Anathem. Il pellegrino (Italian Edition)

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Be in the dark no more, the illusive Brian Summers is here! Unleashed to the wild, riding a fat rocket into space finally crash landing on Feelings Worldwide. Following in the footsteps of Kasra V, Dream 2 Science, Keith Lorraine, Jovonn and Larry Houl an integral piece of the Feelings puzzle finally steps up to deliver his first outing on wax. Responsible for Feelings aesthetic and as one of Feelings resident DJs he has helped shape their sound since it's inception.

His debut release spans italo, hip-house and odd ball pop with a remix from Mark Seven thrown in for good measure. Four sample heavy dance floor hitters, channelling a breadth of sounds from Danielle Baldelli to Tyree Cooper to Yello making a welcome addition to any tool man's belt. Comes with a instrumental cover version by Welsh group Drymbago on the flip.. In the early 80s they began performing in clubs and parties across Accra, with friends and other dancers occasionally joining them on stage — including Reggie Rockstone, who later went on to find commercial success.

In , the band were approached by a producer and invited to record at a local studio. Without having written down any music, Terry, Lenny and Abed sang the parts and beatboxed the rhythms to the session musicians prior to recording. Now that we have your attention Welcome to 'Tropicana', a wonderland of Hurlee's groove fuelled imagination where membership is merely a smiling face. Balmy, bulbous and charmed with percussion, liquid bass and a swooning sax, it's one of the most soulful releases Tilly Jam have released so far and it's warm enough to catch a tan off Elsewhere 'What's Your Problem' continues the sunny side feels with a jazzy flourishes, hip slinking congas and neat spoken word samples; this too screams summer time and is another reminder why this young Spanish artist has already appeared on Discoweey, Papa, Villes et Fluers and Poetry In Motion already this year.

Last but not least we have 'Tonite'. Once again laced with Balearic savoir faire and dusty disco touches and killer sample craft, Hurlee hits the spot once again. Perfect for any pool parties next week at Miami. And for every sunkissed event you're playing thereafter. Dig deep, there's enough for everyone Stepping up on remix duties is Hot Toddy, a name synonymous with quality in the UK disco, house and dance scenes.

One of the founding members of Crazy P, both his work with that project and his releases under his solo moniker have never been short of excellent. There is no denying his pedigree in the genre and has once again assembled two absolute fire-starting reworks. Maintaining the catchiness and instant glittery likability of the original, his mixes instead focus firmly on the club dancefloor with the 'Hot Toddy Disco Dub' clocking in at eight minutes and boasting more grooves than your local car-tyre dealership. It's still a bass led fiesta with disco vibes aplenty for your dancing pleasure.

And for those that like their mixes a bit deeper fear not! There's the self-explanatory - 'Hot Toddy Deeper Dub' which is everything you'd want and more all neatly packaged in a dub mix. Any historians keen on the subject of "French youth in the s" are holding a treasure in their hands. Fifteen musical nuggets, exhumed from the dungeons of history, each and every one of them teaching us about what really obsessed the youngsters at that exact moment, i. The artists gathered here did not have the honour of breaking into the local charts, but they all individually reached for the sky.

Each song of 'Pop Sympathie' tells more or less the same story: that of a girl who throws herself into the night like one immerses one's self into the void, who rushes into a one-night adventure to become a star. And too bad if in the early morning she finds herself back at square one. In all these miniature odysseys there is neon lights, lasers, smoke machines, broken glass on checkered tiles, strangers on leather benches, celebrities in the bathrooms, stolen kisses, alcohol, drugs and cigarettes, Polaroids, venetian blinds and radioactive tubes.

Mainly synthesizers. The child of punk and post punk, French New Wave celebrates the matrimony of machines and lolitas under the auspices of a retro trend that revisits the atomic age. These virtual stars are called Cecilia, Laurent, Sonia, Janou, Fabienne, Anne, Arielle or Ronan, not even 20 years old, and often leaving just an overexposed photo and their first name on a single as the only memories of their swift passage in this particular musical story. It took all the love and sweet madness of Vidal Benjamin to bring them back in the light of day.

