of the evaluations. Spanish version of ''. Debido a que eres un adolescente y porque a veces tartamudea, algunos problemas son exclusivamente tuyos. Skallerup "Babies with Down Syndrome" is an important resource for parents who want the best for their babies, and for the teachers and therapists who will work with them as these babies grow into early childhood.

Gives a thorough and thoughtful presentation of essential information, and every bit of it is loaded with the kind of comfort and encouragement that can only come from parents of children with Down syndrome. It's never too early to share the joy of learning with a child!

Here are more than fifty entertaining activities to enjoy with very young children, with instructions for making the toys needed for play. Baby and Toddler Learning Fun also provides smart tips for enriching the home environment in other ways for baby's learning. As children grow, the activities can be easily adapted so they remain as much fun for a toddler as for an infant.

This is a story of a young Native American girl, Bah, and her mother who is pregnant, and the choices they make together for the health of the baby and Bah's mother. Bailey's Birthday by Elizabeth Happy Set in New York City, the author presents a great story of expectations thru a dog's eye of big city life.

Bailey is eager to please his owner, Margot. She is soon to turn 7 and is excited about her birthday. Cookie Monster, cookie eater, mixes batter with his beater. Will there be any cookies left for Cookie Monster to eat? Read this funny story and find out! Ages: Basic Skills Checklists: Teacher-friendly Assessment for Students with Autism or Special Needs by Marlene Breitenbach An easy-to-use, informal assessment tool that brings method to the madness of classroom assessment.

Neapolitan Family May Digital Issue by Neapolitan Family - Issuu

It focuses on pre-academic, readiness, and academic skills expected from learners in the early elementary years. The author developed these helpful checklists in special-needs and inclusive classrooms while serving children with autism and other developmental disabilities. Be Prepared! But it's much harder for students with disabilities. Years of depending on parents as advocates, following Individualized Education Plans and determining rights and services under the Individual with Disabilities Education Act come to a screeching halt.

There are three intertwined issues that college-bound students with disabilities need to understand in order to successfully transition to their new learning environment. Levin In a violent society where there are so few models for positive conflict resolution, teachers can help children learn the skills that they will need to resolve their conflicts with others. Grade level: PreK This publication booklet is on planning for the transition from high school to adult life for your child with developmental disabilities.

It reviews basic issues related to a successful transition from high school to adult and community living for students with developmental disabilities. Zimmerman This book explores common classroom challenges as well as general behavior-management concepts - so teachers understand the root of student misconduct and how to successfully intervene and manage it. Learn how to be a good sport and treat others the way that you want to be treated.

Being Adopted by Stephanie Herbert Adopted at six weeks old, Stephanie uses her own words and pictures to describe the love she has for her family. Falvey Every parent is filled with dreams, fears, hopes, and questions when preparing a child for school. When that child has a disability, this exciting time can seem overwhelming. That's why parents of a school-age child with a disability need this upbeat, reassuring handbook - to demystify complicated issues, help them celebrate their child's abilities and recognize possibilities, and show them how to be successful advocates throughout their child's education.

D, et al This book demonstrates that children's friendships begin early, in infancy, and run exceptionally deep in intensity and loyalty. As children grow, their friendships become more complex and layered but also more emotionally fraught, marked by both extraordinary intimacy and bewildering cruelty.

This book brings to life the drama of childhood relationships, guiding parents to a deeper understanding of the motives and meanings of social behavior. Here you will find penetrating discussions of the differences between friendship and popularity, how boys and girls deal in unique ways with intimacy and commitment, whether all kids need a best friend, why cliques form and what you can do about them. Murphy Betcha you'll learn to estimate as two friends guess how many people are riding their bus, how much a bunch of toys costs, and how many jelly beans fill a jar.

Betcha you'll have fun, too! Children's Library. In the car or wherever you are, teach your child: how to have number sense, shortcuts for multiplication and division, and decimal and fraction skills. In the car or wherever you are, teach your child: tips and tricks for even the most difficult words, how to break the learning-forgetting cycle, and how to create a super spelling study plan. This booklet examines student records unique to complaint decisions and IEP documents. Henderson, Vivian Johnson, Karen L. Mapp, and Don Davies Countless studies demonstrate that students with parents actively involved in their education at home and school are more likely to earn higher grades and test scores, enroll in higher-level programs, graduate from high school, and go on to post-secondary education.

Beyond the Bake Sale shows how to form these essential partnerships and how to make them work. Written with candor, clarity, and humor, Beyond the Bake Sale is essential reading for teachers, parents on the front lines in public schools, and administrators and policy makers at all levels. Stephen Shore understands AS from the inside, and has taken on the valuable role of guide to the outsider.

A patient teacher, he opens doors for the traveler that otherwise remain closed. His book, and the life it describes, will go a long way to raising awareness of AS, highlighting the special strengths that AS confers, whilst not minimizing the difficulties. It also contains a wealth of information on how to manage AS. All medical information is relayed with the aim of helping parents to ensure effective treatment for their children and includes journal-tracking formats to help caregivers provide accurate information to personal physicians. Peel back the pages of this book and share the magic.

Transparent sheets reveal the unexpected side of things. Al the marvels and miracles of the world of birds, their flight and their feathers, their nests and their eggs. Take off through the pages as clear as a summer sky and get closer to birdlife than you've ever been before! It will help assist the children in dealing with bullies and what they should do when they encounter a bully. Describes the stages of realization, intervention, and therapy the family went through in their search to find a lifestyle and a therapy that would help their son overcome the powerful spectrum disorder, providing inspiration for other families undergoing that process.

Bridges to Reading Kit by Schwab Foundation to Learning The "Bridges to Reading Kit" contain 5 booklets of easy-to-understand information, strategies to help parents support their child's reading abilities, steps to success, answers to frequently-asked questions, and lists of resources. Bright Minds, Poor Grades: Understanding and Motivating Your Underachieving Child For any parent who has ever been told, "your child isn't performing up to his or her potential", this book has the answer. Renowned clinical psychologist Michael Whitley offers a proven ten-step program to motivate underachieving children.

This easy-to follow book identifies the six types of underachievers from the procrastinator to the hidden perfectionist to the con artist, and it presents the ten steps to help children in school and ultimately, in life. Whiteman This book considers the challenges of caring for children with physical, developmental and mental health disorders and proposes methods such as learning to see events through your child's own eyes, celebrating their strengths and achievements and recognizing how others can help your child.

Building Fluency: Lessons and Strategies for Reading Success by Wiley Blevins Students who can decode words effortlessly can focus their attention on comprehending - and enjoying - what they read. This book provides lessons and techniques for helping students read smoothly and easily, free of the frustrations imposed by weak decoding and word-recognition skills. James P. Comer Based on research, Building Successful Partnerships provides a blueprint for developing quality parent involvement programs that work.

