Nur die Spitzen (German Edition)

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Mit dem Whiskymixer mixt der Whiskymixer den Whisky. Dreihundertdreiunddreissig Reiter ritten dreihundertdreiunddreissig mal um das grosse runde Rastenburger Rathaus. Der Flugplatzspatz nahm auf dem Flugplatz platz. Auf dem Flugplatz nahm der Flugplatzspatz platz. Klitze kleine Katzen kotzen klitze kleine Kotze.

Klitze kleine Kotze kotzen klitze kleine Katzen. Zwischen "oder" und "und" und "und" und "und" und "und" und "oder" ist immer ein Leerzeichen. Dies ist ein Scheit. Auf der Liebesreise sprach der Leibesriese "reib es Liese" und sie rieb es leise. Und wenn er genug getutet hat, tut er seine Tute wieder in den Tutkasten rein. Dicke Nichten dichten im dichten Fichtendickicht. Im dichten Fichtendickicht dichten dicke Nichten. Zwischen zwei Zwetschkenzweigen zwitschern zwei Schwalben, zwei Schwalben zwitschern zwischen zwei Zwetschkenzweigen.

Denke nie du denkst, denn wenn du denkst, du denkst, dann denkst du nicht, dann denkst du nur du denkst, denn das Denken der Gedanken ist gedankenloses Denken. Weil die Paten um den Braten baten, taten Puten wir den Paten braten. Sag wieviel Laich so ein Lurch leicht laicht, wenn ein Lurch leicht Lurchlaich laicht. German transcription of the English tongue twister "How many wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck would chuck wood. Gips gibt's in der Gipsstrasse, wenn's dort kein Gips gibt, gibt's in der Gipsstrasse kein Gips.

Die bekanntesten unter Ihnen, drei Barbaren, kamen so oft in die Rhabarberbarbarabar, um von Rhabarberbarbaras Rhabarberkuchen zu essen, dass man sie kurz die Rhabarberbarbarabarbarbaren nannte. Wenn die Rhabarberbarbarabarbarbaren ihren Rhabarberbarbarabarbarbarenbart pflegten, gingen sie zum Barbier. Nach dem Stutzen des Rhabarberbarbarabarbarbarenbarts geht der Rhabarberbarbarabarbarbarenbartbarbier meist mit den Rhabarberbarbarabarbarbaren in die Rhabarberbarbarabar, um mit den Rhabarberbarbarabarbarbaren von Rhabarberbarbaras herrlichem Rhabarberkuchen zu essen.

Von Spinnen versponnene Spanier spachteln Speisen mit spitzen Spaten. Mit spitzen Spaten spachteln von Spinnen versponnene Spanier Speisen. Er muss sich strecken, regen und recken wegen der Wecken. Rege, strecke, recke dich! Amtsdeutsch Geh Toni geh dauni, sonst hau i di dauni! Wer de zwa zwidri'gspitz'n Zwetschk'n nennen ko:, des is a braver Mo:. Da Dauni sogt zum Dauni: "Dauni, geh dauni!

Zwo z'quetschte Zwetschgen und zwo Zwetschgen z'quetscht, san vier z'quetschte Zwetschgen. A z'spat b'stellt's Speckb'steck isch a Speckb'steck, des z'spat b'stellt isch. Bavarian Berlinerisch Ick geh' raus und kicke, wer steht draussen? Schelle se net an seller Schelle, selle Schelle schellet net. Schelle se an seller Schelle, selle schelle, selle schellt! Hessisch Sitzt e Wermsche uff'm Termsche mit 'em Schermsche unnerm Ermsche. Plattdeutsch Wat'n weer weer! Wann wie Woschwiewa wusste wou wormet Wota wia, wurde wie Woschwiewa witte Wosch wosche.

Rheinisch I han amol oine kennt ket, dia hot a Kend ket, des hot se von oim ket, wenn se den it kennt het, het se au des Kend it ket. Musch nit an sellere Schelle schelle, selle Schelle schellt nit, musch an sellere Schelle schelle, selle Schelle schellt.

