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We strive to embody these values in all that we do The ways that One Smooth Stone delivers quality blew me away. It is so rare in this day and age to have a company embrace a business philosophy the way they do. One Smooth Stone goes above and beyond for the clients they serve. The company thrives on honesty, respect and kindness. Small businesses tend to be more intimate, and the lack of a large workforce means management styles are more informal than formal. One Small Stone uses a Horizontal arrangement because as a company everyone working with customers is important.

What is the advantage of being Horizontal? For One Smooth Stone using the Horizontal or decentralized arrangement makes doing business a little more personal and shows just how humble the founder is. This allows everyone in the company to work as one large unit. For me this is how companies should be run. It is an effective use of talent, it will help the new hires see how to treat customers. In my personal experience as manager I would have loved to have had a company run on the Horizontal arrangement.

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I have run a company that was based solely on the Vertical arrangement. It makes having a personal connection to the vendors that you work with almost impossible. I felt so disconnected from the employees, vendors and clients that we worked with. I see why a company would chose to select a Vertical arrangement, but after doing research for this paper I am a large believer in the Horizontal arrangement. In conclusion One Smooth Stone runs as a function based company to help their customers events succeed.

One Smooth Stone uses the Horizontal or decentralized arrangement to run the company. This will allow them to keep the company personal. No matter if the client can afford a celebrity to come to the meeting, or if they can only afford an impersonator for the meeting. One Smooth Stone will turn your meeting into a wonderful business theater event! The Vertical Structure Vs. One Smooth Stone. Kenni Adams is good at what she does. She is a researcher, seeking people via the internet for the purposes of the law firm her father is a partner in. George Bronski is the attorney for this case, to finish the trust available now to Alex as he turns Inspector Sam Sorensen is also looking for Alex.

Sam believes, based on what a foster parent said six years earlier, that Alex sexually abused a young girl at the same foster home. Sam is ready to retire, and wants Alex caught before his retirement party. It is the hardest search that Kenni has worked on and she looks forward to meeting him. These lines resonate in the heart of this reader, and shows the depth of understanding of her characters this author has. Drew is the first to penetrate his defenses, but their time together is short and Alex needs intensive care. A man of prayer, Drew uses this most powerful tool. Especially when Alex learns that his parents had tried to abort him and the doctor failed to do so.

The abuse opens the door for others who are childhood recipients of abuse to identify with the characters and see what is possible for them to achieve. The plot is well-planned and executed, with various twists and turns. The characters fit well together and were fully defined. This reader was very satisfied with the novel overall. I highly recommend One Smooth Stone; it is a compelling Christian novel with sufficient suspense and drama to keep the momentum.

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Dec 13, Joan Arning rated it really liked it. A touching story of God's mercy and grace. The main protagonist, Alex, became an orphan as a toddler and went through the foster care system where he was abused verbally, physically and sexually. Alex is hiding in the Alaska because he has been accused of rape. Now Alex is found by attorneys and told he has a million dollar inheritance. Alex believes he will go to prison if the authorities find him. God places people in Alex's path who tell him about God and puts him as caretaker of a mining cam A touching story of God's mercy and grace.

God places people in Alex's path who tell him about God and puts him as caretaker of a mining camp during the long Yukon winter where one of the few books available is a Bible. I enjoyed One Smooth Stone but parts of the abusive memories may be hard for some people to read. I received my e-book from the author through Book Fun.

This is my honest opinion. Feb 20, Kathleen Friesen rated it it was amazing. I could not put this book down until the very end, which added yet another twist. This is not an easy read, though. Its gritty realism hurts the soul, but its message of hope and redemption brings joy.

One Smooth Stone will stay with me for a long, long time. It easily earns five stars. Highly recommended. Disclaimer: I purchased this book directly from the author. Nov 14, Victoria rated it it was amazing.

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The book One Smooth Stone was a very interesting book. I just finished reading it through Bookfun. I asked to be able to read and review this book. The plot was different but good. The story flowed well. The characters were very well developed.

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The editing was done very well also. I enjoyed the book and found it delivered a good Christian message without being pushy. Jul 17, Mj rated it liked it Shelves: , cdnconcrsscda , female-author , fiction , canadian.