Building Your Baby's Brain by Diane Trister Dodge and Cate Heroman This new clearly-written booklet is packed full of illustrations and charts, and shows parents how to interact with their children to foster healthy brain development. Building your Baby's Brain includes sections on: prenatal care, teaching your baby about feelings, relating to others, and more.

Building Your Baby's Brain: A Parent's Guide to the First Five Years by Diane Trister Dodge If you are expecting your first child or the parent of an infant, toddler, or preschooler and want to learn what scientists are finding out about brain research, then this book is for you. Also available in Spanish. This booklet describes the steps that parents and schools can take, together, to help prevent bullying.

Butt Prints in the Sand. No More! One day, we will look back on life and see either butt prints in the sand or footprints in the sand. If we see butt prints, it means we sat life out, we gave up and stopped trying. If we see footprints in the sand, it means we gave life our best and got the best. Although the twins were born smaller than most babies they grew up to be a rowdy pair. The boys never left one another's side until the summer when Tiki took a spill from his bike and broke his leg, forcing him to miss the entire baseball season.

The narrative follows the siblings' agony during their summer-long separation and their eventual joy at being teammates again. Adler When a baseball autographed by Babe Ruth disappears from the community hobby show, Cam and Eric are sure that it's been stolen. But the police aren't convinced, so it's up to Cam to find the valuable ball and catch the thief red-handed.

Adler Cam's Aunt Molly is always losing things, but when she can't find her wallet at the circus, Cam's sure there is a thief under the big top. It looks like the clown is the culprit, but he seems to have disappeared without a trace. Or has he? Adler Somethings is very wrong at the museum. When Cam and Eric go on a field trip with their class, Cam discovers that some bones are missing from the skeleton of the Coelophysis dinosaur. Will Cam be able to use her photographic memory to remember who sneaked the bones past the museum guards and then catch the thief?

Adler When Cam's box camera disappears from the science fair, she and Eric decide to go after the thief themselves. Then they discover that valuable gold coins are missing from a coin shop. Cam is sure that the two crimes are related. Will Cam be able to use her amazing photographic memory to catch the thief red-handed? Adler Cam and Eric go to the movies on a snowy winter day, only to find that the second reel of the film has been stolen. The theater manager thinks he's caught the thief, but Cam's photographic memory tells her that someone else is to blame.

Can Cam catch the real thief? Adler Cam and Eric are sitting in the mall when an alarm goes off. Cam jumps onto a bench to get a better view and sees a man race out of the jewelry store. Cam knows that she has to act fast, especially after the police arrest the wrong person. It's up to Cam and Eric to catch the real thief. But while they are waiting in line for a 'pawtograph', Poochie mysteriously disappears and is replaced with an imposter! Can Cam come up with a plan to track down the dognapper and rescue the famous Poochie?

Cam Jansen: The Mystery of the U. Adler When Cam and Eric see strange lights above the trees, they're sure that U. When they investigate, they find that there's more to the alien invasion than meets the eye. Between Eric's camera and Cam's photographic memory, can they prove what they see? Mather and Louise B. Weldon The short stories in this book capture the joys, sorrows, and struggles of childhood and teach self-respect and healthy values.

Each ends with an affirmation that nurtures the child's sense of self. At once playful and imaginative, it is also realistic and poignant in a way that captures children's fears, worries and the longing for the comfort of a wise and caring friend. It has an important and powerful message - we must listen to our children, and respond with wisdom and support to their fears and worries and make use of available specialists to reduce suffering and distress.

Children's Library by Rick Enright A humorous way to discuss sexuality with young people with spina bifida, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, muscular dystrophy and other mobility disorders. Twenty years ago, autism was a rare disease -- today, most Americans know a family with an autistic child. Autism is currently affecting half a million American children, or 1 in This makes it the most common developmental disability -- more common than Down's syndrome, cerebral palsy combined.

Chicken Soup For the Soul: Children with Special Needs by Jack Canfield Raising a child with special needs is a lifelong commitment that is as unique as each person who embarks on it. Written by a variety of authors who share in this distinctive relationship, Children Soup for the Soul: Children with Special Needs offers a glimpse into the lives of others who are on a similar path. The authors relate their own experiences of adjusting, reaching out, and flourishing and share their universal worries, their tears, and the laughter that come with this extraordinary relationship.

Rather than providing specialized information that applies only to children with disabilities, each page of this book provides information which can be used to improve the quality of early childhood programs so that the needs of every child are represented. Woven throughout these pages is a philosophy that encourages practitioners to take a close look at every aspect of the early childhood program, examine it through the eyes of the children, and do whatever it takes to make the setting more appropriate for every child who plays and learns there.

Over 90 photos, many very rare, are accompanied by descriptions of daily life as well as ceremonial and other special occasions. Children with Autism by Woodbine House This book is recommended as the first book on autism that parents and families should read. This comprehensive book will ease the fears and concerns of many parents struggling to understand and cope with their child's disorder.

Each chapter closes with insights from other parents. The chapters deal with issues parents will face, from prenatal diagnosis to adulthood legal issues, education health concerns, treatments, therapies, and causes. Children with Tourette Syndrome: A Parents' Guide by Tracy Haerle This book offers concrete information and compassionate advice for dealing with what is perhaps one of the most misunderstood and misdiagnosed neurological disorders, and covers medical, educational legal, family life, daily care and emotional issues.

Children with Visual Impairments by M. Cay Holbrook, Ph. This handbook describes the causes, diagnosis, and treatment of visual impairment, and discusses the effects it has upon the child's development, daily routines, and family life; it also provides information concerning educational options, legal rights, and the child's future. Choices in Deafness by Woodbine House This parents' guide is a clear and reassuring book that will help them make the best choice for their children.

Each chapter is written by a well-known professional and complemented by the personal accounts of parents. Circles of Friends by Robert Perske, Martha Perske This book tells about people with disabilities and how their friends enrich their lives. Classroom of Choice, The by Jonathan C. Erwin This book offers many useful management and instructional tips to anyone who works with young people.

It provides hundreds of specific strategies you can use with young people to appeal to what intrinsically motivates them in order for high-quality learning to take place. Clifford comes along. Find out how helpful a Big Red Dog can be! But T-Bone is not as excited as his friends. Clifford's First Snow Day Join Clifford as he experiences the joys of seeing, and playing in, snow for the first time.

They both think that their dog is best. But one day he got tired of hanging around. So he went off to play with his pals in a nearby construction site with some terrible results. Could it be Clifford the tine red puppy? Cliques, Phonies, and Other Baloney by Trevor Romain Written for every child who has ever felt shut out or trapped by a clique, this book blends humor with practical advice as it explains how to form positive, healthy relationships.

Trevor Romain tackles this serious subject with wit and common sense, explaining what cliques are and why they exist. Coaching Students with Executive Skills Deficits by Peg Dawson, EdD, and Richard Guare, PhD This practical manual presents an evidence-based coaching model for helping students whose academic performance is suffering due to deficits in executive skills, including time and task management, planning, organization, impulse control, and emotional regulation.