Clovis Goux. Keeping it Cyberpunk and dance-able, he surprisingly tops himself once again. We can just spew more praise but let's let this album speak for itself, along with his amazing collaborators. Innocent and catchy on the surface with its electric keyboard, primitive drum machine and bass guitar, it seems there is something perverse lurking within this tune. This mid tempo edit strips it down to its bare essentials, synth arpeggios, programming, and various bits and bobs.

There is a playful and slightly mysterious Eastern feel on this edit fit for hash dens. Escort brings the heat with the 2nd instalment in their new 45 series! After a couple years behind the scenes label boss Peter Croce aka Mr. PC is back in the production seat to release 3 of his most prized edits with a message. On the flip Peter delivers some dance floor meditation, complete with tons of drums and dub poetry for the heads that dream of a better day.

These 3 have been tried and tested on dance floors from Detroit to Chicago and London to Paris, and Rocksteady Disco is excited for you to have them in your mitts. Vinyl only, and hand-stamped by Mr. PC himself. These are previously unreleased versions of classic cuts from one of the pioneers Super limited BIG tune!

Handel - Di notte il pellegrino - Nuria Rial

Version on the flip.. During their teenage years they formed The Groovy Millers - a five piece band made up of George, Glen and their three siblings. After a chance meeting with Lord Shorty, they went on to collaborate with one of the Soca stars of the time and firmly plant their feet in the Soca scene of the musically rich Caribbean island. Of the five siblings it was George and Glen that pursued a career in music, and in the late 70s the two brothers made the move to North America to develop their music style. Disco dominated the airwaves at the time and a studio session with the prolific Frankie McIntosh resulted in the masterpiece that is Easing.

Drawing influence from the blossoming disco and soul scene, George and Glen added Caribbean flavour to the New York sound to startling effect. Midnight Riot returns to Rio to join Joutro Mundo one of the hottest producers in the game. Here we have 4 tracks of pure dynamite coming from the land of the hot groove. Former game soundtracks and ad music maker, he found himself attending dance parties more frequently in recent years, and eventually making dance music himself. First tune here is a peak-time banger with an Acidic feel featuring a vocal hook from Kirill Ivanov, frontman of a Russian indie pop band SBP4, followed by a huge percussive hypno jam on A2.

The B-side offers two versions of a tune made in a collaboration with Lipelis, one of the label heads, and it's up to you to decide which way are you going - deeper Italo-house journey with the first version, or ravey, breakbeat territories of the second one. Not one for the faint hearted. There was also the 5th instalment of the ever-popular Under The Influence series which saw long time ZR album co-compiler Sean P select some of his long held secret weapons.

For Z Records will be back in the funk hot-seat, but this time Joey Negro presents a snapshot of the edgier, robotic sounds of the emerging early 80s Electro scene. Originally released in on independent label For Sale sub-label of the highly influential Baby Records, home of some of the most striking italo-disco ever , this album is quite a different monster. Some of these numbers could have been easily played at the Hacienda in Manchester or even used as a soundtrack for some mid-eighties Argento movie. All in all quite an unusual heavy rare-groove collection.

The LP is an example of their true love of music across a vast spectrum. Summer is coming sooner this year, and you can tell from the heat of the two latest releases from Slow Motion: yes ladies and gents, Italian Dance Wave Compilations are back! Lukebox Fabrizio Mammarella and Umberto Saba from the duo Loudtone will serve you a slightly more downtempo, modular, weirdo beast that will make your head bang without you even notice: banger. Back on your turntables, is also Robotalco who is providing some proto-house extravaganza and adding some charme to the dirty, chunky beats of the compilation.

Disco, latin, merengue dance foor killer edits for disc jockey use only by DJ Adjustments dj extensive collection. A bassline so infectious, how can you not move to that! Killer boogie funk at its finest Will make you slide to the dance floor By the time the vocal hits, your hands are in the air and the magic happens! Vinyl only. Even though we're not paladins of pure concepts, the sound we're currently looking to release usually has a raw, kinda primitive and rough around the edges nature.