German-English translation for "spitzen"

Walser Rough Translations Fisher's errand boy is fishing fresh fish, fresh fish are fished by Fisher's errand boy. Those Danes, that stretch the Dane's Danes, stretch their Danes. Nodding nieces and seesawing spruces. On the butcher's shop sign the space between "Cheese" and "and" and "and" and "Sausage" was to small. Where are you, puffball bovista mushroom? Did you already know that it can lead to irritations for listeners when in a speech "Walzwerke" rolling mills and "Waldzwerge" forest dwarfs are mentioned, as it is phonetically not quite easy to distinguish whether this is about Walzwerke or Waldzwerge.

Thank God it is relatively rare that a Waldzwerg visits a Walzwerk or a Walzwerk is set up in the surroundings of Waldzwerge. If, however, a Waldzwerg builds a Walzwerk, this is would be a Waldzwergwalzwerk forest dwarf rolling mill. If he also works in it, he is obviously a Walzwerkwaldzwerg rolling mill forest dwarf. From the dead giant's trousers grew a red wild rose. Two astronauts chewed and chwed while the gathered blue-green moonstones. Do you know that the "that" is the most used word in the sentence?

Brown-blue wedding dress Small chinese bowl A librarian with a diploma Brewer Bauer is brewing brown beer, brown beer is beeing brewed by brewer Bauer. The roofer is roofing your roof, therefore thank the roofer who is roofing your roof. Those power women with their women power. Soup of shark's tail meat Three fat dumb women are thundering through the thick stupid village.

The bricklayer Boeckl carried a pick and a pack on his back. Behind him walked the tramp Baeckl with his dog Bockl. Suddenly Baeckl's Bockl snapped at Boeckl's pack and togetehr with the pick tore it of his back.

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Those that despise those that think the Didi Hallervorden Show by a popular German comedian is great are snobs. The cow ran until she fell over. German : Die Kuh rannte bis sie fiel um. In the fish-shop: Good Morning! Good Morning! Do you have fish? Yes tomorrow! Merry, peaceful tropical fruit. Kalle the bald cat bald head scratcher scratches bald cat's heads. Snails are horrified when snails lick snail, because to the horror of many snails, snails don't like snails.

You are Buddhist. The purpose of the purpose is to serve as purpose. If the purpose doesn't serve as purpose to it's purpose, the purpose has no purpose! Do abbots mow hay? Abbots never mow hay. If abbots mow, abbots mow gras. The small girl rubs her knee silently when I travel to Leipzig. The boss of the postal bus of Potsdam boxes in the boxing club of Potsdam. Itty-bitty children cannot crack a cherry stone. Fischer's freshly combed errand boy is devouring feshly fried fresh-fish patties hamburgers. On a Russian pasenger boat a Czech swing-jazz cellist was jamming.

We Viennese Washerwomen would wash white laundry, if we knew where warm soft water was. It greens so green when the flowers in Spain flower.

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Sayings that must be said fast, I can hardly say fast. The chaplain Klapp is planning a foldable cardboard poster. Two coal-black Czech-twittering pigmy swallows are sitting between two plum-tree branches. He said about the "that" that: that that is the that, that is written as "that". If bees are beamed to beams, bees are beamed to bees. Paupers have Arms. Paupers have legs. Legs have no arms. Poor legs! Long ways recall wise words.

Such things depress you anyway. Wedding dress stays wedding dress and red cabbage stays red cabbage. If you idiot call me "idiot", ich will call you "idiot", so often "idiot" until you idiot no longer can say "idiot" to me. Family dispute among slivovits slurping, top, twistung and perspirating twittering sisters. The child that cried so loud, sat on a hot stove plate. Max is waxing wax masks. What is Max waxing? Wax masks, Max is waxing.

In the center of the gras, a cadett is kneeing in a coffin. Uncle Fritz is fishing for fresh fish Klaus Knopf loves dumplings, another word for dumplings, meatballs. This is the key to the garden, for which the three maidens are waiting. The first is called Binka, the second is called Bibeljabinka, the third is called Cezizizaknabbeljababbeljabibbeljabinka. Hmmm, saif Mrs. Binka to Mrs. Bibeljabinka, what nice lace does Mrs. Cezizizaknabbeljababbeljabilleljabinka have on her skirt.

They didn't have to change cars, so she silently gave herself to him. But beacause the points were switched the wrong way they rode back in a hearse. Those who report to the police those who let the thieves escape will receive a reward! One rooster, two chicken, three ducks, four geese, five pigs, six cows, seven oxen, eight nuns, nine knobby, hunchbacked beggar women are spending the night with ten Costantinoplean bagpipe-maker assistants.