In just a few minutes a day, coaches can provide crucial support and instruction tailored to individual students' needs. From leading experts, the book provides detailed guidelines for incorporating coaching into a response-to-intervention framework, identifying students who can benefit, conducting each session, and monitoring progress. Special topics include how to implement a classwide peer coaching program. More than three dozen reproducible assessment tools, forms, and handouts are featured; the large-size format and lay-flat binding facilitate photocopying.

Purchasers also get access to a Web page where they can download and print the reproducible materials. Covering everything from test-taking tips to goal-setting ideas, from task management skills to decision-making guidelines. Photographs and simple text explore colors in the desert. Communication Skills in Children with Down Syndrome by Libby Kumin An expert shares her knowledge of speech and language development in children and adolescents with Down Syndrome. If you are expecting your first child or the parent of an infant, toddler, or preschooler and want to learn what scientists are finding out about brain research, then this book is for you.

It brings together a wealth of information on all aspects of the syndrome for children through to adults. Drawing on case studies and personal accounts from Attwood's extensive clinical experience, and from this correspondence; with individuals with AS, this book is both authoritative and extremely accessible. Drawing on case studies and personal accounts from Attwood's extensive clinical experience, this book is both authoritative and extremely accessible. Siegel This is a comprehensive up-to-date step-by-step guide through the entire IEP process that provides encouragement to the reader as it takes a complicated process and makes it easier to understand.

This all-in-one guide will help you: understand special education law; identify your child's needs; prepare for meetings; develop the IEP and resolve disputes. Harwell This important resource offers diagnostic tools, remedial techniques, sample lessons, and works to quickly identify students with learning deficits, improve their academic performance, and bolster their self-esteem. Includes assessment forms, problem-specific solutions, and intervention techniques. Miller This unique handbook gives reading and learning disability teachers one of the most comprehensive and practical resources available today for diagnosing and remediating all types of reading disabilities in elementary and middle school students.

Included are easy-to-follow explanations of the various causes of reading disabilities and over reproducible assessment devises, corrective activity sheets, and other aids. The dog is an English bulldog named Sinbad. Steve does have an elderly friend, Mrs. Teska, who is a shopkeeper, and she appears in more than one book, but I can't remember if she's Polish. I read these books so long ago that I'm not certain which one you're looking for, but it is probably either Sinbad and Me or The Ghost of Hellsfire Street. Please see the Solved Mysteries "S" page for more information.

Elisa Bialk, Tizz is a cow pony , There are lots of Tizz books. They were published by Childrens Press. Two possiblities for T I believe I know what book you are talking about. What jogged my memory was when you mentioned ice cubes. I remember that specifically from the book. The picture on the front shows a girl with black shoulder-length hair in bed with a nurse leaning over her holding a tray. It seems to be the one you are looking for. Not sure if it would be either of these, but they have similar elements No, I'm afraid it's not " Castle in the Sky " Beyond the Midnight Mountains.

I have the paper back bought through a book club in ish as a child. Garth Nix, Shade's Children. I read this about a year ago, and can't find my copy now to check details, but it sounds a lot like it. However the date given is so may be too late to be the right book. On that Sad Birthday, the child is the object of an obscene harvest - his brains and muscles are used to construct machine-like creatures whose sole purpose is to kill.

The mysterious Shade - once a man, but now more like the machines he fights - recruits the few children lucky enough to escape. He gives them food, shelter, and the training they need to fight the Overlords. But Shade's sent many children out on mission - and fewer of them are coming back. By luck, cunning, and skill, four of Shade's children - Ella, Drum, Ninde and Gold-Eye - have come closer than any to discovering the source of the Overlords' power - and the key to their downfall. But the closer the children get, the more ruthless Shade seems to become Alexander Key, Escape to Witch Mountain, The story is about two orphans, Tony and Tia, who have moderate paranormal abilities.

After their "granny", the elderly woman who took them in when they were very little, dies, they are placed by social services in a juvenile detention home under grim, unwholesome conditions. Both have repressed memories of their past, but discover clues -- a map and a huge amount of money -- hidden in the bottom of a leather box owned by Tia.

When a man claiming to be the brother of their deceased father shows up at the detention center to take custody of them, they instinctively know he is not their uncle and has ulterior motives. With the assistance of a tough-nut inner-city Irish priest, the pair run away, following the map's route leading towards the Blue Ridge Mountains. As their memories begin to return, they realize that they are actually of extraterrestrial origin, and in the end they find their way to their own people. Alexander Key, Return from Witch Mountain. Actually I think it's the sequel. Alexander Key hadn't intended to write one but Disney made a feature film based on the first book and then did a sequel, Return from Witch Mountain, so Key wrote a book based on the script.

Tony and Tia have been living among their own people and improving their psychic abilities. On a visit to Los Angeles they are separated. Tony uses his gift to stop a couple of accidents and is seen by people who work for a mad scientist's experimental lab where he has kidnapped a number of telekinetic kids to work for him this idea was also used by Dean R. Koontz, in "Door to December". Tia enlists the help of a street gang to find and free Tony.

The psychic elements and the story in general are much less subtle and more "showy" than the original naturally, since it started out as a movie. The details match up -- the boy uses his telekinetic powers to prevent an accident and draws the attention of a mad scientist who wants to exploit the gifts of psychic children, etc. You might look this up on amazon. The film version starred Bette Davis and Christopher Lee, and is regarded as high camp, but Alexander Key did write the novelization you may have read, and put his own unique touches in. McCloskey, Robert, Time of Wonder , This is a long shot, but It was based on a movie.

The book includes "Diary of a Cadet Aboard the Christian Radich" [sail-training ship], along with diagrams of a square-rigger, old sailors' superstitions, nautical terms, and the explanation of sailing a square-rigged ship. It is definitely "a thin paperback with a sailboat on the front" -- the book is light blue and the sailboat is the Christian Radich under full sail, at an angle that makes her look tall and thin. Hyla M. Clark text , introductions by Frank O. What year did you go to school? Could this be the book you're looking for?

This book was published in association with Operation Sail, which celebrated the Bicentennial of the signing of the Declaration of Independence by gathering tall ships from around the world and sailing them into New York Harbor in time for the Independence Day celebration. Over 50 full-color photographs, plus additional photographs in black and white. Paperback, with a picture of a sailing ship against the Manhattan skyline on the cover, blue borders. It's about pages long--I don't know if that's thin enough for you!

I have recently remembered more details. Female love interest is named Florence. She has several brothers and one is named Gregory. He marries an Indian girl. From an online review: "The story is about a young girl who moves with her family to an isolated area where the only contact with the outside world is by sailing schooner that stopped two or three times a year with supplies, news and mail brought by a handsome young captain.

Enright, Elizabeth, Tatsinda , Try Tatsinda , by Elizabeth Enright. It is a fairly short book, 65 pages.