We're definitely not looking for the generic "soul sample meets a 4x4 beat" kind of edit. For this release we challenge 4 of our favorite Porto producers to give their unique twist to different samples and sounds of records we love. Ranging from upbeat disco rhythms to organic drums and hypnotic g funk melodies this release has it all. We truly believe this is a honest representation of part of the Porto music movement that makes us proud. Bridging the Italian house tradition with a touch of modern funk, Davide Santandrea, better known as Rame, and the brothers Riccardo and Francesco Cardelli, are making a name for themselves nowadays under the Capofortuna moniker.

Bouncing for the love of bouncing is a huge slice of funk fueled Italo. Sporting to monster bassline some great synths and superb leads. On the B side we find Rising Grace, the track that gives the title to the EP, overwhelming kick and bass, hypnotic afro percussions, close your eyes and you'll find yourself floating in a jungle.

This is a track which it is impossible to sit still too. Her gospel and soul drenched compositions coupled with a powerhouse vocal delivery and an ear for a melody made her an instant favourite with fans, critics and contemporaries alike. After a tireless touring schedule and some killer feature collaborations she's back with some new original material and she's enlisted the help of the one and only disco don — Dimitri From Paris Dimitri of course needs no introduction to the Disco and House heads and the king of Glitterbox comes correct off the back of recent projects remixing the Chic catalogue and running his own 'Le-Edits' label.

The track sees Izo wishing for a change in her relationship, longing for yesterday and the feelings of excitement and wonder that a child gets to experience so frequently.

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Between her towering vocal performances, Cotonete's classy groove work and Dimitri's deft studio touches it's the perfect disco storm. If, like us, you secretly labour under the assumption that it'll never be as good as that bit of the late 70s when the big bang between jazz, funk and disco gave us shooting stars like Dexter Wansel's 'Life On Mars' and Atmosfear's 'Dancing in outer space', this latest Rocafort 12" is the potential soundtrack to your sunny season. Kokoro Disco-San are an experienced trio of musicians and producers from Barcelona who have clearly been studying the moods and variations of the nu-disco breeze.

Peppy 4-to-the-floor beats per minutes that rise and fall in all the right places, catchy synth riffs, echoey Brazil-inspired Backing vocals that just make you want to levitate somewhere between Rio de Janeiro and Ibiza. The B side, Sonic Feeling, is equally thrilling with its driving bassline somewhere between Brothers Johnson, Azymuth and the Players Association, plus tons of those disco whizz, fizz, bangs that frankly just make you want to smile a lot after a few drinks.

No summer cocktail party should be attended without this crashing in at around midnight to get the foot action started. Ahmed Fakrun's first single originally released in , now officially licensed from Universal Italy. The label released classic upon classic and launched the careers of many now influential artists and producers and engineers. The music this label released throughout it's life has shaped modern day club culture and continues to do so A 12" promo that features 2 insanely deep cuts from the labels impressive repertoire.

This essential release has changed hands for hundreds of pounds on the used market and has never been legally reissued before, there are sub-standard boots around and they sound awful. This official reissue has the full unedited versions of the tracks and has been repressed from the master sources and with the full involvement of the licensors to provide 's clubs with a true Disco rarity, as it was way back in '77!

Giorgio Records is an independent label whose purpose is the rediscovery of some Italo Disco tracks that have never been reprinted to present them to the new generations who love the genre. Italo Disco gem of the mids now available in vocal and instrumental version and enriched with Casionova Edit and Flemming Dalum Remix. Rarely does an artist pay homage to the classics like Dimitri From Paris. Hailing from Arnhem, the Netherlands, it's always great to see another talent pop up in the Dutch scene!

He has made three super catchy tracks for us, perfect for the summer season! First up is the title track 'Haute Cuisine', warm bouncy bass topped with a super infectious lead melody and percussion. If there is a track more suited for the festival season it's this one for sure! So imagine dancing your ass off to this EP in the sun and feeling fantastic, we sure are! Dutch High Fashion Music keeps the classic disco-anthems coming!