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Center-pass kicker Flick kicks fast center-passes. She was the doughiest dough shell of all doughy dough shells of the shell pond. If you give opium to Grandpa, opium will kill Grandpa. Little children cannot crack cherry stones. The wannton fish-sinner Franz was impudently catching fat five-finger fish before the river-fall. Smoked salmon with leek rice. The ladies in Baden-Baden a town in Germany bathe frequently. They wash the Baden-Baden Gentlemen with them. Thrilling: foolish Spanish peeking-toms are stretching thrilling Spanish Fools.

Snails are shocked when they lick other snails because for many snails it is shocking that for some snails snails are not tasty. He is eating an apple, she an orange. Twelve muttering speakers say "you" to twelve muttering speakers, which always say "you". The woodpecker, sparrow, stork and sparrowhawk jumped post-haste with a screech down the steep path. Brackish-water fishermen are called brackish-water fishermen because brackish-water fishermen fish in brackish-water fish in brackish-water.

At the hairdresser: "Hello, Carl. Weber emptied, destroyed her liver measurements. A well-roasted goose eaten with a golden fork is a good gift from God. The sparrow walks early and late among spinach. A very hard-to-say-fast saying is a saying to be said fast, a only hard-to-say-fast saying is called a saying to be said fast. In all traps of St.

Gudrun's turkey is resting well. Well resting is Gudrun's turkey. John is splitting hard wood behind the high house. Two men that load shop blinds in front of a chocolate shop blind, invite shop-blind girls to dinner. Conversation in a store: Good morning! Do you have plaster? We'll have Plaster tomorrow. You have got to chew your bread well, so that you excrements get really brown. New think you have thought, because thinking thoughts is thoughless thinking. Wenn you think you think then you only think you think, but think you never do.

Russian Russian are sliding down Russian slides the Russian way. A boxer of the champions league. Boxed himself into a mess of goo. And from the piled up mess of goo proudly rose the champion of the league! The cat ate the porc-belly, now it can't say meow! The lifesaver is not digusted by anything, he bites into the maggot Pug-dachshund-greyhound-poodle a nonsense dog If your dachshund calls my dachshund a dachhund again, your dachshund will be slapped so hard by my dachshund that he will not be able to say "dachshund" anymore.

The frog-researching frog researcher is studying frog-reasearching frog research. The suitcase in the sleeping waggon lay heavy on his tail. Narrow-gauge railway tracks are narrower than wide-gauge railway tracks. I saw a pearl cushion in the window. If crickets grill crickets for crickets then crickets grill crickets for crickets!

Today Hans will be coming home. Lisa is happy. Whether he comes by way of Oberammergau, Or whether he comes by way of Unterammergau, Or whether he comes at all, Is not certain. On seven seal-cliffs seven clans of seals are sitting, which are nudging each other in the ribs until they tip over the cliffs. Czech Gucci handbags Ten goats pull ten hundred-weights of cement to the dentist to cement broken teeth. What a badly entitled bequest spawns from weak memory. How fortunate that God cast the bells. The whiskey mixer mixes whiskey with the whiskey mixer. With the whiskey mixer the whiskey mixer mixes whiskey.

This is a log, a spliced log, A well-spliced spliced log. And this well-spliced spliced log belongs to Mrs. Sticking in my pot set is potato fritter fat! Those that will catch those that have stolen the geese will be rewarded. I'm standing in the rain and waiting for you.

I'm waiting in the rain an like you. Max if you like wax masks then make wax masks! The airport sparrow landed on the airport. On the airport the airport sparrow landed. Itty-bitty cats vomit itty-bitty vomit. Itty-bitty vomit is vomited by itty-bitty cats. Daughter of the manufacturer of Constantinoplan bag-pipe pipes In thick spruce thicket thick spruces are diligently nodding. Between two sharp rocks two hissing hiss-snakes where sitting and hissing.

Between "or" and "and" and "and" and "and" and "and" and "or" there is always a space. This is a log. A finely spliced log sent by Miss Meissner from Neisse and she lets say quite finely, that her husband is a busy log-splicer, who at night - before eating or biting anything - would have spliced a lot of logs. It was beautiful to look upon, being white with red cheeks, so that any one who should see it must long for it, but whoever ate even a little bit of it must die. When the apple was ready she painted her face and clothed herself like a peasant woman, and went across the seven mountains to where the seven dwarfs lived.