Reviewer's Choice

Girl lives in a magical kingdom. The trolls mine "greb" inside the mountain and don't go outside during the day. The girl's kingdom does shine in the sun. There are pictures showing crystal palaces and houses. I hope this helps. The main character is a young child and is living in basically the real world.

No crystal palace, no kingdom, just an ordinary kid. Also, I don't remember anything like a kidnapping taking place at all. It was the troll mountain or treasure far away that belonged to the trolls that was shining. Thanks for the guess anyway though. I'll keep checking back. I want to read it to my kids so badly! Conroy, Pat, The Water is Wide. This is a semi-autobiographical story written by Conroy later, made into a movie with John Voight, Conrak. He travels to Yamacraw, an island off the coast of South Carollina, to teach very poor, isolated, African-American children.

I don't know when it was originally published, but the movie came out in Pat Conroy, The Water is Wide , The date is wrong, and the location, but the plot is similar. Thanks so much for the help! Thanks so much to you and the other responders for this wonderful service. This is definitely the book being sought. It is set in the s, in Kentuckys rural tobacco country. He has pupils on the census, but only a third attend classes: the rest are needed for farmwork. The students have to purchase their own books and classes are held during the summer so that the district doesn't have to pay for textbooks or coal to heat the schoolhouse.

Stuart is also in charge of maintaining the school grounds painting the school, putting lime in the outhouses and teaching his barefooted pupils to maintain public health no drinking from the same dipper, no chewing tobacco on the school grounds. For all of this work, he earns about one-fourth as much as a worker at the local steel mill who has a third grade education! The Water is Wide has a similar theme, but it is set about forty years later in an impoverished rural community in South Carolina.

This sounds a bit like Dorothy Edwards' ' The Witches and the Grinnygog ' , but that has a few more children, and the word in the title is 'Grinnygog', not 'Pucq'. Popular title! James R Padgett, illus. Hi - I'm the one who originally posted this stumper. Today, someone sent me a website for out of print books and I found it. It's on it's way so hopefully soon I'll know if this is the right book or not.

Thank you!!! They were long enough that when I read them for my competitions, it took about 10 minutes. Agapeland, The Music Machine , , reprint. Could this maybe be the Music Machine series from Agapeland? I remember them when I was growing up as Tapes or LPs with an accompanying book and each story was about a fruit of the spirit ie love, patience, self-control. Sorry I can't elaborate anymore. My memory's fuzzy on the details and I don't have any of them handy.

Maybe check out www. Thank you so much for your suggestion, but unfortunately it's not The Music Machine. But I really appreciate your kind input! Never give up on Google! After trying numerous combinations of search words, I finally found the book. I was able to buy it on-line, and even though I had last read it roughly 50 years ago, good grief!!

Even though the solution did not come from Book Stumper, the site is wonderful!. And it seems that everyone around her has a stake in her success. So, when Kathy is presented with an opponent she can't beat, and a tragedy occurs, everyone's motives are questioned. They all want victory badly-but would anyone really kill for it? T Fish is Fish by Leo Lionni? Not sure if what you're looking for is fiction or nonfiction. Lionni's book is more about the fish that is friends with a tadpole. They both grow and learn to accept their differences - especially the fish's inability to travel outside the water.

I like the echoes to The Five Chinese Brothers here, but there are no travellers in that tale. Not a solution, but there are variations on this theme. This might be the one- three travelers save a princess from a wizard by using their special skills. Gerald J. Pyle , Wonder Tales Retold, The king sends his son to find a princess, and of course he must rescue her from a wicked magician. Long can get as tall as he needs to, Broad can expand and suck up rivers in their way, and Sharpsight can break up rocks with his vision and well as see where the princess is being held.

Allan Eckert, Song of the Wild , This is the book about the kid who can "throw" his mind into other animals. What a cool gift! James Otis, Toby Tyler. I haven't read this book, but I know it's about a boy who runs away to join the circus. In the 60's, my sister had an edition from Disney which I think was a smaller hardback version. I think the cover had a dark pink background Frances Frost, Windy Foot series , late s, approximate. I think you may be looking for one of the Windy Foot books. Boy named Toby, Shetland pony named Windy Foot.

Several stories about farm life in the late s early s. Schmidt, Stanley, Tweedlioop , Tweedlioop - who certainly has an unusual name - is a peaceful alien who happens to look just like the squirrels on earth. It was a novel for adults, however. Perhaps it's your missing book? It was reprinted in , with a different cover. If it isn't the first suggestion, it could be this book, about another unusually named alien starting with T.

Is there really a twirlup? Laura Bannon makes this ambitious little animal so believable that you'll feel sure he exists. Dippy, the kangaroo rat, who tells the twirlup's story, patiently puts up with being called Drippy, Chippy and Snippy. Almost without knowing how, he finds himself working on the twirlup's wonderful scheme to launch a manned moon shot, or perhaps it's accurate to say a twirlupped moon shot. Swiftly, a lizard, unluckily becomes part of the project.

He has never been one to keep a secret, and thus the climax of the twirlup's work and inventiveness has a more unusual audience than any ever gathered at Cape Kennedy. Here's an amusing spoof on our ambitions to get to the moon. What's more, it introduces a whole colony of little desert creatures, Laura Bannon's lively imagination is at its best in this new tale, and her original sketches have been carefully completed by Will Gordon, a talented artist in his own right Miriam E. Mason, Smiling Hill Farm , Hi, this book might be the answer to the T poster.

Story of a pioneering family from Virginia who settles down in Indiana, their children grow up, etc. Lots of illustrations in black, red, and white. My children read this book when I homeschooled them and they enjoyed it. This one is from the Alice and Jerry series of primers, although it doesn't feature the Alice and Jerry characters. Engine Whistles. Row, Peterson, Worn, G-.

It actually has 4 squirrels on the cover. Long shot, but who knows. Since nobody has suggested this one yet, I'll try. This is a book detailed picture book format, like the rest of Holling's books about a cottonwood tree in the Southwest, that plays a part in all kinds of events that go on around it. At the end it gets made into a yoke for oxen, and still has the marks, bullet holes etc. Holling Clancy Holling, Tree in the Trail. No, this isn't right but thank you for the suggestion. The book was not a "picture" book although it may have had some artwork.

Anyway, the tree was much, much bigger. I think so big that many people would have to stand around it to hold hands around its trunk. This might be the book you're looking for. I have a copy of it and it does mention people carved their initials and stuff in it, and the tree is very important to the people in the town. There are a few illustrations in the copy I have but it isn't a picture book. Thornton, Jane Foster, Close Harmony , When Harrison Hughes has a near-fatal accident, the band is left without a lead guitarist so super-talented Josh is chosen as his replacement, but will there be a place in the band for Harrison when he recovers and will Josh be Lexi's ticket to romance?