Struve, making this one a must-have for anyone with disco-vibes! This was a great favourite of David Mancuso and Larry Levan at the time, and has remained a much loved dancefloor track for the disco cognoscenti ever since. All vinyl is heavy weight g manufactured Optimal Media in Germany, one of the world's finest pressing plants. Groove Line Records cut no corners when making sure that each and every one of our releases has the highest quality performance possible.

Find out more at. Spring , Disco Milk drops the last release of the year on the label and it's a funky bom! Wrapped around a fat funk bass, Trust In the Super Paolo packs a real punch to the groove offering a slice of groovy hip hop for those that like their music with a distinct funky vibe! After the big success of the track years ago, being played by some of the biggest selectors in the world… This future classic boogie disco track is available again with two new astonishing remixes that will burst into flames any dancefloor.

A truly explosive collaboration that yielded endless classic tracks for dancers and deep listeners alike, Moulton seemed to be totally in tune with the labels output and the direction it should go in. Another stellar volume of what is an essential purchase for any Disco lover. The selections on this EP are absolutely top-shelf, flawless in fact. One could argue that these are the 'definitive' versions of these anthems. Pure Disco gold essentials. Anyone with even a passing interest in Disco will most certainly need this record in their possession, the pressing of this EP is super in demand among those in the know and it can change hands for big money in the used record world, time, undoubtedly, for a repress.

These tracks are fully licensed and reissued in conjunction with Tom Moulton and PIR and all relevant rights holders. Remastered from original source materials to the highest spec and pressed onto top quality vinyl, courtesy of Above Board distribution for Moulton's supreme ear on this special PIR reissue 2 x 12" see's some all-time classics from the aforementioned artists in their full, unabridged, unedited Disco glory.

Recorded in October , at the early stages of his singing career, these compositions were just too good to remain undiscovered! We hope you enjoy their rawness and beauty! Out on 3rd May. Limited to copies. Five years after his track 'Mr. Featuring 4 tracks of hazy electronica that would sit neatly alongside early releases on Aphex Twin's Rephlex label or recent excursions by the likes of Palmbomen and Betonkust.

Swirling synth melodies, an ever evolving bassline that leads you down a labyrinthine maze and diaphanous strings and pads all add up to create an ecstatic yet at the same time melancholic quality to the music that manages to sound both ancient and modern. You can see them as two possible versions of the future or as an old version of the future alongside its current variation. Sparkling, playful melodies glitter like snowflakes caught in the flash of a strobe light before a pulsing disco beat rockets the track into the stratosphere. In his own words the track is "an ode to spontaneity and dancing without braking.

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I pictured it being played by a live band next to a pool at an LA cocktail party in the '80s. For all its gauzy textures there's also an undeniable solidity to these tracks, an underlying organic quality and nostalgic warmth that permeates them. Having previously studied jazz composition and played in several bands over the years, Transistorcake brings a sense of spontaneity to the often all-to-structured world of electronic music. This EP just capturing a snapshot in time of these songs that can be endlessly reworked and reimagined in his live set, where live bass and drums, are added to his collection of vintage synths to an endless back and forth between man and machine.

The word masterpiece gets bandied about a lot. Not least by us. But here is a release that truly befits such a lofty title. Naturally, both are cut loud and bumping for devastating dance floor power. Harnessing the Oberheim Matrix 12 to emulate a horn section has provided goosebumps on discerning dance floors ever since. Everything locks, just pure chemistry. Take a one-way ticket to Pleasureville, with Belpaese in the cockpit once again!

Another heavenly dose of disco, exotica - balearic - Italo-funk for the demanding digger. They also should've had something available for download when they appeared on a recent Best of Myspace U. Walk Don't Walk And! Twitch takes this already dance-friendly number and stretches it out, producing a a laidback disco groover with added effects for good measure.

