Want-To-Be Parables of the Kingdom

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Exploring Jesus' Use of Parables Essay

There is a puzzle in this parable. Jesus simply says that "a man found" this treasure. He does not say whether the man found it by happenstance, or whether he was seeking the treasure knowing that it was buried in the field. However the next parable is about a merchant seeking fine pearls.

The treasure in this parable was hidden. Furthermore, when the man found it he hid it again. The extreme value of the treasure was recognised as greater than all the man's possessions, because he sold them all to buy the field in which the treasure was hid. The man was overwhelmed with joy when he found the treasure. God brings us into his kingdom for this purpose, that we might share in his joy, and that for ever.

This world has no lasting joy, but heaven has. That's why we should seek and secure our place in heaven, and not love the things of this world 1John This parable is like the one before it. Again a man sells everything he has to buy a treasure he has found. No doubt there were many pearls on offer to this merchant, but he found one far superior to to all of them.


Lesson “What Shall I Do That I May Inherit Eternal Life?”

The merchant could not resist this pearl, and he sent himself broke to get it. It might be stretching this parable a bit but I cannot help asking why Jesus chose a pearl rather than a gold nugget or a diamond.

A pearl need not be melted down and purified, nor does it need facets cut upon it so that its glory may be seen. We cannot improve it in any way, or make it more valuable than it is. This one-sentence parable evokes the simple image of a man looking into his chest of family treasures —something you might do from time to time. Of course some of your family "treasures" may have little value in the outside world, nevertheless they are true treasures. The man in the parable brings out some things that are new, and some things old. The scribes and other religious leaders were often challenged by Jesus to rethink their traditions.

Certainly those scribes and lawyers held some ancient truths and should have held on to them. However there were new things the Lord was giving them in the gospel, that they should count among their spiritual treasure too. The point about the yeast is that it permeated and leavened all of the dough into which it was placed.

It is a world wide kingdom, a kingdom spread through all the earth. Note — Making bread: Those who do not make bread themselves may not be familiar with the process of adding a little yeast or sour dough to fresh dough, kneading and proving the lump of dough, and setting it carefully to rise. Even those who do make their own bread may use an automatic electric machine.

They may not understand or appreciate the process. It is probably worthwhile taking the trouble, if you get an opportunity, to see how bread is made in the old-fashioned manner, the better to appreciate the parable of the yeast. The figure of leaven or yeast is also used by Jesus and the apostles to represent the very opposite of what it does in this parable. Jesus said, for example, "Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees" Matthew We have to choose which of these leavens we will nurture, and which we will kill. The birds of the air can come and make nests in its branches.

This parable is also in Mark and Luke The mustard plant can grow very large, so that even birds might nest in it and find refuge.


The seed however, is as small as those of the other brassicas. It is rather amusing that such a small seed can produce such a big plant.

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Read and discuss Luke — What did Jesus tell the man who was concerned about his inheritance? See Luke — What is covetousness? What things do people covet today? Why is it dangerous to covet? In a world that often places great value on material possessions, how can we remember that our worth as individuals is not determined by how much we own?

See Luke What blessings are more important than material possessions? How had the man in the parable of the rich fool been blessed? What did he decide to do with his excess? What did his actions demonstrate?

Teaching About the Kingdom of God in the Parables of Mark's Gospel

His heart was set on his riches. What might he have done with his abundance if he had been seeking heavenly, rather than earthly, treasures? Why do many people set their hearts on worldly wealth even though they know it is only temporary? How can we determine whether we are too concerned with material possessions? How can we be more generous with our material wealth and other blessings, such as time and talents?

You may want to encourage class members to give more thought to these questions outside of class, by themselves or with family members. Read and discuss selected verses from Luke — Talmage taught that the invited guests represented the covenant people, or house of Israel. When the servant Jesus asked them to come to the feast accept the gospel , they made excuses and refused to come Jesus the Christ, 3rd ed.

Luke How does the parable of the great supper apply to us? Jesus taught that his disciples must be willing to sacrifice anything that he asks of them Luke — What are some things early disciples were asked to sacrifice? What are some things disciples today are asked to sacrifice?

What has the Lord asked you to sacrifice? How have you been blessed for making these sacrifices? To help class members understand the parable of the unjust steward, share the following information:. Ask class members to silently compare the amount of time, thought, and energy they devote to accumulating money and possessions with the amount of time, thought, and energy they devote to seeking spiritual treasures. How can we become more dedicated and enthusiastic in seeking spiritual treasures?

Testify that to receive eternal life, we must be willing to put away the things of the world and serve the Lord with all our heart, might, mind, and strength. Encourage class members to be grateful for earthly blessings but strive to view them in the proper perspective. The following material supplements the suggested lesson outline. You may want to use one or more of these ideas as part of the lesson. What can we learn from Luke —14 about how to serve?

Matthew Chapter 13 Kingdom of Heaven Parables

Answers may include that we should not serve with the goal of getting something in return, and we should not limit our service to those who will repay or even thank us. What should be our motives for serving? Have class members read and discuss the parable in Luke — After the rich man died, what did he ask Father Abraham to do for his brethren? How did Abraham respond? What does this teach us about listening to the prophet? What does this parable teach us about the importance of caring for the poor?

Youth may enjoy dramatizing this parable. Place two class members Abraham and Lazarus on one side of a barrier such as a row of chairs the great gulf , and another class member the rich man on the other side.

Want-To-Be Parables of the Kingdom Want-To-Be Parables of the Kingdom
Want-To-Be Parables of the Kingdom Want-To-Be Parables of the Kingdom
Want-To-Be Parables of the Kingdom Want-To-Be Parables of the Kingdom
Want-To-Be Parables of the Kingdom Want-To-Be Parables of the Kingdom
Want-To-Be Parables of the Kingdom Want-To-Be Parables of the Kingdom
Want-To-Be Parables of the Kingdom Want-To-Be Parables of the Kingdom
Want-To-Be Parables of the Kingdom Want-To-Be Parables of the Kingdom
Want-To-Be Parables of the Kingdom Want-To-Be Parables of the Kingdom

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