It's 2 in the Electric High series. One of the Cathy books by Catherine Woolley maybe? Titles are: 1. A Room for Cathy , 2. Miss Cathy Leonard , 3. Cathy Leonard Calling , 4. Cathy's Little Sister , 5. Chris in Trouble , 6. Cathy Uncovers a Secret. My guess is it's 3 or 4. Woolley is also the author of the Ginnie series.

Andrews , Flowers In The Attic, Cathy, along with her mother, brothers, and sister go to live with her grandparents when her father dies. They go by train. At the end of the book, Cathy, her sister, and one of her brothers get on a train and run away. There are five books in the series. I posted this inquiry-- it is not the V. Andrews book. I am not sure if it is one of the Cathy books as I have been unable to find summaries on any of them : I'm actually wondering if the girl's name was Cathy--??? Not sure about this one but thought it might be worth a look.

The girl is actually in Switzerland at a boarding school, not France. Oh, I think I remember this one too though not the name of the book, unfortunately. Pauline is one of four girls, growing up in France. She falls in love with an older man who is an artist. Her father is a doctor. Her youngest sister Cecile gets on a quiz show, and wins support for an aging horse loved by an older sister Bernadette.

Rosamond du Jardin, Wait For Marcy. This is Wait For Marcy , late forties or very early fifties. Hallowell, P. Was already under V Could this be it? The title isn't similar, but Scholastic reprints often changed the hardcover title to something "more appealing". The summary is "After thirteen-year-old Ben and his pet coati Frito join a group of archaeologists looking for Indian artifacts in the Arizona desert, they help expose a ring of thieves. I don't know if they featured the same character, but it might be worth looking into.

I don't know the name of this story, but it was a Twilight Zone episode, so it is probably in one of the published Twilight Zone anthologies. Rod Serling wrote a lot of those stories himself, so it might be worth doing a search under his name. This is a Twilight Zone episode and must have appeared in an anthology of stories based on the show. It has probably appeared in various sci-fi anthologies. Actually, while many of the stories broadcast on "The Twilight Zone" were also rewritten as short stories and published in collections credited to Serling, I can't find that "A Hundred Yards Over the Rim" was among them, at least under that title.

Aside from the collections credited to Serling most or all of which were first published as Bantam mass-market pb originals , at least two collections were written by Walter B. Since I don't recognize the titles of the stories in that collection, I suspect he retitled the stories he adapted and this may possibly be among them. Full contents of both are listed online. Descriptions online look like it's got spiral binding and 4 moveable pull tabs, but sorry - no plot description. Can you keep on searching for T??

Emma L. Brock, The Topsy-Turvy Family , , copyright. Not on the same shelf with Lenski and Lovelace, but the title is right. The adventures of Tim and Debby Wiggins in their prairie pioneer home in Minnesota. This book was reprinted in the s. Cover is yellow, with picture of Tim, Debby, a baby, a couple of geese, a dog, and a pig. Francesca Simon, The Topsy Turvies. Probably not your book as it is a picture book from but it is about a Topsy Turvy Family.

I don't suppose you could be thinking about the books about the Peterkins family by Lucretia Hale? If you have any more detailed information about the content of the book- what the family was like that made them "topsy-turvy"- it would help in the search. Brock, Emma L. New York: Knopf, 86 p. Could this possibly be the Fairy book series by Andrew Lang? These had pictures on the front, and were different colors.

I don't think these were grouped by the age of the reader, though. You may be talking about Alan Mendelsohn the Boy from Mars , which was pretty far out for a kid's book if I remember correctly. It involved a couple of outcasts, telekinesis and a few pranks. Shusterman, Neil, The Shadow Club , , copyright. This is a long shot, but I think this may be the book you're looking for.

Richard M Koff, Christopher , , approximate. Thirteen-year-old Christopher enters a supposedly haunted house on a dare where he meets a mysterious man who teaches him to use mental powers he never knew existed. Several episodes of the book feature Christopher misusing his new powers and his teacher taking him to task over it. Zilpha Keatley Snyder, The Changeling , , copyright. Martha befriends Ivy, a poor girl from the disreputable Carson family, and the two of them build an imaginary world together. Snyder, The Changeling. Ivy and her friend - I loved that book.

Zilpha Keatley Snyder , The Changeling. Sounds exactly like The Changeling. Snyder also wrote a series that takes place in the world they invent in this book. McPhail, David, Those terrible toy-breakers , , copyright. A Parents Magazine Press book. Hans Christian Andersen, Shiba Productions illus. Sounds like this might be the one you're looking for. It is larger approx. The title, "Thumbelina" is printed above the picture, with each letter being a different color.

Inside, the illustrations feature Shiba Productions' pictures of posed puppets or dolls. Shiba Productions, Thumbelina , 's. This is one of the fairy tale books whose pictures were made by Shiba Productions and which were published by Golden Press. The illustrations are photographs of scenes with posed dolls, and the front cover of each had an inset lenticular 3D picture those are the ribbed plastic ones.

Al Perkins, Rowland Wilson illus. But their boat isn't big enough for a boy and his elephant, so Tubby goes in search of one that is. When he finds and steals the great Poo-Bah's boat, Ah Mee is locked in a tower. Tubby can't speak, so he needs to somehow show the Poo-Bah that Ah Mee is innocent. What is a little elephant to do? Weir, The Wonderful Train Ride , , copyright. Irene Smith, Chester House wins through. This is Chester House wins through, by Irene Smith. The twins are Gillian and Jane and older sister is Alison. Alison is ill and the twins cook cornflour for her, and white sauce to go on their own cauliflower - but muddle them up and give her the white sauce instead.

Jack Prelutsky wrote the lyric, which has appeared in several other books including school textbooks. There was a picture on the front of the book of a troll sitting on a large stone gnawing on a bone. Childcraft, v. If the book was from the late s, it might be part of the Childcraft series, since vol. I'd like to suggest Jane's Adventures in and out of the Book by Jonsthan Gathorne-Hardy as a possibilty for this query. I have been looking for this book myself for quite a while.

I don't know any more details as I've not actually read the book myself but here is a bit about it written in another book by the author. Thanks for your help so far, but unfortunately neither of these are the book im looking for. I have been looking for this book too! The title of the book I believe is Trolls, I am not certain of the year, if it is not from the eighties maybe the early nineties. It is a hardcover book with various short stories and poems. The book is large, but thin and has lots of pictures. Please help if you can. Norma Johnston, Of Time and of Seasons. One of your unsolved stumpers led me to this - Y6 is a similar novel, so I looked up other books by the same author and recognized the cover art on this on.

You know, after sending you this, I actually found it in your unsolved lists. Johnston, Norma, Of Time and of Seasons. Noel Streatfeild, The fearless treasure , , copyright. Six children travel back in time to the times of their ancestors. They visit different periods in English history- Romans, Saxons, Normans, etc.