A delightful organ line pops us near the beginning, reappearing throughout the edit, often taking turns for centre stage with the vocals or the horns, whilst the funky bass keeps the pace and style throughout. JD Twitch goes large with his version, amping up the already powerful original into overdrive with heavy drums, plenty of reverb and some trippy Frankie-goes to Hollywood-esque effects glittering over the top. The B-side closes with the original version, more disco but all the same power behind it.

Just like a humble neighbourhood taqueria, a bastion of comfort and deliciousness, Jacques Renault serves up two very tasty items. Dynamic and fiery on one side and smooth and tangy on the other. Both wonderful dribbled over just about anything. Hot news: There's significant evidence that the material for Schnitzel Cuts 5 has been created on steroids and therefor unfit for serving to the general public. Both sides have been seen to cause serious energy boosts on the dance floor. The heavy low end and suspense of the 'Strategy" and the all-out string and horn extravaganza of 'Were you ready for that" make this an energy packed dish that's best served with extreme care.

With their latest 'International Disco Mafia 2' release getting love from the likes of Marc Grusane and Jacques Renault, these Dublin based modern discotheque messers are on a roll. Their latest sees Yorkshire based machine squelcher Perseus Traxx coming heavy on the A side with 'Pump It', which grinds a crashing jack track in and out of some choice disco snippets to create a relentless floorburner for Sir Leon Greg is another of the Traxx-man's many pseudonyms, and 'Shakey' is an acid house tinged makeover of an old Northern Soul classic he made a few years back.

Last but not least, 'Last Days' will be, to some ears, the pick of the bunch - a rich, ever circling slice of funked up house music that will touch you in all the right spots, rounding off the package in some style. Dutch High Fashion Music returns with this epic disco-classic of the late 70's with 2 remixes With Love! Straight from Philadelphia! Cutting by legendary Dutch mastering- and cutting expert Maarten de Boer. Pressed on grams vinyl.

Anathem by Neal Stephenson, First Edition

Two heavy afro disco funk covers of Fatback Band classics. The objective is simple: It's to share the love of music and find the pleasure of hearing voices, percussions, and harmony's sadly gone amiss in social outings and in our homes. Meeting Henry was a moving moment, he unraveled the story on his title 'Ne Dis Pas Cela' being the single of an album that never saw the light, and the version of the title engraved on the vinyl at the time was the not the final version of the song.

The new maxi that Henry considered to be at the time 'the new sound of Guadeloupe' will be accompanied by a remix from Mr. Bird, and an instrumental version comprising his additional production. Ravanelli Disco Club is proud to present its first ever release. Courtesy of Mexican rising star Guillermo Santana aka Hotmood. Andromeda 12 repress! The release contains two new versions including Beppe Loda remix as well as the original version. Italian disco holy grail! Again aided by Nadia Vassipoulou, John Britsas and Panos Papapetros on vocals, the album is comprised of eight brand new tracks including smash hits 'I Hear Voices In The Night' and 'Together Forever', for you to dance on your favourite disco's dancefloor, alone at home or just to dream away on Costas' haunting melodies.

From the Latin-Afrobeat flavor of 'Shakala', to the Salsa-funk swing of 'Los Bareteros', or the Cumbia-inflected romp 'El Cateter', this 12' is something quite different than the typical edit fair, and a likely new staple for any box! These demo tracks were supposed to remain secret until Fred started to digitalize them from tape a few years ago.

Most of these tracks were part of the transitional period between the exit from his early 80's band State Of Art and start of his first solo project Actor's Studio and career as Fred Ventura. A versatile treasure of lost music recorded from until in Milan, Italy. Comes with double front sleeve and printed inner sleeve.

Keeping it weird for the summer DJ Fiskars returns with two edits from the deeper end of the distribution. The desert drive opener 'Midnight Sun' finds a hypnotic groove with woodwind leads and acoustic guitar on a cosmic journey through daytime disco. The A2, 'Canguelo Perro,' struts through a Paraguayan groove with a sweet saturated guitar hook that sticks with you in the best possible way.