One Smooth Stone

I certainly got a sense of the extreme cold weather conditions and isolation in the Yukon. It was the perfect setting for this mystery story of running away and hiding. It is a story of Alex, the primary male character. As a child, he experienced abandonment by parents and severe foster care mistreatment consisting of sexual, physical and emotional abuse. Unable to fight back and stop the pain, Alex instead stuffed his anger inside and acted out by stealing and being aggressive. The physical abuse included starvation, beatings and being locked up in small spaces.

Not surprisingly, Alex was not trusting of anyone, filled with rage and blamed God. It was her first novel and was subsequently published by Castle Quay Books The book is categorized in the Christian Fiction genre, and should also be considered part of Mystery genre. Alex blames God for what happened to him and is seething with anger round the clock. I was constantly kept wondering why Alex was hiding, what his bad dreams were about and what he might have done that he was so afraid others might find out.

The mystery was not full of twists and turns, but rather innuendos and slow reveals. There were a number of surprises and a bit of romance. The locale was a strong feature of the story and I got a real sense of the isolation, the extremely cold and bitter winters and incredible amount of snow that falls in the Yukon.

There was a scene in the wilderness where someone is caught outside, unprepared in a blinding snowstorm. It was very well described and felt scary and real. It definitely made me realize that many stories from the far north perhaps romanticize things. It sounds like the Yukon is a beautiful place to visit during the summer but during the colder parts of the year; Mother Nature can be an extremely harsh, unfriendly and dominating force. I was looking for a feel good book and occasionally read Christian Fiction for this reason.

I know they are usually filled with positive messages, have minimal darkness and lack of vulgarity. Generally, I find them light and uplifting. Not all Christian Fiction books do a lot of bible quoting but for your information, this one does, if you are averse to it. It is not something I usually like but in this particular case, I did not feel it was overdone. I thought Laycock did a good job of integrating everything into the story.

The basic premise concerns a young man who blames God for everything bad in his life, who meets some people who their faith and belief in God front and centre in their lives. Alex likes these people, connects with them and senses that they have something that he has been missing and has been looking for without realizing it. Marcia Lee Laycock does not do a hard sell. She tells a good story and supports her theme without being preachy or syrupy. One Smooth Stone did not disappoint and had a bit of everything in it.

I enjoyed both the characters and suspense-filled plot. I was routing for Alex throughout. The plot ramped up quite a bit in the final chapters.

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I felt the story, characters and writing were a solid, enjoyable 3 stars. This is my novel, so I'm a bit biased : but I've received great reviews and some wonderful responses from readers. Hope you'll check it out. Pat rated it really liked it Sep 30, Katelyn rated it really liked it Aug 20, Claire rated it it was amazing May 25, Rita rated it really liked it Feb 05, Jo-Anne Vandermeulen rated it it was amazing Feb 24, Janet Seever rated it it was amazing Jul 26, Ruth Snyder rated it it was amazing Jul 08, Marnie rated it it was amazing Jul 02, John Estabrooks rated it really liked it Jun 03, Krista Bain rated it it was amazing Aug 30, Christy rated it really liked it Jun 14, ForstRose added it Aug 17, Rhonda Rae Baker marked it as to-read Aug 16, Jane Harris marked it as to-read Feb 09, Vanessa marked it as to-read Mar 02, Deborah McCarragher marked it as to-read May 01, Janet Marie Dowell marked it as to-read Oct 10, Paula Lock marked it as to-read May 15, Lisa added it Mar 06, Stacie Rice marked it as to-read May 06, Julia Grey marked it as to-read May 07, Mitzi Carroll marked it as to-read May 08, Caroline Gerardo marked it as to-read May 12, Liora marked it as to-read Jun 26, Jen Howie added it Nov 14, Jen marked it as to-read Oct 22, Carolyn marked it as to-read Nov 22, Laurie Pontious-andrews added it Feb 06, Farm Girl added it Apr 17, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Christian Fiction. About Marcia Lee Laycock.

One Smooth Stone One Smooth Stone
One Smooth Stone One Smooth Stone
One Smooth Stone One Smooth Stone
One Smooth Stone One Smooth Stone
One Smooth Stone One Smooth Stone
One Smooth Stone One Smooth Stone
One Smooth Stone One Smooth Stone

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