Don't think there are any prehistoric monsters. Gerald Durrell, The Fantastic Adventures , , reprint. Could it have been one of Durrell's books for kids? These do have kids traveling through time with a professor. The drawings I remember were more cartoon-ish than epic, but I saw the American reprinted, reformatted editions.

Maybe the original British editions were different? Thank you for your answers!

Men in Black (1997) - It's a Squid Scene (4/8) - Movieclips

The time travelers went all the way back to early earth and then stopped in several different eras. Mostly age of the dinosaurs. Each section had a great many animals illustrated. I read it there when I was in elementary school, probably late s to early s. I even searched the database and card file back then but there was no trail to follow. Thanks for your efforts!

Someone out there has this book or remembers it! Do you remember if there was a character in the story who acted as a narrator? This person came out on the stage between different periods in time. If this is the book you are thinking of, I think the book had a red or black cover, or a red and black cover. I've read just about every Lurlene McDaniels book out there, and this was one of her best. She is an amazing author and my children are now hooked.

It was about a school teacher in the west in the late s. It was made into a TV series in , starring Brenda Vaccaro. The actual character's name might be different, I remember being upset that they changed the title. Cockrell, Marion, Revolt of Sarah Perkins. According to tvacres, the series was "based on the novel "The Revolt of Sarah Perkins" by Marian Cockrell, about a teacher hired to replace a single woman who ran off and got married and left the town without a schoolmarm.

Cockrell also wrote Shadow Castle. Sarah Perkins is hired to be the schoolteacher in an 's western frontier town where women are scarce. Every single schoolteacher has ended up getting married. Sarah is hired because she is "plain" and therefore considered unlikely to get married. But she is smart and has ideas that revolutionize the town and her students. Catherine Marshall, Christy, , approximate. Could you mean Christy rather than Sara? The tv show series Sara was about a legal team as in lawyers. Christy is about a teacher in TN in and is very similar to what you described with the exception that the name doesn't change.

Christy was made into a TV-movie and television series in Description from the net: "A small 19th century frontier town has so few single women that every time someone is hired to teach at the local school she marries quickly and leaves the children without a teacher. Determined to avoid this situation, the school board decides to hire someone so plain she will remain single. Thus, Sarah Perkins, a single lady from the East Coast ventures out West, without knowing why she was chosen for the job.

In a small western town in the 's, where women are a scarce commodity, the school board is desperate to find a teacher who won't get married, so they set out to hire an unattractive woman. What they get is Sarah Perkins, who is plain, but far from shy. She is, in fact, a warm, interesting woman with a gift for loving, and an inspired teacher as well.

In the entry for the show "Sara" on tvacres. But on the website for Marian Cockrell I didn't see any mention of this book. The older girls are also wearing hat and the younger boys are in short pants.. The dolls have simple yet expressive faces. Various emotions portrayed -- just like a real family A charming group of folk art paper dolls. Few small imperfections with minimal detraction. Many constructed of decorated paper. Gould of Vermont, presumably the receiver of the paper dolls. The dolls were most likely made by the giver at an earlier time in her life.

Dolls appear to be css and note from the s.. Illustrated wraps. The cover depicts an astronomer gazing at the heavens. Designed with advertisments printed on the left and the introduction and horoscopes by sign printed on the right hand page. The horoscope pages are in color and present an overview for those born under the sign. The advertisements are for premiums available from the magazine with the purchase of a subscription. The sketchbook combines advertisement and a year end exhibition to show the work of the students from a free evening drawing school.

The inside front and back covers have the names that correspond with the works of art that were being presented, as well as the graduating class. Each page has several, highly decorative and elaborate advertisement works from various local businesses in or around North Adams, Massachusetts. A front and back paper doll created by Forbes Co. It is an image of a house and is captioned "Our New Home". Reverse of both cards blank.. Six 6 costume pages. Note that the costumes are formal, as one would have worn on an airplane in the s.

Additionally the costumes are for an affluent family vacationing. Notably there is only one additional costume for the Air Hostess, which is an additional uniform all work and no play. Airplane motif background decoration. The cover of the book depicts proper young girl of yesteryear reading an album, with a die-cut frame above with a cellophane window showing portraits of the dolls on the second.

The next page shows the to characters i a room scene. The costume pages show fashions of the day for young girls in the late s with stylish accessories including a double locket with faux pictures and elements of charm including a "Gone with the Wind". Of note is a riding outfit with jodhpurs. A mixture of sentimental and s modern. The actual punch-out dolls are on the back cover. Number of Dolls: Size: 10". No of Costume Pages: 5 with a 6th page depicting the girls posing on stage Paper dolls printed on back cover.

Each character has a page of costumes and accessories. The final costume page is the circus ring and animal cars. A first glance it has the appearance of a die-cut card of a child in a high chair. Few areas of missing surface litho. The reverse promotes the department store. One of a number of exceptional novelty cards created by the store. Betty Sue, a curly blond with blue eyes, has outfits that include a skating outfit and sled, golfing equipment, and a school dress. There is a cut out suitcase with her name.

Illustrated: Florence Winship Edge wear. He came to England with Booteling, and was some time employed by Logan. A wonderful collection of over 40 items of a child's letters to her parents. Emily Hockaday Blair was only five years old when her mother and father sent her away to her aunt's house in Emily spent at least several months there a year while her parents were traveling between various cities in Missouri, Chicago, Washington, DC, and New York.

Eventually it appears she also began to go to school year around near her Aunt's house. For the next six years Emily sent letters to her father, Francis Preston Blair III, and mother, Florence Price Blair, keeping them updated on her education and constantly asking to see them soon or if they were sending her any dolls. The collection includes correspondence and drawings done by Emily Hockaday Blair. The letters written by Emily are addressed to Faver and Mudgie, presumably pet names for her father and mother. The first few letters are from when Emily would have been about five years old.

Occasionally there are also some drawings accompanying her practice letters. The actual letter on the other side was written by her Aunt Lizbeth. However they are the words of Emily herself as the letters end with "this is just as she dictates. These letters mostly consist of her stating her wish to see her parents soon and either requesting a new toy or thanking them for one they sent.

By she has started writing more detailed letters about her education and the time she was spending with her cousins. She even sent them two maps she drew of the United States for school. The last two letters in the collection were sent in They were written on the same day, August 23, with one addressed to Faver and one to Mudgie. They are the only two letters not handwritten, and were produced by a typewriter. In addition to the letters there is a hand embroidered handkerchief that was Emily's New Years gift in to her parents.

There is also a photograph of Emily herself. Based on the stamp on the back it taken by Joseph L. Douglass, a commercial photographer in Columbia, Missouri who was active from the s into the early s. She is wearing a large hat and appears to be about six years old. There are 8 envelopes in the collection. Based upon the address present, it is obvious her parents traveled a great deal. Several of them are to Kansas City, Missouri. The last three are addressed to two different addresses in Chicago, presumably from when her father started to set up his law practice there.