And when she knocked at the door Snow-white put her head out of the window and said, "I dare not let anybody in; the seven dwarfs told me not. There, I will give you one. Snow-white longed for the beautiful apple, and as she saw the peasant woman eating a piece of it she could no longer refrain, but stretched out her hand and took the poisoned half. But no sooner had she taken a morsel of it into her mouth than she fell to the earth as dead.

And the queen, casting on her a terrible glance, laughed aloud and cried, "As white as snow, as red as blood, as black as ebony! The dwarfs, when they came home in the evening, found Snow-white lying on the ground, and there came no breath out of her mouth, and she was dead. They lifted her up, sought if anything poisonous was to be found, cut her laces, combed her hair, washed her with water and wine, but all was of no avail, the poor child was dead, and remained dead. Then they laid her on a bier, and sat all seven of them round it, and wept and lamented three whole days.

And then they would have buried her, but that she looked still as if she were living, with her beautiful blooming cheeks. So they said, "We cannot hide her away in the black ground. Then they set the coffin out upon the mountain, and one of them always remained by it to watch.

And the birds came too, and mourned for Snow-white, first an owl, then a raven, and lastly, a dove.

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  • Now, for a long while Snow-white lay in the coffin and never changed, but looked as if she were asleep, for she was still as' white as snow, as red as blood, and her hair was as black as ebony. It happened, however, that one day a king's son rode through the wood and up to the dwarfs' house, which was near it.

    He saw on the mountain the coffin, and beautiful Snow-white within it, and he read what was written in golden letters upon it. Then he said to the dwarfs, "Let me have the coffin, and I will give you whatever you like to ask for it. But he said, "I beseech you to give it me, for I cannot live without looking upon Snow-white; if you consent I will bring you to great honour, and care for you as if you were my brethren.

    Now it happened that as they were going along they stumbled over a bush, and with the shaking the bit of poisoned apple flew out of her throat.

    ISBN 13: 9783732244348

    It was not long before she opened her eyes, threw up the cover of the coffin, and sat up, alive and well. The king's son answered, full of joy, "You are near me," and, relating all that had happened, he said, "I would rather have you than anything in the world; come with me to my father's castle and you shall be my bride.

    But Snow-white's wicked step-mother was also bidden to the feast, and when she had dressed herself in beautiful clothes she went to her looking-glass and said, "Looking-glass upon the wall, Who is fairest of us all? First she thought she would not go to the wedding; but then she felt she should have no peace until she went and saw the bride. And when she saw her she knew her for Snow-white, and could not stir from the place for anger and terror. For they had ready red-hot iron shoes, in which she had to dance until she fell down dead.

    Es war einmal mitten im Winter, und die Schneeflocken fielen wie Federn vom Himmel herab. Ich will in den wilden Wald laufen und nimmermehr wieder heimkommen. Nun rief er die andern, die kamen herbeigelaufen und schrien vor Verwunderung, holten ihre sieben Lichtlein und beleuchteten Schneewittchen.

    Ei, du mein Gott!

    spitzen - English translation in English - Langenscheidt dictionary German-English

    Der siebente Zwerg aber schlief bei seinen Gesellen, bei jedem eine Stunde, da war die Nacht herum. BSE is only the tip of the iceberg. Source: Europarl. Leadership from the top will be crucial. China has spearheaded the establishment of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. Indeed, official censorship is only the tip of an iceberg of cultural censorship. When it comes to road safety and environmental sustainability, they are first-rate.

    In puncto Verkehrssicherheit und Umweltfreundlichkeit sind sie Spitze. During this part-session, the European Parliament has plumbed the depths of hypocrisy.

    Nur die Spitzen (German Edition) Nur die Spitzen (German Edition)
    Nur die Spitzen (German Edition) Nur die Spitzen (German Edition)
    Nur die Spitzen (German Edition) Nur die Spitzen (German Edition)
    Nur die Spitzen (German Edition) Nur die Spitzen (German Edition)
    Nur die Spitzen (German Edition) Nur die Spitzen (German Edition)
    Nur die Spitzen (German Edition) Nur die Spitzen (German Edition)
    Nur die Spitzen (German Edition) Nur die Spitzen (German Edition)
    Nur die Spitzen (German Edition) Nur die Spitzen (German Edition)

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