The B side features an off kilter synth bass and pad heavy 80s Japanese flip in 'Shojo Showdown' with crunchy effects and chugging arps leading the way. Closing out the record is 'South of Sunset,' a euphoric looping strings party starter, an instant classic at the Hollywood weekly party. Companion 45 to the forthcoming unreleased LP of L. We transferred all of larombes tapes in Holywood and pulled sa ton of Amazing track starting with this the original full-length masters of Modern Soul Grail 'You're The Best' Running an extra one and a half mins flipped with a previously unreleased track 'Train Of Thought.

You know the score, 6k for an OG. This unreleased 12" contains for the first time the extended disco versions of these two precious gems taken and re-mastered from the archive collection of the legendary Tony Carrasco. Records much-loved label sampler series continues with Vol. Another essential ATDF 12". The wondrous rarity that is Hipnotic 'Are You Lonely' gets the rework treatment form four masters of the re-edit, each with their own trademark sound.

First up to the operating table, Opolopo increases the tempo edging up to the mark adding a characteristic juiced up bass synth that oozes smoothness and swapping the flute melodies with cosmic synth lines that sparkle in the darkness. Again, opting to move into peak-time tempo territory, they begin with a stripped back, spacey intro that sees elements added one by one from a bumping bass and panning pads to rough snares and crisp claps. It wouldn't be a Wilson edit without a double dose of tape delay, the duo dropping the vocals and synth lines expertly in and out for maximum dancefloor flavour.

Back down to the original pace on the B side, The Revenge offers up a slick, late-night redub treat. Only a handful of components are involved as he chops and changes the bass and synth lines to provide a mesmerizingly chuggy groove whilst dropping in choice vocal echoes that makes Hipnotic, even more hypnotic. Last up, Yam Who brings those strutting guitars further forward in the mix whilst adding some delicate piano touches that offer an elegant enhancement to the original.

Four new interpretations of a much loved and sought-after funk fuelled, boogie gem. Influenced and honed in the church, there's a spirituality to the delivery that few can match. An honesty and warmth resound in the arrangement with a definite dose of funk making this a sure-fire '70s soul hit that was big on the disco dancefloors. On the B side the second of Rogers' sweet serenades, 'Love You Forever' marries clavinet chords and plucked live bass riffs with tender female harmonies, providing a perfect accompaniment to Roger's soothing tones.

Neal Town Stephenson (born October 31, ), American writer | Prabook

The ultimate end of the set song and a way to win over any hearts and minds that need to be swayed. Two essential treasures fitting of the first reissue on South Street Disco! Top shelf mixes from the maestro Francois Kevorkian! That essential sound.

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Features a blazing Spanish language version too. Super heavy Unidisc repress. Sons Of Slum released three singles on Stax and Gamma in the s. They were reputed to be Chicago's finest live band of their time, the band broke up in On the flip the tempo is lowered and a rasping horn supplements the killer groove with a smoothing vocal delivery. Cordial Recordings will release an album of previously unreleased songs that were recorded back in the mid s in Cordial Recordings are happy to introduce the extremely talented Harlem based Preachermann to our family with his debut release on vinyl.

The right time being that we now have an album recorded by Preachermann and this will be released in Preachermann is an exciting new prospect that is expected to blow up in ! Now sold-out for quite a while and still on demand, The Empire Strikes Back is finally reissued. Bruno Hovart, as a self-taught musician and typical teenager, started playing guitar, bass and keyboards at age 15, covering James Brown, Jimi Hendrix and Cream in his bedroom and, later in college bands.

His first releases are in the mids, with deep-house and disco live bands and various electronic projects. Uptown Funk Empire is an exciting and ambitious project, worthy of its name. It's like being back to the better days of Funk without a travel machine Beware, The Empire Strikes Back and is kicking Whiplash EP is self-released on his newly incepted label, Djoko, an independent platform for William to showcase his fluid, eclectic and continually evolving style as a producer.