Additionally several of the letters themselves make reference to her parents travel to New York and Washington DC. Emily was born on November 16, in Missouri. Both her mother and father were a part of well-known and prestigious families in the s. Her mother was from a prominent, pioneering Missouri family, the Prices. Her grandfather Robert Beverly Price was a well-known banker and gentleman farmer, who was active in local politics. He was also greatly involved in the financial success of his alma mater, the University of Missouri. He served as Treasurer for the university for over forty-five years.

Emily herself attended the university in On her father's side of the family, she was a part of one of the most powerful political families of the 19th century, the Blairs. Preston Sr. Preston Jr. He even took part in Sherman's March to the Sea. He was a Missouri Senator, and in , he was Horatio Seymour's vice-presidential candidate for the Democratic Party losing presidential ticket. Emily's father, Francis Preston Blair III, unlike his forebears and siblings, did not follow in his family's footsteps of national political ambitions.

As a young man he graduated West Point and was stationed at Fort Hamilton. Later he studied law at Columbia University in New York. After receiving his degree, he met and married Florence Price. After his marriage, he opened up a law practice first in St. Louis and later Chicago. Emily herself would eventually marry into a prominent Chicago family, the Henrotins. Ellen was a writer, activist and staunch suffragette, while Charles was a prominent banker who founded the Chicago Stock Exchange and eventually became an influential person in global politics as he was Consul to both Belgium and Turkey.

Emily married their elder son, Edward, and would eventually move to Cherryplain, New York, where she and her husband were involved in farming and sheep breeding. Emily H. Henrotin would die in In the s companies saw a way of reaching a wider audience by creating advertising material that was directed towards a young audience.

The hope was that children might help to direct their parent's spending habits. By the early s, advertisers had perfected this technique and had come up with a wide variety of paper games and toys meant to attract a child's attention. One such paper toy that was used by advertisers was paper dolls. With the combination of cheap printing and a surge in the popularity of paper dolls, manufacturers of all kinds of household goods took advantage by using them to promote their wares.

The fashion and clothing industry in particular used this to great effect, as these ads were designed to mainly target young girls, and encourage them to desire to dress like their favorite paper doll. This collection consists of 11 items 25 dolls of advertising paper dolls. Below is a brief description of the items within the collection. It then sold them to retail stores across the country along with an advertising paper doll.

While the two dolls in this section are extremely similar, they are slightly different. This is mainly seen in the details of the yellow dress they are both wearing. The back of the doll had a space for the retail store to print its name and address. This is the "Little Sister" series and includes two dolls and 14 costumes.

Note the gender specific objects being held by the costumes. The back of each out had a Lot No. The two stores on the back of the dolls in this collection are E. It was a set of 4 dolls- Mother, Sister, Betty, and Buddy Buddy is missing from this collection with three outfits each. On each sheet is the advertising phrase: "These cut out dolls serve two purposes; to amuse the children and to give you the style suggestions designed by experts.

Beside each outfit is the price and department store floor in which it can be found on. Cover is detached. These sewing patterns allowed mothers to recreate the dresses Miss Sunbeam wore for their daughter. Next to each outfit was a product code that correlated to a specific sewing pattern. There are two pages for this item, the first page, with the doll, is in color, while the second page is in black and white. This would allow the child to have even more fun with the toy by coloring in the outfits.

These two sheets are stapled together. These outfits, along with the product code also gave an age range. Additionally this version had a teddy bear paper doll as well. The doll featured is the "10 year old Sister", and it showcases 4 outfits. What is unique about this item is not all the outfits paired with the doll are made or sold by Gibbs. Carter's was a clothing store for children selling clothes from 'cradle through school'. This ad features two dolls, a Big Sis, and a Baby Sis, each with their own outfit. The ad speaks directly to the child stating that their outfits mean that "Daddy saves dollars galore!

This doll was designed by Betty Jaxon and was meant to capitalize on the Easter holiday. In two sheets, a doll named Jill there are two version of the same doll, each in a difference stance is surrounded by colorful, fashionable outfits. Each outfit has the pattern number printed on its tabsThe Pretty as a Picture sheet was a store give-away, the second sheet is a proof presumably for future designs. He also was a strong proponent fashion-centric illustration, and since paper dolls are a natural progression of that he soon had several books of them that he used to sell his clothes.

The item is a 12 pp. The cover is an illustration of a cut out sheet of paper dolls. The book includes three 3 paper dolls and four 4 pages of outfits. The reverse of the page provides a narrative description, sizing information and pricing for each of the paper doll costumes. There is even an introductory note in the beginning of the book that asks the children not to cut out the dolls until mother has ordered the desired outfits.

The advertisement is for Dale Crepe, a yarn company in Europe. The dolls are meant to help selling knitting patterns, and each sweater is a pattern you can purchase. There is a both a boy and girl doll, each with fours knit sweaters, and at least one knit hat and pair of mittens. In Danish. This is evident even in the title, as a 'Look Book' is a collection of designs compiled to show off a style or clothing line.

Even the names of the outfits advertised in this accordion folded pamphlet are titled to reflect that. Published for the holiday season by The Children's Place, an American specialty retailer of children's apparel and accessories since It comes with two dolls, a boy and a girl with several outfits each. The pamphlet is printed in color and is double sided. As such, it is impossible to cut out both dolls and all the outfits from the same pamphlet. The front cover is a die-cut window exposing the fashion dolls on the next page through the windows.

Note the awning lifts to allow the book to open. The first page is heavy card stock and has the three 3 punch-out models Henry, Marie and Cecile and three 3 additional models Phyllis, Donna and Annette on the inside back page. There arey four 4 costume pages at in the center of the book laid out as though they were displays in a boutique.

The back cover includes a mannequin and two 2 display heads for displaying hats. All one would need to set up shop. All the favor they request of you in return is that you will ask your mother, or the grown people of your family, to read the "Contents" of the Magazine that will be printed on the back of the dress each month. Our object is to interest them in the Magazine; so, after calling for a new dress each month, be sure to perform this little duty, and then you will feel at liberty to call for another dress the following month.

Accompanied by two dresses cut from Demorest's promotions from Guess the child didn't appreciate being used as an advertising pawn after a couple of months Miles New Heart Cure. The reverse introduces Katrina, a character in Rip Van Winkle and of course promoting the various Dr. Miles with brief narratives and a complete product listing including pricing. Also includes three costumes and hats.

The costumes are identified e. Each costume has product information on the reverse. The paper dolls were offered as premiums for a product label and five 2 cent stamps. The reverse introduces Dolly, the future wife of John Hancock and of course promoting the various Dr.

Includes original mailer from Dr. Two 2 different 13" x 10" uncut paper doll sheets promoting hats for girls. Each hat has an item number. Reverse is blank. Quite scarce.. A single paper doll set with the same character and costumes as included in "Famous Queens and Martha Washington" a larger boxed set. Illustrated by Elizabeth S. It includes Queen Victoria and three period costumes.

