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Fighting Fisi

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Humanitarian Icons - Ready-to-use symbols and icons. Mkali was put to work and his family executed. Mkali was eventually able to escape with the help of other prisoners.

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With revenge in mind, he formed a rebel group along the other convicts he had escaped with. They also got aid from other dissidents, as he had planned an attack on the government. They designed and schemed for five years, but in the end, it extracted a terrible price with many of the rebels losing their lives and the attack ending in failure. Even though from time to time the military came into the neighbourhood in search of rebels, Mkali managed to hide well.

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Escaping on more than one occasion. He knew that if he were to be caught, he would surely be executed. Although it would have been great to end his senseless existence once and for all, being killed by the military was not an honourable option for him. One day, as he was drinking at a local near his house, a young man came up and sat near him. The bar was just a dingy little cabin made from an improvised wooden counter and a few chairs.

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Looking at the young man, he carefully placed a pill he had been holding in his right hand back into his shirt pockets and grabbed a drink. What he had been staring at in his hand was a cyanide pill, rolling it as he tried to convince himself that by taking it, all his problems and misfortunes would be over. At first glance, the young man did not seem out of place, but there was a certain keenness in his eyes that made you look at him twice.

Fighting Fisi by Cindy Vine

He swirled his drink around occasionally taking a sip but never saying a word. His face wrinkling with distaste every time he took a sip. What they were both drinking was a bitter illicit spirit called Changaa. The young man was speaking, but he was looking out in the crowded slum.

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He was convinced this guy had been sent by the government. The young man motioned for him to stop. The words hit Mkali like a shot Changaa, he was now sure that this was a spy under government orders. But, before he could say anything, the guy continued speaking. A year ago, you led a group of rebels in an attempt to take over the facilities of the Fisi Corporation building and put an end to central control.

A plan you have worked on for years. The biggest being the building is practically autonomous.

Dedemin Fisi

He stopped to take a swig of his drink, grimacing as he did and continued. It was a miracle you and your small group managed to survive at all. He knew that he would not let them capture him alive. I came here to get you and your men. His name was Ron, and, according to him, belonged to an organisation that for years had been coordinating the activities of several rebel groups around the country.

Although he did seem too young to be an undercover government agent. Mkali turned and saw the surviving members of his group all standing him. Many of them had decided to live their lives normally, without taking any chance that could expose them. His group were as untrusting as him, so he thought this guy had to be something big for them to make that decision. The old friends, glad to meet again, raised a toast to friendship and to the comrades who had fallen along the way.

Afterwards, they briefly discussed Ron. Ron showed Mkali a little device on his neck, about the size of a button.

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His house was a small hut in terrible condition, with only a few bits of furniture, an old stove and instead of a refrigerator, an old cooler with some food. Empty bottles, cigarette butts and papers were strewn all over the place. It failed because, despite all your preparation, you did not count on the fact that the Fisi Corporation building is basically a living machine. But you must start from below.

You cannot enter a building like that without first attacking its systems. We have been looking for you for a long time Mkali, and the reason for this is that you and your men are perhaps the only ones with the tactical skills and training to fulfil this mission.

Fighting Fisi Fighting Fisi
Fighting Fisi Fighting Fisi
Fighting Fisi Fighting Fisi
Fighting Fisi Fighting Fisi
Fighting Fisi Fighting Fisi

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