The four-track selection varies in style and tempo, from the motoric, muscular groove of dancefloor weapon Whiplash, to the funk-inflected disco house jam Bernice, whilst rooted within his distinctive synthesizer and drum-heavy blueprint. Lovin was recorded while the band a subset of original Haze members, including the tight horns section and lead singer Sonny Knight, RIP were signed to Bear Records in Delaware.

Their contract required them to shelve their already recorded and incredible 2nd album Haze album. OG Razor-N-Tape crew right here! Having graced the RNT hall of fame for only their third release back in , Frank Booker returns in style for round two. Straight off the bat 'Be Yourself' takes you on a sensuous journey around the disco cosmos. Interplanetary echoes, stratospheric strings and a bass and brass beamed down directly from the outer galaxy are brought together with those heavenly vocals alluring any lost souls.

This is peak time, delectable disco with an added umph and rhythms that are kind to the discerning DJs out there. Closing out the EP Frank slows things down to galactic chugger territory, marshalling the funky starship to the underground with the pied piper of supercharged jazz flutes leading the dance. A raucous return from the masterful Frank Booker. Started out as a reggae, lovers rock band in the late 70's, The Cool Notes consolidated their reputation in the 80s, after turning towards more soulful sounds and have signed different hits, all finished straight into the upper parts of the charts.

This second volume still focus on the Britfunk genre - or British Jazz Funk - mainly produced in London between the end of the seventies and the eighties. Parisian DJ, activist and producer Saint-James has again selected the most exciting, rare and powerful tracks from that era Expect powerful synth solos, crazy slap bass grooves and lovely vocals on the top when the horn section is not busy doing its funky thing. Back in the days, these young musicians gave their music a unique British flavor and raw energy pushing the needle "In The Red".

Almost four decades later on these powerful tracks are again ready to burn up dancefloors. The compilation features an insert with pictures and a few more words about the selection. The compilation is also available as digital download and CD along with Volume 1. Surprisingly, No Vox On Here. Only ocean' Itself Can Do. Album release Limitierte Auflage. The flip features two versions of 'Public Beach', a communal ecstatic dance meets Detroit Jit footwork cut with a massive bassline, pulsing percussion, and harmonized chanting, constructed for open-minded dance floors and deejays.

Limited to vinyl, TIP! The Italian disco masters are back with four heavy funk-fuelled vinyl cuts. Cabasa has off-kilter bass, Rhodes, dirty drums and grainy samples knitted together in to a groove heavy enough to get your Gran going. Hypnotic, trippy and disco at its finest. Congo Club goes full cowbell and 80's drums. A chanted vocal wonks out over a Rhodes that weaves all kind of magic, then the lead drops and critical mass is reached.

Stephenson explores areas such as mathematics, cryptography, philosophy, currency, and the history of science. He also writes non-fiction articles about technology in publications such as Wired Magazine, and has worked part-time as an advisor for Blue Origin, a company funded by Jeff Bezos developing a manned sub-orbital launch system. His father is a professor of electrical engineering whose father was a physics professor; his mother worked in a biochemistry laboratory, while her father was a biochemistry professor.

Stephenson furthered his studies at Boston University. He first specialized in physics, then switched to geography after he found that it would allow him to spend more time on the university mainframe. He graduated in with a B. Since , Stephenson has lived mostly in the Pacific Northwest and currently resides in Seattle with his family.

He lives in Seattle, Washington. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Amazon Payment Products. English Choose a language for shopping. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Sell on Amazon Start a Selling Account. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

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Anathem. Il pellegrino (Italian Edition) Anathem. Il pellegrino (Italian Edition)
Anathem. Il pellegrino (Italian Edition) Anathem. Il pellegrino (Italian Edition)
Anathem. Il pellegrino (Italian Edition) Anathem. Il pellegrino (Italian Edition)
Anathem. Il pellegrino (Italian Edition) Anathem. Il pellegrino (Italian Edition)
Anathem. Il pellegrino (Italian Edition) Anathem. Il pellegrino (Italian Edition)

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