The doll is wearing a white petticoat covered with a white peignoir tied with a blue bow. Additionally the set includes a booklet with a brief introduction to the doll and instructions on use and play. Doll 7" tall and booklet and box lid approx. An intricately detailed little group of embossed die-cut card stock toys. Includes a lion, lioness and two cuts, who appear somewhat docile with a nearby dish of milk.

Light wear. Note the Cinderella on the front cover looks like a statuesque movie star. Color newspaper paper dolls series of a good little girl who is always very careful about her dress.

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Printed on newspring. Each segment includes at least one paper dolls with costumes and accessories and a narrative promoting good behavior, caring and living in a perfect world. Anna Belle was unexpectedly elected president and know they will make children happy with the clothes they make.

All an interesting approach to socialization. Several mention the Sewing Circle. Dust jacket. Along the way she befriends a teddy bear named Edward, who helps her find her way in the world. Tilly shows herself to be a strong, independent individual who is not afraid of hardwork. The illustrations in this children's book are the real gem, as they are extremely rich and detailed and make Tilly's world come to life for the reader.

Very minor edge wear, due to rubbing. A small amount of brown speckles on the front cover. A truly fanciful fellow with a printed face,and card stock body parts that have been decorated with applied and layered polished and foiled papers. His exaggerated hat has a large applied flower. His bodice begins with pleated paper dickey and velvet bow tie; a crest is applied beneath the dickey. His waistcoat is constructed of various foiled papers with red embellishment and embossing. His topcoat is velvet with studded border trim topped with a large red silk bow. The arms and legs are jointed at the shoulders, elbows, hips and knees..

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A copper engraving cut-out from the February Peterson's Magazine that has been dressed in both paper and fabric. It is captioned "Fanny's First Flirtation". Housed in period frame which measures 9" x 8". When researching the image an editor's note from Peterson's reads "This charming engraving, published in our February number, receives praise everywhere. The New Jersey Enterprise says, 'What a Frenchman would call, but what some of our juvenescent Americans translate 'the piece of resistance' Each of the costumes is lithograph with an egg wash finish.

The original box is lacking. A 12" Scotsman dressed in a traditional kilt with with shoulder sash and belt. Embellished with feathers on his hat and belt. Finely detailed facial and hand features. Not the detail on his stockings. A simple string mechanism allows him to dance..

In original envelope with additional two-sided costume a cloak for baby Pauline. Printed on heavy stock. Note that these are only so-called "French Paper" doll, just an advertising promotion by McLoughlin of a nurse in French regional attire. The set is believed to be complete. See Howard pg. This listing is one of two different Friendship Press paper dolls we have acquired. Friendship Press, Fifth Avenue.

Illustrated by M. Copyright by G. Le Sourd. Each paper doll is a vividly colored depiction of an American minority of the day. The doll is in "American" attire with the costume in a more traditional or stereotypical attire. Fine cultural Americana. This listing is Angelina, Our Italian Friend. Depicts an 8" girl in a school dress. His "traditional" attire is gaily colored outfit in red, white and green. Condition: surface soiling. Otherwise fine. One of two different Friendship Press paper dolls we are offering. This listing is Wenonah, our Indian Friend. His "traditional" attire is a fringed colorful Native American costume complete with "papoose".

Condition: light surface soiling otherwise. She holds a card that reads Brook's Spool Cotton is the best. There are spools of thread at her feet. Her three 3 costumes appear to be regional attire from various countries, perhaps Spain, Turkey and the Netherlands.

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Appear to be cut from a sheet with advertising on reverse. Missing surface litho on the reverse of back side of each costume and doll presumably had been glued down at one point and carelessly removed.. The five dolls consist of three children, Tom, Betty, and Susan, along with two animals Flip, the dog, and Pony, the horse. The included instruction sheet gives suggestions as to how the paper dolls might be used in a classroom to ready children for and begin reading. Along with the Ginn Basic Readers books of course. Some possible skills that can be learned using the characters matching them to chalkboard outlines, practice eye-hand coordination, developing language growth and listening ability.

The characters also pair up with characters in several of their beginner reading books is but a fun coincidence and coincidentally be used as physical representations of stories and exercises. The original envelope is also included. Dolls vary, largest measures 10" and the smallest 6". A 13" x 11" paper doll book with six 6 paper dolls on the front and back covers; all Hispanic in appearance. Costumes are both traditional and ceremonial. Small area of missing surface litho on front cover removal of old price tag?

Believe them to be French Infantry Soldiers. Most like printed by F. Wenzel in Weissenburg. Vibrant color with gouache finish. Condition varies. Three with broken bayonettes. Come neck and ankle bends. Fine group of soldiers. A 6" handmade pen and ink and watercolor Jenny Lind paper doll with 4 cut and one uncut costume.

The uncut costume has two guards pencils in the background. Fine replicas copied from the Albert Davis Collection of prints. One of the most highly regarded singers of the 19th century, she performed in soprano roles in opera in Sweden and across Europe, and undertook an extraordinarily popular concert tour of America beginning in

Childrens Book: How Taylor Found Her Doll (For Ages 3-8, Explains Concept of Day and Night) Childrens Book: How Taylor Found Her Doll (For Ages 3-8, Explains Concept of Day and Night)
Childrens Book: How Taylor Found Her Doll (For Ages 3-8, Explains Concept of Day and Night) Childrens Book: How Taylor Found Her Doll (For Ages 3-8, Explains Concept of Day and Night)
Childrens Book: How Taylor Found Her Doll (For Ages 3-8, Explains Concept of Day and Night) Childrens Book: How Taylor Found Her Doll (For Ages 3-8, Explains Concept of Day and Night)
Childrens Book: How Taylor Found Her Doll (For Ages 3-8, Explains Concept of Day and Night) Childrens Book: How Taylor Found Her Doll (For Ages 3-8, Explains Concept of Day and Night)
Childrens Book: How Taylor Found Her Doll (For Ages 3-8, Explains Concept of Day and Night) Childrens Book: How Taylor Found Her Doll (For Ages 3-8, Explains Concept of Day and Night)
Childrens Book: How Taylor Found Her Doll (For Ages 3-8, Explains Concept of Day and Night) Childrens Book: How Taylor Found Her Doll (For Ages 3-8, Explains Concept of Day and Night)
Childrens Book: How Taylor Found Her Doll (For Ages 3-8, Explains Concept of Day and Night) Childrens Book: How Taylor Found Her Doll (For Ages 3-8, Explains Concept of Day and Night)
Childrens Book: How Taylor Found Her Doll (For Ages 3-8, Explains Concept of Day and Night) Childrens Book: How Taylor Found Her Doll (For Ages 3-8, Explains Concept of Day and Night)
Childrens Book: How Taylor Found Her Doll (For Ages 3-8, Explains Concept of Day and Night) Childrens Book: How Taylor Found Her Doll (For Ages 3-8, Explains Concept of Day and Night)

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